sellers: Four Reasons You Should NOT buy a home even if you can qualify for a loan. - 11/21/11 01:15 PM
Four Reasons Not to Buy a Home Even if You do Qualify for a Loan. As a realtor I am constantly helping people make decisions about how to use their money.  I personally believe it is my utmost duty to help my clients make responsible decisions.   So Here Are Some Ways that I Work as your realtor to make sure you make a wise decision when buying a home. 1) Don't buy to flip and make a quick buck.   If you are trying to buy a home and flip it I will do everything possible to discourage you unless … (2 comments)

sellers: Top Ten Reasons NOT to buy a home Right Now! - 10/28/11 04:17 PM
10)  There are just too many homes to choose from in the higher price ranges.       It is just too difficult to decide on which home to buy when there are so many choices.  I can really identify with Brett Favre.  I mean how can I ever decide to buy when so many people want me to buy their homes.  It is so much easier when I don't have to worry about dissappointing so many home owners trying to sell their homes. 9)  There are so few homes in my price range.  Our  best friends just found a home they wanted … (12 comments)

sellers: Is the Listing Price Important? - A Study in Lexington Kentucky, Zip Code 40517 - 02/05/10 03:54 AM
 How does the listing price affect the selling price?  - A study of the facts in Lexington Kentucky - Zip Code 40517 This is the second part in what is intended to be a 7 part series studying the affect that "Days on the Market" has on the selling price of homes in Lexinton Kentucky.  The first blog post studied Zip Code 40503 The second studied 40504 The third studied 40502 Today's study is of 40517. The purpose for these next series of articles is to research how the original listing price does or doesn't affect the selling price of a … (0 comments)

sellers: A Real Example of a Market Analysis - The antithesis of Zillow - 01/11/10 11:50 AM
This blog is written for the general public.  This should bore most realtors.  The purpose of this blog is to help inform buyers how a legitimate market analysis is really done.  First of all the purpose of a market analysis is to find the price at which the home will sell in today's market.  I emphasis today, not yesterday, not three months ago, not 6 months ago and certainly not a year ago.So here is how I determine the real market value of a home.  By the way this is a real example of a home I listed on Marquis Avenue … (7 comments)

sellers: Fayette County including Lexington Ky Market Report - 12/26/09 06:37 AM
A six month report on the housing market in Lexington.

I just did a search for home sales the past six months in Fayette County which includes Lexington.  The counties are very small in Kentucky so all suburbs are in different counties.
This report includes Single Family homes, Condos and Townhouses.

The total number of homes sold in the past 6 months is 2, 248 in Fayette County.  49 percent of those homes were 150,000 or less.  89 percent of the homes were 300,000 or less and 97 percent were 500,000 or less. It is obvious that the … (1 comments)

sellers: New Tax Credit, Does it Really limit the $6500 to move up buyers? - 11/05/09 11:31 AM
What really does the new tax credit do?  Does it give $6500 only to "move up" buyers.  I hope not because in my neighborhood and so many others in Lexington many of the retired residents are more eager to "move down" than move up.  If congress really only gives money to "move up" buyers as suggested in this CNBC article then the congress in my opinion made a blunder in the wording of the bill.  

Our retired home owners deserve the same economic stimulus as other sellers and buyers.  There are so many people in my neighborhood who are … (2 comments)

sellers: Financed and Closed in Nine Days! - 10/30/09 11:00 PM
Buyers and Sellers take note!
Yesterday I went to a closing of one of my listings in which the buyers closed with financing in only nine days.  Yes, my seller accepted the offer on October 21st and the closing was on October 30th. 
 The buyer chose not to have an inspection which in my opinion was not a wise choice.  Of course this sped the process up by probably at least a week. 
So if you are thinking of buying and have been told it takes at least 45 days give me a call.  I work with people who are able … (4 comments)

sellers: Lovely home in wonderfully quiet neighborhood. - 09/18/09 12:08 PM

sellers: Gardening, Rediscovering the Joy of Work - 09/14/09 12:59 PM

Tonight I want to start a series of blog postings that I will call simply "Reasons I Garden."  This may help some readers understand my passion to garden and why I think it should be such an integral part of owning a home.
When I am lonely, disheartened or just confused and bewildered with the cares of the world I find solace in the garden.  In the Biblical creation story in Genesis  chapter two verse 15 the text reads, "The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of … (2 comments)

sellers: Buyers: How to Get a Great Price in Lexington - 08/10/09 11:42 AM
To Buyers:

Yes, there are ways to get a terrific price on a home without suffering through the purchase of a bank owned home or a short sale.

In fact,  in my opinion you will get a better buy in most cases and your experience will be much more pleasant.

Here are some true statements that I have discovered recently as I have researched home sales in Lexington.
I will eagerly  share the detailed research with those buyers who are willing to come to my office for a free consultation.

This research was done in three zip … (0 comments)

sellers: Racing Downtown, It Was Legal - 07/18/09 10:25 AM
Lexington's Tour de France Last night I had the opportunity to help monitor the last stage of The Tour of the Red River Gorge held in downtown Lexington.

My task was to blow the whistle everytime a cycler approached the intersection of N. Mill and Main Streets.  I was busy blowing for more than 3 hours.  The first two races were very mild compared to the mad dog racing for the last 90 minutes of the 17 and 18 year olds.  Fortunately there were no crashes on my watch although from my vantage point it seemed inevitable there would … (1 comments)

sellers: Gardening and Friendships - 07/18/09 01:48 AM

Gardens Open Doors to Friendship Growing a garden gives one so many opportunities to begin building relationships.  One of my neighbor and I for a myriad of reasons were just not connecting. He  is diligent about keeping his yard very neat.  So while he was outside the other night I went over and immediately asked him if he liked tomatoes.  I had just given all my tomatoes away to another neighbor so I hesitated just asking him but the time was opportune.  

The next day I saw him in the yard greeting his wife as she came home … (0 comments)

sellers: Successful Home Buying Strategies - 07/13/09 01:47 PM
Buyers, There is More than One Way to Get a Good Price on Your Dream Home I often have buyers contacting me wanting to get a great deal.  Initially they are determined to buy a bank owned home or a short sale home.  The radio and TV ads advertise in such a way that the public think they can just steal a home.  Buyers be careful what you steal!I recently bid on a bank owned home and was lead to believe I had an agreement with the bank.  The next day the bank sent me an email stating. "Due to multiple … (0 comments)

sellers: Bounty, Beauty and Blessed Children - 07/07/09 01:23 PM
Working from Home
Working From Home This Morning I am taking care of my beautiful little granddaughter Caroline this morning while my wife attends her piano lesson and runs errands.I loved most of the time my children were growing up but there is something different and precious about my grandchildren.  There is something so dear about the time I spend with my grandchildren.  As I live out the last half of my life everything is so much more vividly precious.Every time I walk through the garden I am struck by  the beauty of the beans majestically growing up their supports.  


sellers: Selling or Playing the Lottery? - 06/25/09 01:20 PM
Setting the Price to Sell and Featuring the Positive I have written before about how pitfalls,  like emotional issues to avoid when pricing your home to sell.  Today I want to give you a concrete example about pricing a home. I just finished getting a contract approved on a home that was on the market less than two weeks.  First the negative details about the home?It was not in good showing condition.  A good friend helped the owner get the kitchen and adjoining family room organized and items off the wall and fireplace mantel.  However the windows were very dirty, the … (0 comments)

sellers: Another Good Deal - 06/07/09 12:47 PM
I just picked up a contract for a buyer that was accepted without change by the sellers. 
These first time buyers had tried twice to get a home that they liked but were not willing to pay what was close to the asking price.  After doing the comps on both of the previous properties it was obvious they were not close to market price. 
It was a long journey for my buyers but it was well worth it to see how excited they were to find their dream home at a reasonable price.
On more than one occasion I had a negative thought like "is this really … (0 comments)

sellers: Preventive Medicine -Being Honest with your clients. - 06/03/09 01:11 PM
I spent most of my day at the UK hospital.  There is so much cancer in my family that the doctors keep watch on me like a cop using radar to catch speeders on the expressway.
The radar today was honed in on my esophogus.  My father died of esophogal cancer so there is due cause for this regular visit. 
The photos actually look better than the old ones if my memory serves me correctly.  This is my first visit to the Good Samaritan part of the University of Kentucky hospital network.  The doctor who did the procedure looked like a … (3 comments)

sellers: What will it take to get all the dormant buyers to surface and get serious about buying a home? - 02/08/09 06:13 AM
The purpose of this post is to get real estate agents and potential buyers to talk to communicate about what it will take to smash the ice off of this cold buyers market and thaw out all those potential buyers.
During our recent ice storm I observed that if one did not clear the ice and snow from the sidewalks on a regular basis the water just continue to accumulate and freeze layer upon layer.  Even a little thawing during the day made the next days ice thicker and more treacherous after the nights hard freeze.
I wonder if the buyers … (0 comments)

sellers: The ice has melted, will the buyers now emerge? - 02/07/09 08:41 AM
 Today it was near 60 and the ice has mostly disappeared.  We were safe and snug in our home even without power but many others suffered greatly.
I am thankful I brought the old faithful Stihl chain saw.  Once again it did its magic relieve more than a few trees of their broken branches. 
As it began to thaw a day or two ago I began to wonder if the warmer weather would possibly bring buyer back to look at home.
If you are a potential home buyer would you please answer some questions for me.  Think about this in terms … (0 comments)

sellers: Buyer Agency Revisited - 01/11/09 07:40 AM
This afternoon I hosted an open house in my neighborhood.  I met some very friendly people and some first time home buyers. 
When I meet buyers I always ask if they are working with an agent.  Four of the people I met today were not working with an agent.  I love helping people be informed well enough to make wise decisions.  So I always explain buyers agency to them. 
The purpose of this blog is to once again help buyers understand the importance of having a buyers agents.
I will explain buyers agency by telling a story.
Judy and Joe … (0 comments)

Helping seller and buyers understand the value of the land they buy or sell is my passion. My work as a real estate agent is fulfilling because I am passionate about negotiating value. Sellers, let me help you maximize the value of your land even if it is just a small front yard. Buyers I will help you find a place even in the middle of Lexington that can help your family build a wonderful home. Give me a chance to look at your home, your land, your garden and I will give you some great ideas on how you can enhance the presentation of your home with a very small budget.




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