selling: Emerson Woods Subdivision, Five Year Market Report, Lexington Ky 40517 - 12/11/12 03:51 AM
Emerson Woods Subdivision, Five Year Market Report, Lexington Ky 40517
A map of Emerson Woods Subdivision, Lexington Ky 40517.   These first two graphs show homes sold and the average price. Be sure to scroll down to view the graphs that show the number of days on the market and the square footage of the homes sold.
Graph of homes sold and prices over the past five years in the Emerson Woods Subdivision in Lexington Ky 40517 Emerson Woods Subdivision is a neighborhood that is a short commute from downtown Lexington and the University of Kentucky. It is about a mile … (1 comments)

selling: A Very Special Hardware Store Worth Visiting in Lexington Kentucky - 11/09/11 10:54 AM
chevy chase hardware
A Hardware Store Worth the Drive to Lexington About a year ago I discovered Chevy Chase Hardware in Lexington.  I had driven by it numerous times and assumed it was like an Ace, a friendly place but not really stocked in such a way it would be worthwhile to stop.  I   WAS WRONG!!! Chevy Chase Hardware, owned by Bill Edwards for 36 years and at this location for the past 12 is unique because it stocks almost everything you could ever need or want in the way of hardware.   I can usually find what I need at … (0 comments)

selling: Is it Possible Really to Buy or Sell a "Home?" - 01/21/10 11:57 AM
Can you really buy or sell a home? Neither this world nor any of its place is an "environment."  And a house for sale is not a "home."  Wendell Berry. p.19  of "The Mad farmer Poems"    I have been thinking about how we use the words home and house.

First, some ways we use "home" that are nonsense with "house."    We can "go home" but we don't "go house."   We can feel "at home"  but we don't "feel at house." We refer to "home baked foods" but not "house baked  goods."   We "write home" about our … (4 comments)

selling: Make yourself some money, price it right the first time! - 12/20/09 12:40 PM
I just finished doing a work up presentation for a home in a popular area of Lexington.Once again the homes that sold in less than 100 days sold for more than the ones that sold in more 100 days or more. What really surprised me is the difference in time to sell. The homes that sold in more than a 100 days sold in a average of 160 days.  Those that sold under a hundred days sold in only 34 days.  That is a difference of 126 days on the the market.  Four months of holding onto a property can be very … (3 comments)

selling: Selling or Playing the Lottery? - 06/25/09 01:20 PM
Setting the Price to Sell and Featuring the Positive I have written before about how pitfalls,  like emotional issues to avoid when pricing your home to sell.  Today I want to give you a concrete example about pricing a home. I just finished getting a contract approved on a home that was on the market less than two weeks.  First the negative details about the home?It was not in good showing condition.  A good friend helped the owner get the kitchen and adjoining family room organized and items off the wall and fireplace mantel.  However the windows were very dirty, the … (0 comments)

Helping seller and buyers understand the value of the land they buy or sell is my passion. My work as a real estate agent is fulfilling because I am passionate about negotiating value. Sellers, let me help you maximize the value of your land even if it is just a small front yard. Buyers I will help you find a place even in the middle of Lexington that can help your family build a wonderful home. Give me a chance to look at your home, your land, your garden and I will give you some great ideas on how you can enhance the presentation of your home with a very small budget.




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