soil: Leaves, Nature's Wonderfu Gift to the Gardener - 10/30/09 10:30 PM
Leaves, Nature's Gold for our SoilYesterday I began raking my yard and moving the leaves to the garden.  I will let the leaves absorb moisture and begin to decompose for a few weeks or days depending on the weather.  If it looks like we will be getting an extended time of very cold weather I will use a shovel to turn a large portion of the leaves into the soil.  I have two large pin oak trees, a yellow poplar, a locust and various shrubs that will drop their treasures. This will be enough leaves to cover my 1000 square foot … (3 comments)

soil: Evidence of Good Soil Preparation - 06/28/09 01:27 PM
Today on want to show some pictures of my garden.  This is mostly to validate my previous blog entry on  soil preparation.

It is most important to emphasis our garden is growing  without any chemicals of any kind.  The soil was enriched with leafs and then I added about 15  pounds of bone meal, 20 pounds of kelp meal and 10 pounds of blood meal.  The bone meal provides a readily usable phosphorous to help especially with blooming.  The kelp meal gives your plant a very accessible potassium source which gives the plant turgor.  It also supplies a bunch … (5 comments)

soil: Caring for the Soil - 06/27/09 02:35 PM
soil preparation Yesterday I wrote about planning your garden and specifically where to plant on your lot.  Today I am beginning to write about preparing the soil.The Humorist Dave Barry  once said,
"Your first job is to prepare the soil. The best tool for this is your neighbor's garden tiller. If your neighbor does not own a garden tiller, suggest that he buy one."
The fact is if you can turn your soil without tilling you will have a much healthier garden. Borrow a good shovel or spading fork but DO NOT borrow a  tiller.

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