buyer agent: Dress the part? - 09/26/11 12:10 PM
I just read the first part of an article in Inman by Mary Umberger. The part I read was about some real estate 'team' of a guy named Creig Northrop. I almost broke out laughing.    The quote that prompted that was:  " I've seen jeans and shorts and, oh, my gosh, we don't allow that kind of thing. If you want people to treat you professionally, you have to look it."    The quote was beside a photo of a bunch of agents all dressed in suits.
Wow.  Just Wow.    Now I suppose if all the homes they show are … (2 comments)

buyer agent: The deal is between the buyer and seller. Not between their agents. - 06/30/11 01:54 PM
Sometimes buyers - and sellers too, forget that they control the transaction.  Some agents forget that too.  I've heard agents say they 'have their client under control'.  If everyone is doing their job that is NOT the way it works.  Agents are guides, advisors and advocates for their clients (if the client has chosen their agent well) - but the client makes the decisions.  Sometimes the buyer or seller are not clients - they are customers.  Customers don't get to have a loyal advocate - they are, instead,  working with a sales person that is trying to sell them something.Sometimes … (5 comments)

buyer agent: Buyer Representation - Seller Representaton. Equal treatment is not FAIR. - 07/28/09 04:56 AM
When I am 'fair' to a seller that means I won't cheat them. I will also treat them with respect. That does NOT mean I will treat them equally. In fact I will NOT treat them equally. I will use every legal means I have to gain an advantage for my buyer client.
If a buyer wants an agent that will work in that way they should be free to choose such an agent. Does disclosure do that for them? Not necessarily -in fact it almost never does. Buyers often see a house online they like and call the company representing … (1 comments)

buyer agent: Market Stats 07-03-2009 Cherry Hill NJ - 07/03/09 09:38 AM
TrendMLS shows the following ( on July 3,2009) for Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
Homes for sale: 667
Single detached homes for sale: 496
Homes under contract: 107
Homes for sale categorized as needing "TLC": 24 (You can bet there are another hundred needing TLC and you won't know till you get there)
Homes sold (settled) in June 2009: 61
Homes for sale with at least 3BR, 2full baths, garage, basement: 275, price under $300,000 - 90
That still leaves a lot to choose from for the average first time buyer and a lot of competition for the average seller.
When … (2 comments)

buyer agent: Five things a buyer agent should show you when looking at an 'older' home. - 05/17/09 02:05 AM
Five things a buyer agent should show you when looking at an 'older' home.
The other day while showing a young couple a home they asked me if they could use a voice recorder to record my comments. I thought it was a great idea. When I look at any home (not just an older home) I point out pros and cons and answer a wide range of questions. So, what was it they wanted to record?
Here are 5 things I'm likely to comment on or answer: Is the grading around the house likely to result in water … (4 comments)

buyer agent: I'm an Exclusive Buyer's Agent: My business model wasn't chosen to maximize my income. - 03/29/09 02:25 PM
To many in the real estate industry my chosen way of operating my real estate brokerage business makes no sense - at least financially. Consumers that buy homes understand and embrace it -eventually-but don't realize the financial sacrifice that comes with the territory.

Comments from agents:
"You are giving up half the business." "If you don't have listings - how do you attract buyers?" "What do you do when people want you to list their house?

Comments from home buyers:
"You are an EXCLUSIVE buyer agent - right?" "How do you get paid?" "I never knew … (4 comments)

buyer agent: Home Buyers should REQUIRE a written contract with their agent - 03/22/09 03:35 AM
With 2 exceptions (that I am aware of) , no New Jersey real estate company can guarantee you that they will, in all cases, work as a true buyer's agent and not become a dual agent. The 2 exceptions are the 2 companies in NJ that do not list homes (work for sellers) and so they have no potential for dual agency.
All home buyers have a right to negotiate the commission paid to their agent with that agent and enter into a contract stating the terms of that agreement, and they further have a right to condition … (0 comments)

buyer agent: Buyer agents should be able (and willing) to spot obvious defects in homes. - 03/13/09 12:36 AM
Glen Fisher, an excellent home inspector I know, recently made a blog post on Active Rain indicating that if agents are to call themselves buyer agents they should know something about home contruction and be able to identify obvious defects.  The vast majority of Realtors that commented blasted his stand without mercy.
Ernie said, "Glen...Sorry, but you're not going to win this argument...We as Realtors/Agents cannot express more than an opinion about a problem...Simply put, it's not our job, it's yours...Do it and get paid for it!"
 In one of his responses Glen had said:
"If I was a consumer searching … (11 comments)

buyer agent: Do you advertise as a 'Buyer's Agent'? Are you misleading consumers? - 02/25/09 03:21 AM
I see it every day in advertising across the country.  Agents advertise their expertise as buyer agents.  They tell how great their services are.  They tell how great the services of their 'team of buyer agents' is.
They work across the country for large franchise companies and small independents.
Much of the time when they advertise their services they are dishonest and are violating the ethical standards of the National Association of Realtors.  Specifically,  Article 12 of the Standards of Practice, are often violated. Article 12 says:  REALTORS® shall be honest and truthful in their real estate communications and shall present a … (6 comments)

buyer agent: When they walk through the door they just 'know'. Or not. - 01/19/09 10:31 AM
I recently read an agent's blog post that said she tells buyers that they will know if it is the house for them the moment they step through the door.  There is no doubt that buyers sometimes really do "know".  When they get that "I love it feeling"  should the agent validate it?  Sometimes.  But what if there are things about the house that are negative and could be overlooked by someone taken over by their emotions.
Without raining on their parade an advocate for a buyer should make sure the buyers keep everything in perspective before they have made a … (2 comments)

buyer agent: BREAKING NEWS! My commission is NOT subject to "3rd party" approval in a short sale - 01/14/09 09:36 AM
Here's the thing. When I sign a buyer agent agreement with my client it specifies a time period and a commission amount. It also obligates my buyer client to condition offers on the seller payment of my commission. That is NOT subject to any 3rd party approval.
Now I realize that the '3rd party' may not understand or accept this inconvenient fact but a fact it remains. I explain to my client that they may be put in the position of having to pay any shortfall out of pocket...that makes them unhappy and they generally decide to leave the short … (2 comments)

buyer agent: A buyer on Trulia wants a "non-monetary influenced' Realtor - 12/24/08 04:03 AM
Here is the answer I gave. ==== Follow me on For those who have a real desire to own a home , have good credit and want help with the search, the process and especially negotiating the purchase, I'm available. My speciality is discovering financing options and negotiating purchase price and terms as an advocate for home buyers. Each home of interest requires analysis.
My primary service area is Camden, Burlington, and Gloucester counties in Southern New Jersey.
Paul Howard, Broker Realty
Cherry Hill Nj 08002
MEMBER: NAEBA (National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents )


buyer agent: Who is buying houses? - Who isn't? - 12/08/08 01:00 PM
Follow me on
Yesterday in the Philadelphia Inquirer Al Heavens summarized the state of the Philadelphia market (which includes parts of South Jersey).  He said "Stalemate. If you're looking for one word to describe the Philadelphia region's residential real estate market this morning, that's it. "
I'm not sure to what extent I agree with Mr Heavens but it got me to thinking.  Some people still are buying houses so some are selling.  But who? and why?
Some homes go on the market because of:
death divorce forclosure job relocation they want a bigger house they want a smaller … (2 comments)

buyer agent: Burlington County NJ - Actual year by year October settlements 10/00 to 10/08 - 11/30/08 11:47 PM
There were fewer homes sold in October 2008 than any October since at least 2000. This shows that a lot of people are putting off the home purchase and a lot of sellers are putting off the sale of their home. But 351 homes did get sold in October 2008. At least on the selling side the sellers were virtually all 'motivated'. If they were not they would wait for prices to recover.
The buyers are in a different position. Some are waiting for 'the bottom'. That is a point that can only be seen by looking backward - never forward. … (0 comments)

buyer agent: Come into the house from the cold. - 11/29/08 12:51 AM
Last week I showed 2 homes that were very similar in almost every way to a potential buyer. One of them was priced 15,000 lower than the other and both were vacant. Any Realtor knows that there is nothing colder than an unheated house in the winter. In this case the less expensive homes had the heat turned off and the house had been 'winterized'. Nice house too. It had already been on the market 45 days longer than the more expensive home. My client likes the style. She wants to make an offer. Which does she choose? She is on … (0 comments)

buyer agent: A letter to the renting community. - 11/26/08 04:31 AM
If you would like to know what homes are available in a particular neighborhood or are interested in locating a home with the features and price range that suit you - just ask. If you are in the market for a home in Camden county or elsewhare in the South Jersey or South Jersey Shore area, make sure you hire an agent who will work for you on your side of the transaction-AND STAY THERE TILLYOU ARE SETTLED.
Paul Howard is the only Exclusive Buyer Agent having an office in South Jersey. Paul, owner of Realty in … (0 comments)

buyer agent: Is it hard to get a mortgage now? - 09/29/08 10:44 AM
Well, is it?  That is what I keep hearing but it is mostly from wet behind the ears folks that came into the business thinking they were going to make a lot of money.  They bloated the ranks of real estate agents and mortgage professionals alike.  Now they are jumping ship - good riddance.
To put 'hard' into perspective think about doing business in 2003.  Was it hard to get a mortgage then? That was before stated income loans, 80-20 to people with credit scores in the 600,  and other goofy stuff that led to disaster.  No, it was not … (8 comments)

buyer agent: Dual Agent: Analogies - 09/20/08 06:16 AM
We have all heard the attorney analogy regarding dual agency.I was reading a blog that made the statement.  "You wouldn't use a quarterback working for the other team."  Not sure I like that one but then thought of..."Can you imagine a sports team in which both sides have the same coach."I'm looking for additional statements that can be used in the same way to get the point across.Any takers?
Paul Howard, Broker/Owner Realty
Cherry Hill NJ 08002
National Association of Exclusive Buyer Agents

buyer agent: Lead generators and seller's agents "handle" buyer agents - and buyers. - 09/11/08 10:24 AM
The quote below came from the teaser page of a spam email from DirkZellertraining dot com that I usually just delete. This time the heading (Hiring Experienced Buyers Agent - The Proof In the Pudding) caught my eye.
In general buyers don't realize that they really are being 'handled' when the buyer's agent works for the seller's agent. Hows that again? "The buyer's agent works for the seller's agent." That is quite a racket isn't it. Still, for much of the industry that is how it works. Not all the time but the fact is MOST buyer's agents work for … (1 comments)

buyer agent: FHA guidelines still evolving - financing repair costs. - 09/05/08 11:36 PM
I first posted this in May and since then FHA has become much more widely used.  As it should.  It is still evolving though so another look seems justified.
For those who are not up on FHA it is a good time to look at this type loan. There is no reason not to unless you are always above the FHA loan limit.   In 2004 FHA was a last resort for many.  In 2008 it should be the first loan type considered. This is even more true if your credit score is below 700.    HUD just issued new guidelines … (0 comments)

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