cherry hill: Timing is everything. - 05/14/11 01:27 AM
Timing really is everything. It may not be possible to determine the absolute optimum time to buy a home or the optimum home to buy but you can rely on an exclusive buyers agent (an EBA -if you can find one) to help you obtain the information you need to make the best decisions possible. Insist that 'your' agent sign a contract specifying what they will do and who they will represent. Read it carefully. MANY agents try to include a provision that allows them to switch from representing you to representing both you and the seller. That sounds like a … (2 comments)

cherry hill: Web domain names as deceptive advertising. - 02/24/10 04:14 AM
You would think that a domain name like Buyers Only Realty ( would be the site of an exclusive buyer's office. In this case it is not so.
That is not the only thing misleading about the site:
From the site: This statement: " And many times, any property you find on has already been sold or will be sold by the time you get everything in gear." is inconsistent with the experience most Realtors have had. Indeed is pretty much updated at least daily.
And this statement (for sellers): "And most importantly, we'll negotiate the sale … (5 comments)

cherry hill: Is communication with your lender a challenge? - 02/16/10 01:43 AM
Is communication with your lender a challenge?
I'll give 2 (of quite a few) examples of loan officers that are losing business because they are not responsive.
JP Morgan Chase: I referred many buyer's to a loan officer over the years but then started to get complaints that he was not responsive or very slow to respond. I talked with him about it and it got better for a while. I didn't refer anyone for 6 months then started again. For a while it was ok but then the complaints started again. I have not referred anyone for over a … (1 comments)

cherry hill: Cherry Hill New Jersey Real Estate Stats for today - 02/08/10 02:10 AM
A search of TREND MLS at 11am on 2/8/2010 shows 317 homes listed for sale in the 200,000 to 400,000 price range. Of these, 250 are single family detached homes. Of those 250, 159 have 3 or 4 bedrooms and at least 2 full baths. Of those, 102 have both a basement and a garage. A buyer looking for a home today in South Jersey has a lot to choose from and this month should bring even more. By the end of March those buyers will have a lot of competition from other buyers trying to get into contract before the … (0 comments)

cherry hill: Buyer Representation - Seller Representaton. Equal treatment is not FAIR. - 07/28/09 04:56 AM
When I am 'fair' to a seller that means I won't cheat them. I will also treat them with respect. That does NOT mean I will treat them equally. In fact I will NOT treat them equally. I will use every legal means I have to gain an advantage for my buyer client.
If a buyer wants an agent that will work in that way they should be free to choose such an agent. Does disclosure do that for them? Not necessarily -in fact it almost never does. Buyers often see a house online they like and call the company representing … (1 comments)

cherry hill: Market State July 14, 2009 (Mercer County NJ) - 07/14/09 12:20 AM
Trend MLS shows the following ( on July 14,2009) for Mercer County, New Jersey.
Homes for sale: 2447
Single detached homes for sale: 1486
Homes under contract: 588
Homes for sale categorized as needing "TLC": 120 (You can bet there are another hundred needing TLC and you won't know till you get there)
Homes sold (settled) in June 2009: 320, June 2008: 349
Homes for sale with at least 3BR, 2 full baths, garage, basement: 764, with price under $500,000 - 392, under $300,000 - 109
That still leaves a lot to choose from for the average first time buyer and … (0 comments)

cherry hill: Today's market stats - Cherry Hill NJ - 07/02/09 12:19 AM
TrendMLS shows the following ( on July 2,2009) for Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
Homes for sale: 667
Single detached homes for sale: 499
Homes under contract:  98
Homes for sale categorized as needing "TLC": 25 (You can bet there are another hundred needing TLC and you won't know till you get there)
Homes sold (settled) in June 2009: 61
Homes for sale with at least 3BR, 2full baths, garage, basement: 275,  price under $300,000 - 90
That leaves a lot to choose from for the average first time buyer and a lot of competition for the average seller.  
When the … (0 comments)

cherry hill: Deceptive Advertising in Real Estate - Avoid the BS (Bait and Switch) with NAEBA - 06/30/09 04:02 AM
Deceptive Advertising in Real Estate - Avoid the BS - Bait and Switch I have no problem with agents saying they are a buyer's agent - if they are and will be. When it comes to advertising ones self as a buyer's agent, though, it is unethical to do it without disclosing in the same advertising any potential that they might not be able to deliver on that. The ONLY agents that can advertise unconditionally as a buyer's agent are those that work for companies that do not list homes - Exclusive Buyer Agents. The only way I know to be … (0 comments)

cherry hill: South Jersey: In the MLS: Days on Market vs Property Marketing Period - 06/06/09 01:20 AM
What you should know:
What your agent knows = What you should know. Days on Market: May not be an accurate representation of the length of time a property has been on the market because this number only refers to the days on market for one listing of a property. Multiple listings due to withdrawal from market followed by relisting and expiration of listing followed by relisting serve to provide an inaccurate picture of the time a property has been on the market.
TREND MLS has tried to improve the accuracy of information available to agents.
Property Marketing Period: The … (2 comments)

cherry hill: Real "Buyer's Agents" NEVER ask buyers to sign a "Consent to Dual Agency" agreement. - 05/25/09 01:02 AM
I got a referral the other day from NAEBA. The potential buyer, I found out later, had signed an "Exclusive Buyer Agent" agreement with an agent of one of the large franchise companies. She actually KNEW that the agent was not an Exclusive Buyer Agent and that all the contract meant was that she had to work with this agent (exclusively) for the term of the agreement (though it did have a cancellation provision).
The use of the term "Exclusive Buyer Agent" in this context is at best misleading. There is an organization of EXCLUSIVE BUYER AGENTS called the National … (8 comments)

cherry hill: Five things a buyer agent should show you when looking at an 'older' home. - 05/17/09 02:05 AM
Five things a buyer agent should show you when looking at an 'older' home.
The other day while showing a young couple a home they asked me if they could use a voice recorder to record my comments. I thought it was a great idea. When I look at any home (not just an older home) I point out pros and cons and answer a wide range of questions. So, what was it they wanted to record?
Here are 5 things I'm likely to comment on or answer: Is the grading around the house likely to result in water … (4 comments)

cherry hill: I'm an Exclusive Buyer's Agent: My business model wasn't chosen to maximize my income. - 03/29/09 02:25 PM
To many in the real estate industry my chosen way of operating my real estate brokerage business makes no sense - at least financially. Consumers that buy homes understand and embrace it -eventually-but don't realize the financial sacrifice that comes with the territory.

Comments from agents:
"You are giving up half the business." "If you don't have listings - how do you attract buyers?" "What do you do when people want you to list their house?

Comments from home buyers:
"You are an EXCLUSIVE buyer agent - right?" "How do you get paid?" "I never knew … (4 comments)

cherry hill: Home Buyers should REQUIRE a written contract with their agent - 03/22/09 03:35 AM
With 2 exceptions (that I am aware of) , no New Jersey real estate company can guarantee you that they will, in all cases, work as a true buyer's agent and not become a dual agent. The 2 exceptions are the 2 companies in NJ that do not list homes (work for sellers) and so they have no potential for dual agency.
All home buyers have a right to negotiate the commission paid to their agent with that agent and enter into a contract stating the terms of that agreement, and they further have a right to condition … (0 comments)

cherry hill: Buyer agents should be able (and willing) to spot obvious defects in homes. - 03/13/09 12:36 AM
Glen Fisher, an excellent home inspector I know, recently made a blog post on Active Rain indicating that if agents are to call themselves buyer agents they should know something about home contruction and be able to identify obvious defects.  The vast majority of Realtors that commented blasted his stand without mercy.
Ernie said, "Glen...Sorry, but you're not going to win this argument...We as Realtors/Agents cannot express more than an opinion about a problem...Simply put, it's not our job, it's yours...Do it and get paid for it!"
 In one of his responses Glen had said:
"If I was a consumer searching … (11 comments)

cherry hill: From renter to first time buyer in todays South Jersey market. - 03/01/09 03:50 AM


cherry hill: Do you advertise as a 'Buyer's Agent'? Are you misleading consumers? - 02/25/09 03:21 AM
I see it every day in advertising across the country.  Agents advertise their expertise as buyer agents.  They tell how great their services are.  They tell how great the services of their 'team of buyer agents' is.
They work across the country for large franchise companies and small independents.
Much of the time when they advertise their services they are dishonest and are violating the ethical standards of the National Association of Realtors.  Specifically,  Article 12 of the Standards of Practice, are often violated. Article 12 says:  REALTORS® shall be honest and truthful in their real estate communications and shall present a … (6 comments)

cherry hill: Time to rip the listing agent and selling agent commissions apart - 02/18/09 10:15 AM
Inman is currently running a series on: "Perspective: Revamping real estate commissions"
Many of the articles are insightful but all of the ones I have seen miss a major factor in the tight hold the 'traditional' system  (listing agent and seller listing agreement providing for an 'offer' of compensation to the buyer's agent) has over the industry.
The offer of compensaton system is as much the problem as the common expectation that the 'offer' has to be accepted by the buyer's agent. There shoud be no such expectation since there is no obligation to accept the offer - nor should there … (3 comments)

cherry hill: Homebuyer orientation. (South Jersey, NJ edition) - 02/13/09 08:30 AM
Buyer and Agent: do they relate? Are they on the same page? Are you (the buyer) ready to tour homes? 
Identify yourself to your agent: Your agent should have your name, phone number, email address, and home address (at minimum). Be prepared: Expect to provide a prequalification letter from a lender as proof that you qualify to purchase the homes you want your agent to show you. If you don't have it your agent can help you get it. Seller's do not knowingly give people that are not qualified to buy their home permission to enter. Be ready to provide … (3 comments)

cherry hill: What should you tell your agent? - 02/13/09 01:12 AM
Unless you have something in writing from 'your' agent promising that their company will not engage in dual agency you would do well to keep looking for an agent.
Even  if they say they will work with you as a buyer's agent, DO NOT TELL THE AGENT ANYTHING THAT YOU WOULD NOT TELL THE SELLER unless the company has no potential to end up as a dual agent. They may be required to be neutral but often agents list homes for friends or relatives. Do you really believe they could be neutral even if they did try?  You don't need neutrality … (0 comments)

cherry hill: Rebates: Why I think they are anti-consumer - in spite of the DOJ and FTC - 02/08/09 05:39 AM
Everyone wants a deal and a rebate seems a good way to get one, but is it?  I don't think so though my state, New Jersey, very well may join the rebate band wagon.  
I believe rebates distort the market and allow producers (of products, services, etc) to charge different prices to different consumers. In a nutshell - price discrimination. In the end this results in higher average prices.
As a provider of real estate services for home buyers I decide what I will charge my clients. If rebates are permitted, some consumers will select a real estate broker or … (0 comments)

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