naeba: REBAC and deceptive advertising - 01/01/13 11:58 PM
I took the ABR course and hold that designation. A claim  REBAC (Real Estate Buyer Agents Counsel) makes though, is  intentionally deceptive. The claim: "Not all buyers' representatives are equal. Only a buyer's rep who has earned the Accredited Buyer's Representative designation has made the extra effort to raise the bar, with additional training and experience. If you work with an ABR®, you can feel confident that you'll receive the highest level of buyer-representation services".  Specifically the claim that you can feel confident you'll receive the highest level of buyer-representatin services is deceptive and misleading. Consumers should not feel such confidence based … (9 comments)

naeba: What do "5 hour energy ads" and many buyer agent ads have in common" - 08/01/12 02:02 AM
Much advertising by so called 'buyer' agents is no better than a "5 hour energy" drink ad I saw yesterday.  The ad makes the following statements:
1. they sent a survey to 3000  doctors.
2.of those responding 73% would recommend a low calorie  energy supplement to  patients that used them.
There may be nothing false there but I asked the person I was with what they thought the ad said.  They thought the ad said that 73% of 3000 doctors said they would recommend "5 hour energy".  In fact, the ad doesn't claim that ANY doctors recommended "5 hour energy".  The … (3 comments)

naeba: Agents can avoid dual agency by joining NAEBA - if they qualify. - 05/13/12 06:18 AM
There is a lot written about the pitfalls of dual agency and there is a lot of good advice to buyers that they should avoid it.
There is not so much written about how either buyers OR agents CAN avoid it - or how they can be sure they will avoid it.
The choice has not been made clear. 
Part of the problem is the deceptive way in which many agents advertise. Much advertising violates both the NAR code of ethics (lets face it most real estate agents are members of NAR and are subject to NAR's COE.) and federal and … (0 comments)

naeba: Dress the part? - 09/26/11 12:10 PM
I just read the first part of an article in Inman by Mary Umberger. The part I read was about some real estate 'team' of a guy named Creig Northrop. I almost broke out laughing.    The quote that prompted that was:  " I've seen jeans and shorts and, oh, my gosh, we don't allow that kind of thing. If you want people to treat you professionally, you have to look it."    The quote was beside a photo of a bunch of agents all dressed in suits.
Wow.  Just Wow.    Now I suppose if all the homes they show are … (2 comments)

naeba: Timing is everything. - 05/14/11 01:27 AM
Timing really is everything. It may not be possible to determine the absolute optimum time to buy a home or the optimum home to buy but you can rely on an exclusive buyers agent (an EBA -if you can find one) to help you obtain the information you need to make the best decisions possible. Insist that 'your' agent sign a contract specifying what they will do and who they will represent. Read it carefully. MANY agents try to include a provision that allows them to switch from representing you to representing both you and the seller. That sounds like a … (2 comments)

naeba: Couples: Buying a Home - 05/11/11 10:53 AM
 Buying a home is a team effort for a couple.Communicate preferences with each other. Make sure you each REALLY understand.You may both say you want a yard but how big - and for what?  Who will maintain it? Will the need change over time? What if you add kids - or a pet?You may want to be near work.  But whose work? Does near to one mean far from the other?  Do you want to be near (or far) from relatives?   Do you and your partner mean the same thing by ‘near’?Where does the increasing price of gas fit into your … (0 comments)

naeba: Looking at homes without an agent often means you get no representation. - 05/08/11 02:14 AM
Once a month or so I get a call from someone that saw a house with an agent from the company that listed it.  They are not 'comfortable' working with an agent that is also representing the seller (nor should they be).  There is always surprise when I tell them they may be stuck with that agent if they want to pursue that house. Procuring cause (  is the hidden landmine for home buyers. The problem persists for 2 reasons. 1. MANY listing agent advertise as buyer's agents without sufficiently disclosing that they may be forced into dual agency representation or … (0 comments)

naeba: NATIONWIDE OPEN HOUSE June 4-5 2011 survival guide - 05/03/11 05:05 AM
Wow. It sounds like expectations are high that buyers will be out looking at homes in June.This really falls under the category of home buying for beginners but experienced buyers are at risk too.Some buyers are just starting their search and don't have an agent yet.  Thyy are at risk of getting trapped with an agent working for the seller.  (Read up on 'Procuring Cause' at )If you don't already have an agent (and let the seller's agent holding the open house know that fact) you could be trapped into using the seller's agent.  Forewarned is forearmed.What to do:  The … (1 comments)

naeba: Web domain names as deceptive advertising. - 02/24/10 04:14 AM
You would think that a domain name like Buyers Only Realty ( would be the site of an exclusive buyer's office. In this case it is not so.
That is not the only thing misleading about the site:
From the site: This statement: " And many times, any property you find on has already been sold or will be sold by the time you get everything in gear." is inconsistent with the experience most Realtors have had. Indeed is pretty much updated at least daily.
And this statement (for sellers): "And most importantly, we'll negotiate the sale … (5 comments)

naeba: Advertising services as a buyer's agent can be deceptive. - 02/22/10 04:04 AM
I just ran across this statement: "Work with The Best.. Sorensen-Haley Group The #1 Team For The Number RE/MAX in Chicago 60 Homes SOLD or Pending Contract in 2009! Chicago Illinois Top Best Selling Short Sale Realtors"
Under this subject heading: "Chicago Home Buyers Agent, Chicago Buyers Realtor"
Most home buyers contacting this agent would expect that the agent would work with them as a buyer's agent. That would only be the case if the buyer never became interested in homes listed by the agent's office.
Home buyer's looking for a buyer's agent should start by looking for an agent member … (3 comments)

naeba: Define: Exclusive Buyer's Agent - 01/20/10 12:07 AM
I just read a web page put up by Boise Land and Homes.
It contains the statement: 
Can an agent be both an exclusive buyer's agent and an exclusive seller's agent?  Yes but not with two buyers and sellers on the same transaction.  They can only exclusively represent ONE.  They can be a limited dual agent."
No they can't.  The term Exclusive Buyer's Agent refers to an agent that works for a company that exclusively works for buyers and represents NO sellers - at all.
Paul Howard, Broker Realty
Cherry Hill NJ 08002
Member: Naeba … (9 comments)

naeba: Buyer Representation - Seller Representaton. Equal treatment is not FAIR. - 07/28/09 04:56 AM
When I am 'fair' to a seller that means I won't cheat them. I will also treat them with respect. That does NOT mean I will treat them equally. In fact I will NOT treat them equally. I will use every legal means I have to gain an advantage for my buyer client.
If a buyer wants an agent that will work in that way they should be free to choose such an agent. Does disclosure do that for them? Not necessarily -in fact it almost never does. Buyers often see a house online they like and call the company representing … (1 comments)

naeba: Market State July 14, 2009 (Mercer County NJ) - 07/14/09 12:20 AM
Trend MLS shows the following ( on July 14,2009) for Mercer County, New Jersey.
Homes for sale: 2447
Single detached homes for sale: 1486
Homes under contract: 588
Homes for sale categorized as needing "TLC": 120 (You can bet there are another hundred needing TLC and you won't know till you get there)
Homes sold (settled) in June 2009: 320, June 2008: 349
Homes for sale with at least 3BR, 2 full baths, garage, basement: 764, with price under $500,000 - 392, under $300,000 - 109
That still leaves a lot to choose from for the average first time buyer and … (0 comments)

naeba: Market Stats 07-03-2009 Cherry Hill NJ - 07/03/09 09:38 AM
TrendMLS shows the following ( on July 3,2009) for Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
Homes for sale: 667
Single detached homes for sale: 496
Homes under contract: 107
Homes for sale categorized as needing "TLC": 24 (You can bet there are another hundred needing TLC and you won't know till you get there)
Homes sold (settled) in June 2009: 61
Homes for sale with at least 3BR, 2full baths, garage, basement: 275, price under $300,000 - 90
That still leaves a lot to choose from for the average first time buyer and a lot of competition for the average seller.
When … (2 comments)

naeba: Today's market stats - Cherry Hill NJ - 07/02/09 12:19 AM
TrendMLS shows the following ( on July 2,2009) for Cherry Hill, New Jersey.
Homes for sale: 667
Single detached homes for sale: 499
Homes under contract:  98
Homes for sale categorized as needing "TLC": 25 (You can bet there are another hundred needing TLC and you won't know till you get there)
Homes sold (settled) in June 2009: 61
Homes for sale with at least 3BR, 2full baths, garage, basement: 275,  price under $300,000 - 90
That leaves a lot to choose from for the average first time buyer and a lot of competition for the average seller.  
When the … (0 comments)

naeba: Deceptive Advertising in Real Estate - Avoid the BS (Bait and Switch) with NAEBA - 06/30/09 04:02 AM
Deceptive Advertising in Real Estate - Avoid the BS - Bait and Switch I have no problem with agents saying they are a buyer's agent - if they are and will be. When it comes to advertising ones self as a buyer's agent, though, it is unethical to do it without disclosing in the same advertising any potential that they might not be able to deliver on that. The ONLY agents that can advertise unconditionally as a buyer's agent are those that work for companies that do not list homes - Exclusive Buyer Agents. The only way I know to be … (0 comments)

naeba: South Jersey: In the MLS: Days on Market vs Property Marketing Period - 06/06/09 01:20 AM
What you should know:
What your agent knows = What you should know. Days on Market: May not be an accurate representation of the length of time a property has been on the market because this number only refers to the days on market for one listing of a property. Multiple listings due to withdrawal from market followed by relisting and expiration of listing followed by relisting serve to provide an inaccurate picture of the time a property has been on the market.
TREND MLS has tried to improve the accuracy of information available to agents.
Property Marketing Period: The … (2 comments)

naeba: New Jersey Home Buyers: When Asked to "Consent to Dual Agency" - Just say no. - 05/31/09 03:39 PM
Given the number of Realtors misleading the public with websites proclaiming that they are "Buyer's Agents" or will represent buyers as a "Buyer's Agent" I've decided to dwell on this subject a bit more.
5 Questions a home buyer should ask when interviewing to find an agent to represent them:
How long have you been in the business? What makes you stand out in your ability to represent me? Does your company also list homes? Can you fully represent me (as a fiduciary) if your company listed the home I want to buy? If I hire you and I want to … (4 comments)

naeba: Real "Buyer's Agents" NEVER ask buyers to sign a "Consent to Dual Agency" agreement. - 05/25/09 01:02 AM
I got a referral the other day from NAEBA. The potential buyer, I found out later, had signed an "Exclusive Buyer Agent" agreement with an agent of one of the large franchise companies. She actually KNEW that the agent was not an Exclusive Buyer Agent and that all the contract meant was that she had to work with this agent (exclusively) for the term of the agreement (though it did have a cancellation provision).
The use of the term "Exclusive Buyer Agent" in this context is at best misleading. There is an organization of EXCLUSIVE BUYER AGENTS called the National … (8 comments)

naeba: I'm an Exclusive Buyer's Agent: My business model wasn't chosen to maximize my income. - 03/29/09 02:25 PM
To many in the real estate industry my chosen way of operating my real estate brokerage business makes no sense - at least financially. Consumers that buy homes understand and embrace it -eventually-but don't realize the financial sacrifice that comes with the territory.

Comments from agents:
"You are giving up half the business." "If you don't have listings - how do you attract buyers?" "What do you do when people want you to list their house?

Comments from home buyers:
"You are an EXCLUSIVE buyer agent - right?" "How do you get paid?" "I never knew … (4 comments)

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