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Information on market area and general real estate information for home buyers from the perspective of an exclusive buyer agent.
I have the time - and can save yoursjust by being on call when you have questions.  House hunting takes time - a lot of time - and research. Knowing where to start is half the battle. You may or may not have a good idea of what you want. For many people renting is a temporary - and expensive - si...
When does advertising cross the line from 'puffery' to deception--- I like Weicher's website.  I do. Many of my clients have used it and I see why.  It has a clean look, it is mobile friendly and the search is easy.  However, it goes beyond 'puffery' with this statement.  "Talk to someone who can...
This doesn't really just apply to Cherry Hill - it applies to all of South Jersey. You found a house and you want to place an offer.   If your agent is also working for the company that listed the house for the seller be careful what you tell them and be willing to do your own research.  They may...
This has been discussed again and again and again--- and it will continue to be discussed. Al Heavens, a 'reporter' writing on recently posted an article that provided yet another forum for agents to cloud the issue.  I responded:"They may serve 2 masters but they sure can't be the adv...
It's a new year and you are thinking about buying a home while mortgage rates are still low.  You want to start by going to an open house.     Be prepared before entering! Some buyers are just starting their search and don't have an agent yet. They are at risk of getting trapped with an agent wor...
#buyersagent #EBO #realestate New potential home buyers are often hesitant to contact an agent. If they haven't done much research some just jump in and default to contacting the agent that listed a house they may be interested in. Others research but find it difficult to compare agents online - ...
I took the ABR course and hold that designation. A claim  REBAC (Real Estate Buyer Agents Counsel) makes though, is  intentionally deceptive. The claim: "Not all buyers' representatives are equal. Only a buyer's rep who has earned the Accredited Buyer's Representative designation has made the ext...
Much advertising by so called 'buyer' agents is no better than a "5 hour energy" drink ad I saw yesterday.  The ad makes the following statements: 1. they sent a survey to 3000  doctors. 2.of those responding 73% would recommend a low calorie  energy supplement to  patients that used them. There ...
There is a lot written about the pitfalls of dual agency and there is a lot of good advice to buyers that they should avoid it. There is not so much written about how either buyers OR agents CAN avoid it - or how they can be sure they will avoid it. The choice has not been made clear.  Part of th...
By this time most home buyers that have gotten far into their research know that they should use a buyer agent to represent them in the purchase. They have discovered the concept of advocacy. They have learned that buyer agents advocate for buyers and seller agents advocate for sellers and that d...

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