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Information on market area and general real estate information for home buyers from the perspective of an exclusive buyer agent.
Timing really is everything. It may not be possible to determine the absolute optimum time to buy a home or the optimum home to buy but you can rely on an exclusive buyers agent (an EBA -if you can find one) to help you obtain the information you need to make the best decisions possible. Insist ...
 Buying a home is a team effort for a couple.Communicate preferences with each other. Make sure you each REALLY understand.You may both say you want a yard but how big - and for what?  Who will maintain it? Will the need change over time? What if you add kids - or a pet?You may want to be near wo...
Once a month or so I get a call from someone that saw a house with an agent from the company that listed it.  They are not 'comfortable' working with an agent that is also representing the seller (nor should they be).  There is always surprise when I tell them they may be stuck with that agent if...
Wow. It sounds like expectations are high that buyers will be out looking at homes in June.This really falls under the category of home buying for beginners but experienced buyers are at risk too.Some buyers are just starting their search and don't have an agent yet.  Thyy are at risk of getting ...
I often hear agents marketing as neighborhood 'experts'.  Some even say they live in the neighborhood.  My views of my town are biased by my views of my neighbors among other things. The more friends in the neighborhood I have the more I want to help them.  That would include hoping they do well ...
You would think that a domain name like Buyers Only Realty ( would be the site of an exclusive buyer's office. In this case it is not so. That is not the only thing misleading about the site: From the site: This statement: " And many times, any property you find on Realt...
I just ran across this statement: "Work with The Best.. Sorensen-Haley Group The #1 Team For The Number RE/MAX in Chicago 60 Homes SOLD or Pending Contract in 2009! Chicago Illinois Top Best Selling Short Sale Realtors" Under this subject heading: "Chicago Home Buyers Agent, Chicago Buyers Realto...
Is communication with your lender a challenge? I'll give 2 (of quite a few) examples of loan officers that are losing business because they are not responsive.   JP Morgan Chase: I referred many buyer's to a loan officer over the years but then started to get complaints that he was not responsive...
A search of TREND MLS at 11am on 2/8/2010 shows 317 homes listed for sale in the 200,000 to 400,000 price range. Of these, 250 are single family detached homes. Of those 250, 159 have 3 or 4 bedrooms and at least 2 full baths. Of those, 102 have both a basement and a garage. A buyer looking for a...
I am sooo serious. I hate fax machines. I don't own one and neither should you. Get an efax (or similar ) number already. I don't have a fax number on my business card for one simple reason - I DON'T WANT YOU TO SEND ME A FAX. Believe it or not I have email. Unless you don't there is no reason to...

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