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Information on market area and general real estate information for home buyers from the perspective of an exclusive buyer agent.
I got a referral the other day from NAEBA. The potential buyer, I found out later, had signed an "Exclusive Buyer Agent" agreement with an agent of one of the large franchise companies. She actually KNEW that the agent was not an Exclusive Buyer Agent and that all the contract meant was that she ...
Five things a buyer agent should show you when looking at an 'older' home. The other day while showing a young couple a home they asked me if they could use a voice recorder to record my comments. I thought it was a great idea. When I look at any home (not just an older home) I point out pros and...
To many in the real estate industry my chosen way of operating my real estate brokerage business makes no sense - at least financially. Consumers that buy homes understand and embrace it -eventually-but don't realize the financial sacrifice that comes with the territory. Comments from agents: "Yo...
    With 2 exceptions (that I am aware of) , no New Jersey real estate company can guarantee you that they will, in all cases, work as a true buyer's agent and not become a dual agent. The 2 exceptions are the 2 companies in NJ that do not list homes (work for sellers) and so they have no potenti...
Glen Fisher, an excellent home inspector I know, recently made a blog post on Active Rain indicating that if agents are to call themselves buyer agents they should know something about home contruction and be able to identify obvious defects.  The vast majority of Realtors that commented blasted...
Find this letter (with links) on the web Facebook: Twitter: Paul Howard, Broker Realty 811 Church Rd Suite 111 Cherry Hill NJ 08002 856-488-8444 Timing the transition from renting to buying. Mos...
I see it every day in advertising across the country.  Agents advertise their expertise as buyer agents.  They tell how great their services are.  They tell how great the services of their 'team of buyer agents' is. They work across the country for large franchise companies and small independents...
It is unfortunate that some agents will answer "NO" because they don't want to kill a deal.   A real bright guy told me, "Home inspections don't kill deals- they just open the door to negotiations."   I agree.It is getting close to that time of year when I start dwelling on new equipment for my h...
Inman is currently running a series on: "Perspective: Revamping real estate commissions" Many of the articles are insightful but all of the ones I have seen miss a major factor in the tight hold the 'traditional' system  (listing agent and seller listing agreement providing for an 'offer' of comp...
  Buyer and Agent: do they relate? Are they on the same page? Are you (the buyer) ready to tour homes?  Identify yourself to your agent: Your agent should have your name, phone number, email address, and home address (at minimum). Be prepared: Expect to provide a prequalification letter from a le...

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