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Information on market area and general real estate information for home buyers from the perspective of an exclusive buyer agent.
Unless you have something in writing from 'your' agent promising that their company will not engage in dual agency you would do well to keep looking for an agent. Even  if they say they will work with you as a buyer's agent, DO NOT TELL THE AGENT ANYTHING THAT YOU WOULD NOT TELL THE SELLER unless...
Everyone wants a deal and a rebate seems a good way to get one, but is it?  I don't think so though my state, New Jersey, very well may join the rebate band wagon.   I believe rebates distort the market and allow producers (of products, services, etc) to charge different prices to different consu...
I've heard the verdict of so many who gaze into their crystal ball I'm about ready to tune it all out.  Are we near the 'bottom'? Should I buy now? Should I wait a year? Two years?   I wish I knew any of the answers but I don't know.   There, I've said it. I don't know.  The reason I don't know i...
  Steve Kappre ( ) has a great series on reverse mortgages at: Part 3 is below. Paul Howard      In this installment on reverse mortgages we will discuss a few items; The expected costs of a rev...
I recently read an agent's blog post that said she tells buyers that they will know if it is the house for them the moment they step through the door.  There is no doubt that buyers sometimes really do "know".  When they get that "I love it feeling"  should the agent validate it?  Sometimes.  But...
For those that will work without a preapproval (at least for a first showing) I hope they make some effort to identify the person. A copy of a photo ID would be best, but if you want to be unobtrusive making a note of the license of the car they are driving is a minimal step. I think it should b...
Here's the thing. When I sign a buyer agent agreement with my client it specifies a time period and a commission amount. It also obligates my buyer client to condition offers on the seller payment of my commission. That is NOT subject to any 3rd party approval. Now I realize that the '3rd party'...
Fannie Mae announced yesterday: "... the establishment of a new National Real Estate Owned (REO) Rental Policy that will allow qualified renters in Fannie Mae-owned foreclosed properties to stay in their homes. The company currently has an eviction suspension in place through the end of January ...
I had this conversation with my daughter and son-in-law the other day.  She says that she might need to learn to golf so she can go to the 'golf outings'.  She is 31 and a VP at a major bank.  She thinks business happens on the links.  He works for a major Philly law firm and doesn't speak sports...
Here is the answer I gave. All the Realtors that are "non-monetary influenced' left the business to get a job that would pay their bills. I could use a roofing contractor right now that is 'non-monetary influenced'. Let me know if you have a number I can call. I have an occasional client that cou...

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