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  Well, is it?  That is what I keep hearing but it is mostly from wet behind the ears folks that came into the business thinking they were going to make a lot of money.  They bloated the ranks of real estate agents and mortgage professionals alike.  Now they are jumping ship - good riddance. To p...
We have all heard the attorney analogy regarding dual agency.I was reading a blog that made the statement.  "You wouldn't use a quarterback working for the other team."  Not sure I like that one but then thought of..."Can you imagine a sports team in which both sides have the same coach."I'm look...
  I know that it helps to know lots of people.  Many agents network with others in the business or a related business. Mortgage companies are a good example.  If you send your clients to them to get a mortgage they may send you leads.  That is the basic idea.  I've never been good at that kind of...
The quote below came from the teaser page of a spam email from DirkZellertraining dot com that I usually just delete. This time the heading (Hiring Experienced Buyers Agent - The Proof In the Pudding) caught my eye. In general buyers don't realize that they really are being 'handled' when the bu...
I first posted this in May and since then FHA has become much more widely used.  As it should.  It is still evolving though so another look seems justified.   For those who are not up on FHA it is a good time to look at this type loan. There is no reason not to unless you are always above the FHA...
I got an email through Trulia the other day from a young lady that was interested in a house in a town where I work.  She had seen my profile and answers to questions I had given in Trulia.  She had looked at a number of homes by calling the number on the sign in front of the house or in the list...
Homes Sold in Gloucester Township NJ 08081, 08012 (August 2008)   All Gloucester Twp Single Detached all 08081 08081Single Det 08012 Single Det all 08012 Homes Sold  232  147    95  73  35  74 Median Price $199,000  $220,000  $201,000  $235,000  $187,000  $195,000 Price Range  $45,000- $550,000  ...
Homes for Sale in Gloucester Township NJ 08081, 08012 (8/18/2008)   All Gloucester Twp Single Detached all 08081 08081Single Det 08012 Single Det all 08012 Homes for sale 620 424 241 186 121 179 Median Price $219,900 249,900 239,900 269,900 233,900 227,900 Price Range 29,900-645,000 0,000-645,00...
Homes for Sale in Gloucester Township NJ 08081, 08012 (8/17/2008) All Gloucester Twp 08081 08012 Homes for sale 623 Median Price $219,900 Price Range 29,900-645,000 There are dozens of neighborhoods (developments). Knowing the price range for an area, the median price and the number of homes for ...
In 1997 I began taking the South Jersey HUD list from the newspaper and posting it on my website.  At the time, it was the only online place it could be found.  As HUD wised up and started posting that I continued for some time.  When they got to the point (just a few years ago) where they were a...

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