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Mammoth Broker’s Report, January 12, 2010––I can’t end the decade without the cursory look back and I can already hear some accusations of cynicism. But in reality there are many positives. The Mammoth real estate market is once again so aptly summarized by Intrawest’s market...
A Kick In The Mammoth Fannie   Q: We’re looking to purchase a condo in Mammoth but we’re hearing different stories about financing problems. We’ve even heard that some new financing regulations are disrupting the way some local condo projects are operating. What gives?   A: T...
The Mammoth REO rodeo continues to ebb and flow. Sometimes we feel on top of things and other times we feel a little buried. My mantra of “expect the unexpected” is worth repeating for buyers, brokers, and casual observers too. The foremost wild card in the mix remains the as...
Some things just torture me. And a recent article in the Mammoth Times about a new business for sale just irked me. I just really have to ask myself how this came about? This was a gross disservice to these owners and potential sellers.  What were the editors thinking? I’m cr...
Broker’s Report, March 27, Bailouts, Dropouts and Wipeouts Broker’s Report, March 27––Currently, the most important real estate news in Mammoth is the re-opening of the Mammoth Value Pass (MVP) membership. Yes, those who don’t belong to the pre-bought discounted season pass program have now been ...
Mammoth Foreclosures 4.0––Walk-Aways and Weasels This column has been delayed several times by work duties, showing property, great ski conditions, and my ongoing attempt to understand how the Stimulus and Housing Bills and foreclosure intervention by the government will ultimately affect the Mam...
Q: So Paul, does everybody, including us, think they can pick the bottom of the real estate market in Mammoth? We think that with all of the information now available on the Internet, including your blog, we will be able to do that. But c’mon, what’s your best take on when th...
Broker’s Report, Oct 25––This time last year I returned from a fishing trip and reported cold water in the Pacific Ocean along the Baja coast (my conjecture back then––La Nina). This year it is completely different. Water temperatures in the same locations are 10-15 degrees h...
This column could be titled Mammoth Foreclosures 3.1, but the phrase “make’em a stupid offer” really stands out in my mind and is far more applicable to the present. While this statement may have no significance to the vast majority of you, it is ingrained as part of my teena...
Real Estate Q&A August 2008   Q: As relatively new Mammoth locals, we’re weighing our housing options. We can qualify for Mammoth Lakes Housing properties and have been sensing that regular rentals rates are coming down a bit. But we really would like the chance to buy someth...

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