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Prospecting in 2010 will be a lot different. With today's leads comes an extended incubation period. These days the Internet Empowered Consumer (IEC) is taking a second, and third look at available data before hitting the "Realtor" button.Technology is our friend as the means to occupy the space ...
I am so thankful to the many Brokers and Agents who have helped me this year.  We have made it through a very challenging year and are more learned and prepared for the future. Thank you all for your collective spirit and generosity of knowledge. Thank You Everyone, Happy New Year!    
If you've been keeping up with me, I set a 2009 goal.  The goal was to retest and become a Realtor in Las Vegas.  Well I'm happy to say that I did go through pre-licensing, tested, and passed and am ready to become a Realtor once again! This perspective is very interseting.  I get all of the emai...
If you are like me, a Real Estate trainer you are shouting "The Time To Prospect Is Now!"! With the upturn in many of our markets projected for early 2010 ... and knowing that nine to twelve contacts are necessary before recognition solidifies ... AND assuming the early bird does get the worm ......
Great insite as to what has happened, and how it has happened.  Now the key is to focus on those relationships by keeping information relevant, and not overwhelming.I’m a curious fellow. A question I always ask my real estate associates when a transaction comes into play is, “Where did your clien...
I know what you may be thinking ... Las Vegas the "empty city" ... lots of foreclosures, lots of empty houses, but it's a wonderfully sunny day, and I'm getting ready to talk to local Century 21 agents about social marketing. with so many people on the Internet looking at pictures of EVERYTHING, ...
That's right, I like my team!  I like my job!  I'm having a great life! I've never been more excited about Real Estate! Crazy, ehh?  Maybe ... or maybe I am among the best group of people to ever enter the business! I'm a trainer for Century21 LLC, specifically the Desert West.  Our states includ...

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