success: Weekend Tips that Will Help you Succeed - 02/14/19 04:09 PM
The weekend, these are the days within the week everyone is consciously or even subconsciously looking forward to. We celebrate Friday nights, because it meant the start of our weekend. We dread Sunday nights, because it meant the end of it. It is within those two days that most of us have the time and luxury to relax away from our work or school. It is our refuge from the long weekdays we spent grinding through our daily tasks. But, what if I tell you this always long awaited weekends may still be productive for your business and still help you … (3 comments)

success: Ways to Turn Obstacles to Opportunities - 01/27/19 10:28 PM
Often you become deterred by an obstacle and lose your way, somehow. Your mind instantly fears the challenge ahead of you and begins to have self-doubt and that alone is enough to defeat your belief for yourself. But have you come to think of why these obstacles catch you unguarded? And why do you have such a negative notion of them? Every path you choose has obstacles remember that. Even of you done everything in your will and power just to avoid them, you will still end up facing them. That is because you need to confront them first to overcome … (0 comments)

success: 10 Simple yet Amazing Ways to Have a Productive Day - 09/18/18 07:00 PM

The way you start your morning can influence the rest of the day. That’s a fact and I know a lot of you can relate! Have you ever felt waking up in the morning feeling exhausted and too lazy to get up? For most of us, the usual routine would be this: you fight with your alarm clock, make a cup of coffee, hurried your way to work, struggle to beat deadlines, and then head up back home sooooo tired! At last, a busy day was done!
But how can you be productive and make great results from the goals you set … (3 comments)

success: Simple Ways to Inspire your Colleagues - 09/13/18 04:08 AM
“The power of one man or one woman doing the right thing for the right reason, and at the right time, is the greatest influence in our society”.
This quotation is a touching sentiment and a message with positive and good intent. It only takes one person to restore the faith of the whole team. Motivating your colleagues is taking the initiative to maintain the faith of the entire team. Small gestures and positive words can be a good way to motivate your colleagues.
Try these 5 powerful ways to keep your colleagues motivated and keep them inspired with their jobs:
1. Share … (3 comments)

success: 20 Inspirational Quotes from Successful Entrepreneurs - 09/05/18 02:46 AM

Starting or managing a business requires a lot of courage, effort, money and most of all, faith. We can encounter many obstacles and problems which require our ability to surpass these hindrances. But after you surpass all those, all your hard works and investment will be all worthwhile. Every business owner needs some helpful words once in a while so here are some inspirational quotes to help you push your success. We hope you can relate to these quotes as you grow and build your business.

1. “Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only … (4 comments)

success: How to Start your Morning to Stay Motivated All Day - 08/27/18 03:08 AM
Ever found yourself in a situation where getting up in the morning is a chore? Have you experienced being unable to find the reason to get up? Are you one of those people who feel like they are stuck in a rut?
You need some tips to get motivated.
These are the simple habits you can follow to stay motivated all day.
1.       Wake up early
There is a reason why waking up early is always included in the list of “Habits of a Successful People”. Early risers have the opportunity to enjoy their quiet time to themselves. By waking early, you also allow yourself … (5 comments)

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