twitter: Get Weekly Twitter Tips from the Handyman - 01/21/09 02:09 AM
In keeping with my recent emphasis on using Twitter as a business communications and marketing tool, I've started a weekly Twitter Tips enewsletter.
Click here to sign up or use the form in the right-hand column.
Each week you'll receive one brief idea for using Twitter for business...short, sweet (tweet) and to the point. I won't spam you, sell your name to list vendors, or use it for anything other than the stated purpose, that of helping you learn more and better ways to make Twitter a useful tool in your marketing toolchest.
Here's the best part too. If you share … (10 comments)

twitter: Complete Guide to Twitter for Business eBook - 01/20/09 04:40 AM
I'm about to do something I rarely ever do, that's use this blog post to promote a product.
The reason I'm making the exception in this case is that it's my product I'm promoting, the Complete Guide to Twitter for Business.
The guide is a 35-page ebook contains everything you'll need to start maximizing the value of your investment in Twitter.
It will teach you:
How to choose a Twitter handle, set up your account and start using Twitter right away. Who to connect with in order to maximize your potential for business development, lead generation and sales! The right and … (40 comments)

twitter: Fifteen Twitter follow dos and don'ts - 01/08/09 11:29 PM

There are two schools of thought pertaining to who to follow on Twitter. One is what I refer to as the Guy Kawasaki method which says, "forget the influentials," "defocus your efforts," and "get as many followers as you can." It's more of a mass marketing approach.
Up and until Twitter imposed limits on the number of people that I could follow in a given 24-hour period, that's pretty much the school to which I subscribed and just about anyone and everyone qualified (minus the spammers of course).
Since then, I've had to be more discerning and have actually found … (93 comments)

twitter: Writing Twitter eBook and Need Your Input - 01/05/09 04:23 PM
I'm in the process of writing an extensive ebook on how to use Twitter for business and I need your help. 
I'd like for you to go to Twitter and send a tweet to @pchaney outlining in 140 characters or less just how you use Twitter. Also, if you don't mind, use the hashtag #artwitbook. That will enable me to use Twitter search and see all the messages.
If you think your response will exceed 140 characters, then leave it in a comment here. I will include all responses in the book and give you full attribution. 
Why an ebook?
You … (23 comments)

twitter: Twitter for Business: Plan of Action (Part IV in a series) - 11/23/08 09:59 PM
Here's the "money post" I promised. It outlines my thoughts on how to use Twitter to network, make connections and generate leads. (Here are links to Part 1, 2, 3 and 31/2) But first...
Resources from Ogilvy PR Over the weekend I came across a couple of resources from Ogilvy PR that present the best business case for using Twitter that I've seen, hands down. The first is a PPT slide deck and the second a list of best practices.
Ogilvy PR 360 DI Twitter Webinar View SlideShare presentation. The Creation of Twitter Best Practices - This post contains a list … (15 comments)

twitter: Twitter for Business: Tools of the Trade (Part III of the series) - 11/19/08 10:02 PM
This post, part 3 in the series on Twitter for business, talks about some of the tools that have been developed thanks to Twitter's open API. I focus on a number of the ones I use, but provide a links to others as well. In preparation for the "money post," part 4 (which I hope to have ready Monday), I'm following this post with one I'll refer to a part 3.5, which list a number of other blog posts that talk about how to use Twitter, which I'll have ready later today.
Twitter tools of the trade
While is … (8 comments)

twitter: Twitter for Business: How It Works and Rules of the Road (Part II in series) - 11/15/08 12:50 AM
This is part 2 in a four-part (at least) series on how to use Twitter for business. Truth be told, I'm sure I'll be talking about Twitter quite a lot in the days and weeks ahead.
This post focuses on two areas:
A sequence of four short videos that walk you through setting up a Twitter account, familiarizing you with the Twitter interface, and showing you how to tie your Active Rain blog posts into Twitter. Valuable Twitter "rules of the road," otherwise known as :Twittiquette." How to use Twitter video series:

Twitter Rules of the Road
Rule #1: You … (16 comments)

twitter: Twitter for Business: How Does It Work and What's the Value? Part 1 - 11/12/08 01:58 AM
(First, sorry for my latency in posting of late. Was away with my wife Amie on the trip of a lifetime to NYC! Travels are over; getting back to business.)

One of the questions I'm getting A LOT is "What's up with Twitter?" and "How do I use Twitter for business?" Let me say at the outset it is an amazing app with manifold uses. Companies as large as Dell have created a business model around it and solo entrepreneurs (real estate agents included) are proving its case as another channel for business development.
It's my aim to answer the … (63 comments)

twitter: REBarcamp Houston Was a Great Success - 10/26/08 11:38 AM
I enjoyed so very much having the opportunity to keynote at last week's REBarcamp Houston. I want to pass along my thanks to Michael Price, President of ML Broadcast, for putting it together. (Oh, and Mike, the receipts are coming!)
Here are the slides from the keynote I posted to Slideshare...
REBarcamp Houston Keynote PresentationView SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: rebarcamp houston) Here are some photos and video of the event for your enjoyment:

That's me during the keynote

I also got to facilitate a session the goal of which was to craft a social media marketing … (8 comments)

twitter: Top Three Social Networks to Join and Why - 10/20/08 04:56 AM
Most of my social media handyman posts will be in response to questions asked by Realtors and others. Today's comes from Irina Netchaev, a Keller-Williams Realtor in Pasadena, CA. She asks, "What are the top 3 social networks that you recommend joining and actively participate in and why?"
First, let me say that "three" is the operative word. There is an old proverb that says "a cord of three strands is not easily broken." I think that's applicable where social networking is concerned as well. It's a matter of strengthening your social graph. Being networked with a given individual in three … (80 comments)

twitter: What's the number one question you have about marketing via social media? - 10/05/08 02:41 AM
One of the ways I can best provide social media handyman services is by answering your questions. Let me invite you to take a quick poll that ask four of the questions I hear most often.
How can blogs help me market my business? How can I use Facebook for marketing purposes? What's the deal with Twitter? What are the best social networks to use in building my social graph? If these four don't represent your question, please submit it in a comment. 
Answering these questions helps me help you. Thanks!

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