tulsa home loans: Price Is What You Pay, Value Is What You Get - 08/15/14 10:29 PM
This has been coming up more and more as of late. Everyday I receive calls from potential homeowner's and they are "shopping rates". The first thing they ask me is what are your rates, how do I even answer that not knowing anything about their situation, such as credit score, income, debt ratio, assets etc. Sure I can tell them what the lowest best case scenrio rate is, but who knows if they qualify for it. Borrowers will shop around and around trying to find the lowest rate and in most cases it is maybe a .125% difference. This is where my question comes in, what ever … (0 comments)

tulsa home loans: Do You Know What It Takes To Sell Real Estate? - 08/13/14 09:32 PM
One of my favorite sales movies GlennGary Glenn Ross, Alec Baldwin said it best. Do you know what it takes to sell real estate? My answer is yes, a dedicated team all working towards the same result....a very happy client. I see many Realtors who do not have their team ready for each transaction. You need to have everyone in place and ready to perform. That would be your Lender, Settlement Co, inspectors, termite etc... many agents do not have this ready. Relationships that are built over many transactions, some easy, and some tough is the start. I see many agents who … (1 comments)

tulsa home loans: Do You Have A Lender? - 08/13/14 10:32 AM
Do you have a lender? Is that the question that Realtors/Builders are asking when they have a prospective client? If not then you had better stop what you are doing and read. In today's lending environment that question is one of the most important questions you have to ask when you are talking to a potential borrower. Just when you thought that everything was getting back to normal and pre-qualifications were enough to satisfy........THINK AGAIN. Today you need to making sure your buyers are PRE-APPROVED, not PRE-QUALIFIED, there is a huge difference between the two. A loan originator can type up a pre-qualification letter and really … (1 comments)

tulsa home loans: Tulsa Mortgage Rate Float Down - 08/11/14 09:24 PM
In any given day I get asked the question "What are your rates today" and of course the answer is not as easy as they think. There are many factors that go into determining the interest rate they can qualify for. At PrimeLending we have a very unique program called our Float Down Option, this program always our borrowers to take advantage of lower rates. How it works is simple, you lock your rate today and during your loan process the rates go down, we can lower their interest rate up to .375%. This program guarantees that our clients are getting the best possible rate! … (0 comments)

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