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My business partner and her husband had to put down a favorite pet yesterday. This dog had been with them through thick and thin over the years and has been a loved family member. The decision to put this dog down was a tough one. She was ready, after seeing the poor thing grow weaker and weaker....
How do the economy and home repairs go together? Good question. In a bad economy people tend to quite spending. Things that they stop spending money on include home repair and maintenance. I have seen this first hand in my own neighborhood. This week I have had the opportunity to show quite a few...
The Cherokee Theatre Company has its final season ending play running through this weekend. The play, Divorce, Southern Style is a funny look at what happens when two divorcees are thrown back together for a weekend after 15 years apart! Directed by Richard Goodman, this wildly funny farce will k...
Family dinner? What about it? Well, it is something that many of us, with our busy lives, miss out on. Yesterday, being Mothers Day, I decided to take the family out to a local restaurant. That way my wife could enjoy a break from cooking and just relax. I know many of you did the same thing, but...
Ugh. Tis the season for pests. The weather did not get cold enough this winter to kill some of the bugs. So, the bugs are out in force. I have noticed the mosquitoes are hungry around my home. But there is one critter that my business partner ran into just the other day. Fleas. Yes fleas. She was...
My neighborhood in Woodstock Georgia, Eagle Watch, is usually a nice, quiet neighborhood. People walk on the sidewalks, wave to one another, and in general enjoy themselves. There are two days of the year, though, that this all turns very ugly. Today is one of them. The bi-yearly neighborhood gar...
Why do we real estate agents always go on and on about curb appeal? What is this anyway? It is simply the look and feel one gets when looking at your home from the street. We are not talking specifically about whether or not there is actually a curb in front of your home. No. We are looking at th...
Anyone who knows me would tell you have the grace of a bull in a china shop. I have never been athletic and have chosen to live more on the Nerdy side of life. Not that there is anything wrong with that! But the past month has gone a long ways towards stretching my comfort levels...a long way! In...

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