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When I looked at today's date...11/12/13, Michael Jackson's song started playing in my head. I suspect it will be there all day now. Isn't it funny how people get so excited about numbers? Next year we will go through this again in December when it becomes 12/13/14. Numbers happen around us all t...
I went to see the movie Captain Philips a couple of weeks ago. This is the movie where the captain of a container ship gets taken hostage by Somali pirates. The story shows how an elite group of soldiers parachute into the sea, get picked up by a small boat and deposited on the deck of a navy boa...
Towards the north eastern part of Georgia, there are beautiful vistas with wonderful waterfalls, you just have to know where to look. Yesterday, the Cherokee Photography Club went looking for some. We cruised around Lake Rabun and enjoyed seeing beautiful homes on the lake. Every home had a boat...
Umm, probably not Ok. I have spoken to Seller's who do not want to do anything to their homes prior to selling it. Why put money in it if I am just going to sell it? I have even met agents that say to clients, no need to do anything, we will just offer an allowance. I disagree. Part of what I do ...
By my calculations, 174,000 per day. Is this how many people change lanes around here without the benefit of a turn signal? Nope, but close. How about the number of times I think about the dwindling amount of fresh apple cider in my fridge? Nope, but again close. This number is what I came up wi...
  The Iron Hill trail circles around a part of Lake Allatoona. This time of year is especially nice to walk this 3.5 mile trail. Yesterday the parking lot was nearly full of cars, but out on the trail I only saw people every now and again. The trees are probably at or just past peak here on the ...

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