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2014 say. Of course the listing agent knows values of homes better! They spent time working up a great looking CMA, and they have experience in these things. This is very true, however, the buyer that just left your listing may have already seen 20 other comparable homes in the area, and may...
I showed a home yesterday to a cute young couple who have never bought a home before, and knew nothing about the process. When they walked up to the dilapidated home they picked to see, you could just read the stress on their faces. They were unsure what they needed to do, they were uncertain as ...
There is something in real estate land called a pre-approval leter. It costs a buyer nothing more than 10 minutes or so on the phone with a mortgage loan officer. The buyer talks to a loan officer, and based on the answers to their questions, the buyer becomes "Pre-approved" for a certain loan am...
Sometimes we like to just gripe. It is so much easier to complain about something than to do a little research to find out the real facts. But, this time around most did! During the last snow storm over the past week, the local utility companies have been under siege. Scores of outages plagued th...
The snow storm that attached our area over the past several days was not as bad as expected in the northern parts of Atlanta. We did have a inch of sleet then 2 inches of snow so the roads are a mess and everything is shut down, but the sun is out, the temps are up, and the melting has begun in e...
I had a client once that always said,"If you're scared, say you're scared!" Ok, we are scared in Atlanta. Everything is closed today because of inclement weather. This means the roads are wet. But, it has been snowing and the worst is yet to come. Some parts of the area are expecting upwards of a...
Have you ever watched someone try to start a lawn mower with one of those pull cords? This is the vision I have about our young spring market here in the Atlanta Metro area. We are pulling the cord and business sputters to life. We get a cloud of smoke, everyone gets excited, and then the engine ...
Did you hear that there are 18 homes for sale in Eagle Watch? Your ears would perk up too if you knew that two homes sold just last month! Don't want to be left out in the cold? You need to start looking at these homes. The spring season for real estate is just about to begin, so call me now to ...
Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. They eat constantly. They are tough to get rid off. Nope. Not your teenagers, but Termites! Here in the south where we have generally warm winters and moist summers, we fight with a small insect called a termite. They eat wood. There are bazillions of them ( Yes, that is a te...
Ok, so you have decided to sell your home. It has a bit of age on it. It really could use some paint and the carpets are original, but I hear shag carpets are coming back! The avocado green appliances are darling and what is there not to like about this linoleum flooring? If the buyer doesn't lik...

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