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I listed a home one day last week and had a buyer within an hour. The contract should be signed today, but we have had several other offers come in during that time. I told both agents that we had an offer we were working on but they could send us an offer if they liked and we would consider it. ...
I find that many listing agents never go preview homes. They are too busy listing to worry about what other homes are doing. They aren't buyer agents, why should they do this? Well, I have several good answers for you. First, when I show my CMA to potential sellers, in the back is a key report. T...
Cleaning house. Not just spring cleaning, and not just running the vacuum. I mean cleaning out a house. My father passed last Thursday and my brother and I are tasked with going through all my father's belongings. He had really been good about not saving every little thing, but there was still a ...
I have made fun of it in past posts, but this year's selling season has come early and is the busiest I can ever remember. Almost every day 1 or two new people, usually from my sphere of past clients, calls me to set up an appointment to talk about selling their home. I think I know why. Interest...
I don't know if you remember the song three times a lady, but I thought I would use it today as my title...sort of. I ventured into the downtown Atlanta rush hour this morning. It took me nearly 2 hours to go into town and I remembered why I don't this often. But today I had a purpose. The owner ...
I am usually a bit slow on the uptake when it comes to street slang. About the time I figure it out and use it, the moment has long passed and my kids just shake their heads at me. Of course, that's part of the fun! Having said that, there are things that I do that others ask why. The answer? It'...
Atlanta seems to have a walk every weekend for something or another. This past weekend I joined about 15,000 other people for a 5K walk/Run put on to raise funds for the Atlanta Community Food Bank. The day could not have been nicer. I got started on a really good sunburn!   There were all sorts ...
Some people have charts and graphs galore. They pull out aged and dog earred documents meant to impress. They show percentages and ratios, how their listings sell 1.7 days faster than most agents. They talk about themselves and how great they are. I have done all this too. Yesterday I went on a l...
I am heading out to a listing presentation this afternoon in a large community where a few of the listing agents do quite well. The folks I will be talking to have a connection to an agent that goes to their church who has 4 listings currently in the subdivision. They also know an agent across th...
My wife has listened to me talk to folks before that even hearing both sides of the conversation, could not tell what the other person was saying. Many times I get by with understanding about every third word. This is usually enough for me to get an idea of what the caller needs and to respond co...

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