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I am still amazed at how time itself seems to speed up as we get older. I remember waiting FOREVER to get my license to drive. College took forever to get through. Living in New York seems like two lifetimes ago. But the here and now? Blistering speed! My older daughter turned 25 yesterday, is en...
I listed a really nice home this weekend. It is just down the street from one I just sold. The owner called me from my sign and asked me to come by and talk to her about listing her home. So I did. The home is really nice and should show great to prospective buyers. I spent some time talking to m...
Often, listing agents will tell a potential seller that they must take down all pictures as part of de-cluttering their home. I disagree. Even though we know that home becomes a commodity as soon as it is listed, it is still the home of the peopler living there. I tell my clients to keep their fa...
Dear Spring, You might think it is funny, but I don't and most of the people I know are ticked at you as well. You came in a few weeks ago, gave us some warm weather, and made all the flowers and trees bloom. Now, I don't want to sound whiny, but the pollen the trees are producing is really a pai...
Agents sometimes get in the way. They get in the way of a deal, or in the way during negotiations, or simply in the way of communications. I had a buyer tell me yesterday that they appreciated the fact that after we walked into a home they wanted to see, I did not hang right with them. Of course ...
I remember my first real estate experience well. I was a southern boy transported to NY by my first job. I had been leaving in a slum, I mean apartment, and I came home one night from work and said to my wife, "Let's buy a house!" She laughed at me. No seriously, I said. We sat down at the kitche...
My back yard is a money pit. It is really shady and grass has a hard time getting a foothold there. So a year ago I paid good money to have it reseeded. The grass did come up but then all the rain we had last year just drowned it all. As I look out at my back yard this morning it looks like the f...
The digital signature stuff is really great unless you are working with a client that is not computer savvy. Some of these programs even stump me, trying to figure out how to get them to my clients. So what do I do? I print them out and run them over to my clients personally. I actually like this...
In Georgia, buyers who are under contract with a seller usually have home inspections done. They pick a home inspector who then goes in and performs an inspection on the home. This usually takes 2-4 hours and costs in the neighborhood of $325-$400. A nice report comes back from the inspector to t...
Nope, this time its not about me and my background acting. Today my office is announcing the opening of our on-site video studio! That's right! We have our very own studio equipped with lights, cameras, and lots of action. The studio will be used to train agents on the best way to present themsel...

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