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I have a home under contract and the buyers did their home inspection. They asked for 2 items to be dealt with which we agreed to, but made a slight change in the request. We initialed the change and sent the amendment back to the buyers agent to get his clients to initial the change. They never ...
  I often get asked this time of year when the best time to list in the Spring is. The chart above gives good answers to that question. You can plainly see that new listings for the Woodstock zip code peak in April after rising every month from January. My suggestion is to always get the home lis...
I love hearing the old saw about anytime being a great time to sell. I think what this old saying is trying to tell us is that agents would like a paycheck anytime. Well, if you truly have the best interests of your client in mind, it may not always be the best time to sell.I have had several rec...
I like to look at the above graphic. It looks like a race car dashboard to me. And what it says is interesting. Some metrics are racing ahead like median sales price, and others are lagging behind, like active listings.A quick summary of the above shows us that in the Woodstock zip code area 3018...

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