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Agents sometimes do things that, to an outsider, and sometimes even to other agents, might seem to be a waste of time. For instance, I drove an hour each way yesterday for a 45 minute meeting with a client and a builder. The home will not even be started until late Summer. And you know what? I wa...
I have recently spoken to several clients about listing their homes. Inevitably, the question about when to list comes up. I have found that the most successful listings are those that go on the market only after the homes have been prepared for market. What does this mean? It means being show re...
We all have routines. These are those little chores we do every day that keep us focused and on track. Some people have long lists everyday that they follow and studiously mark off each item as it is done. Others are more of a "Seat-of-the-pants" person. Yet they still follow routines. I must con...
I am always amazed at this time of year. For about 6 weeks every Spring, anything not tied down gets sold. Houses hit the market and 2 hours later they are under contract. This forces buyers to place offers fast and sort it all out during their due diligence period. That's why we also see homes g...
I was reading a Facebook discussion this morning between 3 people who were discussing selling a home. One was saying how their relative sold their home quickly all by themselves. Another was pondering the idea. And the third was saying how she had her home on the market and that her inbox was ful...
I have had conversations recently with homeowners who are sprucing up their homes for sale. They are spending real money on improvements to help their homes sell faster and for more money. They know that there will be less than a 100% return on this investment, see  The probl...
As agents, we instinctively know many times when a house is good, and when it is not. Yes, beauty is often in the eye of the beholder, but when the inspector gets ahold of the home this vision can be blurred.I spoke with an agent in my office the other day about clients of hers that were preparin...
Just to be up front, I really have no issue with the people who set values on homes. They work hard and really are not paid much per appraisal. Having said that, I am continually perplexed about how they work. I just hired an appraiser to double check a listing I have. I know I am a bit high, and...

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