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It has been a very wet last year for many states in the south and west this year. I can remember moving to New Jersey after college to take my first job, and there was an article in a magazine shortly after arriving about a dried up lake not far from the apartment. They had a shot of the Governor...
People tend to move around alot these days. It used to be that most people were born, raised, and died all within a few miles. Not so much anymore. I was looking at a Facebook page of someone I went to High School with and realized they are living in the LA area. Last I heard they were in NC.I al...
Sometimes I think about things a bit too much. Like, why would I take my car to the shop and explain to them how to fix it? I am sure my Doctor would be amused if I walked in, told him my diagnosis, and asked for the pills I believe would fix the issue. Or better yet, doing an operation on myself...
Seems like every day I find examples of agents mis-using technology. Don't get me wrong, I fully embrace using technology for the right reasons. It is when it is mis-used that I get my hackles up.I recently wrote an offer for an investor on a piece of residential property. Boy was it a clean one....
Our brokerage maintains 2 separate Video studios for their agents to use free of charge. Agents come in and spend about an hour recording messages they wish to share on social media or email campaigns. My job is to help coach these agents and get the best out of their time in the studio. I also h...
First off, let me say that the only football I watch every year is the Super Bowl. And to be quite honest, I do so for two main reasons, 1) I like to watch the commercials, and 2) its the only time my wife lets me pig out on chips and dip.So this year, my routine was changed a bit. I had 2 differ...

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