buyers: Weird Times - 09/08/20 05:52 AM
I showed a home to some clients this past weekend. They had asked to see it the day before, but the listing agent indicated it could not be shown until 1pm the next day at her open house. Wow, the way we do business in Real Estate bounces around year to year depending upon the market being a buyer or seller's market. In our current seller's market all the power is in the hands of the sellers.
So, I made plans to meet my clients right at 1pm, when the open house was advertised to start. As usual I got there around 12:30 and … (7 comments)

buyers: Set the rule book aside - 08/10/20 10:37 AM
One of my favorite quotes used to be, I am allergic to full price offers. Not so much anymore. I have found that the current state off the Real Estate market demands I take some Claritin and set the old rule book aside. Don't throw it away as I am sure it will still be useful in the distant future, but for now, things have changed.
Where we used to expect a list price was around 3% higher than the seller would take, and we would offer just under that number to see if we could get lucky, not so much anymore. … (3 comments)

buyers: Due Diligence - 04/09/20 01:19 PM
Approaching the last minutes before a closing scheduled for tomorrow, the buyer's agent realized that something very important for her buyers was not going to happen. She immediately called me to complain. Well, I said, this is why we have due diligence time frames here in Georgia. This is when the buyer and their agent not only inspect the home for issues, but also ask questions to get answers for things that are important to them.
The issue was solved today by me, but I am still a bit miffed that an agent did not think to ask a few questions. Unfortunately, sellers are … (2 comments)

buyers: Lift off! - 12/20/19 04:30 AM
As I was driving in to work this morning I was treated to a view in the sky of the latest rocket launch from Florida that is carrying the new Boeing Starliner space capsule. I looked up and saw twin contrails from a quickly moving craft. As I watched the craft staged and I saw a speck separate and move forward with a much smaller plume of exhaust. I almost rear ended the car in front of me as I watched this cool spectacle.
Why talk about this in a Real Estate blog? Well, for one it was cool, but additionally it kind … (9 comments)

buyers: Let's buy it! And we have to sell? - 11/20/18 06:33 AM
Many times Buyers looking to move within their community have a home they need to sell as well. For some reason they don't want to carry 2 mortgages at the same time, or can't. I don't blame them, Who wants to more than double their monthly costs of home ownership?
So the dance begins. What happens if our home sells before we find another home to buy? Well, you will need to accelerate your home search or find somewhere to live temporarily. Many times Sellers have family in the area that will let them crash there for a time. Otherwise you may … (5 comments)

buyers: Another sold home, on Christmas Eve! - 12/24/15 10:56 AM
It never ceases to amaze me that when I go out of town, my phone almost always begins to ring. This week I am traveling in North Carolina and working with a buyer at the same time. We looked at a home the day before I left, and my buyer decided to make an offer.
So, the first day in NC I am negotiating a contract for my client. Late today we went binding on a contract, just hours before Christmas Eve festivities. Sometimes we agents just have to work when we have clients who need us. While I would have rather … (5 comments)

buyers: The Variety of Life - 09/29/15 11:49 PM
I have heard of people being in a rut. They tend to do the same things every day. Day in...and day out. The same job, the same routine, the same everything. It is my hope that most of you reading this post are not in this category. How wonderful it is to do something different every day! Yet sometimes we get miffed at folks who change course in their lives. Let me try to explain.
I have a new buyer that told me he is looking for a very specific home. After listening to his requirements, I felt pretty good that I … (1 comments)

buyers: You are a class act, he said. - 05/03/15 11:49 PM
Saturday afternoon was spent doing a final walk through with some buyer clients. Usually these take me about half an hour. This one took 2 hours! But it was well worth it.
I met my clients at the house and we walked through checking the repairs and the house in general. Things looked great and as we stood talking about how excited they were to buy this home. About then the listing agents showed up.
We spoke to the agents for about half an hour and everyone had a good time. The listing agents left and as my clients and I stood in the … (4 comments)

buyers: Get out of the way! - 04/14/14 11:15 PM
Agents sometimes get in the way. They get in the way of a deal, or in the way during negotiations, or simply in the way of communications. I had a buyer tell me yesterday that they appreciated the fact that after we walked into a home they wanted to see, I did not hang right with them. Of course I was always within eyesight of the couple but I let them see the home for themselves.
They said that I was able to jump in at times with good comments about the home, but I let them take in the home … (38 comments)

buyers: First time home buyers...bless their hearts! - 02/17/14 10:02 PM
I showed a home yesterday to a cute young couple who have never bought a home before, and knew nothing about the process. When they walked up to the dilapidated home they picked to see, you could just read the stress on their faces. They were unsure what they needed to do, they were uncertain as to what I was going to do, they were just uncertain about everything. We also had a slight language barrier that we quickly overcame with a smile.
Yep, a smile. As soon as I saw how tense they were, I started slowly teaching them what … (4 comments)

buyers: Missed it by that much! - 12/18/13 09:47 PM
Do you remember the TV show Get Smart? The title character was always getting into trouble and saying, Missed it by that much, indicating just a smidgen more would have done it. I felt as though a recent showing of a listing of mine was going to sell that day, but we missed it by that much!
The husband and wife buyers had been looking at lower priced homes and have not found what they want. The wife and their agent decided to take a look at my listing last week and the wife fell in love with the home. The agent told … (3 comments)

buyers: Can we see that house? - 12/02/13 10:13 PM
Folks that put their homes up for sale have a multitude of reasons for doing so, and a multitude of requests on how their home needs to be shown. Some have already moved out of their home and it can be shown anytime. Others are still living in their home and want a little time ahead of the showing to straighten up the house and/or take care of pets. This time frame can be anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours.
So, when a buyer is out looking at homes, these have usually been vetted by your agent, and they have made … (4 comments)

buyers: What's your niche? - 11/24/13 09:29 PM
Everyone has one. Sometimes you don't realize what it is. Everyone has a niche. Sometimes it is geographic. When asked about where I like to work, I am able to give pretty clear markers for the outer limits that I will travel. Some are time based. I can be reached almost all the time, but I know agents with very strict time frames where they will work.
Other niches are first time home buyers, Condos, Rentals, distressed sales. And some are combinations of all of these. What I am discussing today though, is buyers vs sellers.
Some say you should specialize … (7 comments)

buyers: The need for a pre-approval letter from your lender is crucial. - 07/11/13 10:37 PM
Excellent! You have decided that now is the time to jump into the real estate market and buy a home, but the agent you called for help will not take you to see any homes without a pre-approval letter from your lender. What's up with that?
Your agent is being wise and is protecting you. There are many reasons why your agent wants a pre-approval letter from your lender. First, the letter will show an amount that you are pre-approved for a mortgage. Without this number in mind, your agent could show you the home of your dreams, but it might … (5 comments)

buyers: No Inventory! Quick sales! - 02/13/12 01:48 AM
Can you believe it? The inventory of homes for sale in the Metro Atlanta area is very low. We are just entering the season when more homes begin to flood onto the market, but right now we are at a very low point.
What does this mean to Buyers and Sellers? Well, it should mean that Sellers have the ability to strengthen

 their pricing. You know, the old supply and demand rule? But I have not personally seen this. There are still too many foreclosures and short sales in the mix for pricing to regain much strength.
For Buyers, what … (1 comments)

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