computers: It's a Love / Hate Relationship - 05/03/19 05:04 AM
I opened my 2 year old laptop the other day and within minutes it made a very electrical POP and it left this world to go where dead laptops go. I now have a very expensive boat anchor. Not only did it die after just 2 years, but it died last February as well. I was able to breathe life back into it then, but this time I welcome its demise.
My laptops are 17 inch monsters with lots of horsepower under the hood because I need that power for the video and picture editing that I do. Unfortunately these¬†behemoths come with … (6 comments)

computers: Eeek! Mice!! - 03/25/19 08:03 AM
Rodents? Nope. I'm talking about those little gadgets that move the cursor around your screen. For those of you that use the touch pad instead, well, maybe next blog we can reconnect. But for those of us still attached to our mice, here we go.
About 3 weeks ago I was walking up a flight of wooden stairs when my computer mouse decided to make a run for it. Apparently, 2 years living with me was unbearable, and it made a jump. Unfortunately for it, I caught up with it, but only after it tumbled head over feet back down the flight … (3 comments)

computers: The New Computer - 11/13/17 04:17 AM
After 6 years on the same computer, my wife decided to buy a new one. Not because she wanted to. It was because the old one was acting up. I don't believe most people relish the thought of buying a new computer. There is so much to do to them before they work like we want them to.
Many (Smart) folks take their new, still-in-the-box computers directly to a computer guru and tell them to make it work. These people have a lot of good sense. Others, like myself and my wife, tackle the job ourselves. Sometimes it even works.
So, we spent … (29 comments)

computers: Windows 10 Upgrade...Done. - 10/27/15 11:10 PM
If you follow my blogging efforts, you should know that I am somewhat of a nerd. I fancy myself as reasonably knowledgeable about things computer related. So, I made the decision to go ahead and upgrade to the newest Windows version. Believe it or not, it has been reasonably painless.
It appears that the new Windows tries to reset your browser to their new program called Edge. I use Firefox, so I had to reset the browser back. There is a bit of a different feel to the system. I had to look around for the off button! All in all, I … (5 comments)

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