den boer homes: Frustrations easing? - 06/21/22 06:05 AM
For 2 or 3 years the real estate market has been a frustrating one of buyers and their agents alike. Too few homes being chased by too many buyers. Perhaps the balance in the market is about to change.
Rising interest rates are likely to force some potential buyers out of the market, with them not being able to afford the mortgages required to purchase a home. With few Byers chasing the inventory on the market, homes will stay on the market longer. This may force sellers to rethink their pricing strategies. We are already seeing this in increased price reductions.
rWith fewer … (3 comments)

den boer homes: Slowly slowing - 06/13/22 05:14 AM
Like a driver lightly tapping the brakes on a car, we are starting to see signs of a slowdown in the real estate market. The overheated frenzy of home buying is not over, only becoming less crazy. 
Homes on the market are selling in a few days now instead of a few hours. We are starting to see sellers reducing their asking price in order to get their home sold.
What is causing this change? There are several processes at work here. Inventory of homes for sale has been extremely tight for several years now. Slowly, more homes are coming onto the market … (6 comments)

den boer homes: Things to do in Atlanta - 06/07/22 06:35 AM
There are so many things that are interesting to do in the Atlanta area. We have professional baseball, soccer, basketball teams to root for. We have arts and crafts shows going on all the time. There is the renaissance Fair just south of town. The ocean is 4-5 hours away. The mountains are an hour away. We have museums and puppetry arts. There are walking and biking trails. You name it and we probably have it.
The one place I have been wanting to go to forever is the Delta Flight Museum and I got to go this past weekend. This museum … (4 comments)

den boer homes: You are in good hands! - 04/05/22 06:05 AM
The picture above is one of my favorites. It was taken at my brother-in-laws home while I was holding newborn chick. It always reminds me of the phrase, you are in good hands. It could also say something about being chicken. Both of these ideas were with me yesterday as I underwent some dental surgery.
I needed to have a cracked tooth taken out and two implants started. The doctor doing the work was one I had used before and found to be very good. Even knowing I would be in "Good hands" I was still "Chicken".
I was not looking forward to … (5 comments)

den boer homes: It's still a bizarre Real Estate market - 03/11/22 06:27 AM
I was just thinking of a past movie title, It's a mad, mad, mad world! While the movie was funny, the current real estate market is not. I have never seen so many obstacles in the way of someone buying a home.
Low housing inventory levels have been with us for a while now. Well before the pandemic hit. There just have not been enough homes available on the market to satisfy the buyers looking to purchase a home. This imbalance helps push home prices up. 
Then we get rates rising. Sure, they are not at the levels we saw back in the … (5 comments)

den boer homes: What's your story February Challenge - Professional - 02/25/22 06:30 AM
Wow. Taking on this months challenge has been a...challenge. Reliving the past is hard. So, in this post I will talk about my professional life and how I ended up where I am today.
So, as a senior in high school, I knew I was going to be an engineer. Probably a mechanical engineer. I loved to take things apart and see what made them tick. Putting them back together correctly was sometimes a bit of a chore.
One day as I was walking between classes, I saw a guy at a card table. He was a recruiter for North Carolina State, school … (8 comments)

den boer homes: February Challenge Part 1 - What's your story? - 02/24/22 08:18 AM
I guess everyone does have an individual story that is important to who we are today. We are the sum of all our experiences.
Mine began in Greensboro NC where I was born, in a snowstorm. I think it snowed more back then. Greensboro was a nice place to grow up. Maybe it was the times, but I spent many Summers on my bike. I would leave the house early and be gone all day. I wish we still had those days.
My father worked at an insurance company that was close enough for him to walk to work. And he did on … (21 comments)

den boer homes: Interest rates are arising - 01/26/22 08:30 AM
I was looking at this mailer from 2017 and noticed that I mentioned rates going up. Well, we are back to that again. After enjoying historically low rates for the past years, they look to be on the rise again.
Rates are still low, but everytime they tick up, mortgages get just a bit more expensive. The year I purchased my first home rates were at 13.75 percent. If you wanted a home that's just what you had to deal with.
While we aren't anywhere close to those high rates, if you are looking to buy in the near future, get with a … (4 comments)

den boer homes: Slip Sliding Away. - 01/11/22 08:26 AM
Another example of a mailer program I used in 2017. It essentially says that you should use a calm and cool agent to help with your real estate needs. Why, you might ask? Real Estate Agents are typically the calm between seller and buyer. We try to take the stress out of the process by taking sometime tough negotiation requests and presenting them to our clients without all the drama.
I also like using this mailer card during the Winter months even though here in the South will rarely have enough snow to sled on. When we do, it gets really slippery!
If … (5 comments)

den boer homes: We can help keep your boat afloat! - 01/04/22 10:57 AM
I ran across some mailers I did back in 2017 and decided that the messages on them were still strong, so I thought I would recycle these in the social media.
The card show above references home owners who have out-grown their home. I found these images and paid to license them for a series of mailers.
I had quite a few calls from these, many from other agents in the area telling me how much they liked them.
The message for homeowners is that den Boer Homes can help them navigate through the processes of selling their current home and finding the next. … (3 comments)

den boer homes: Blind offers - 11/02/21 05:58 AM
Blind offers are very common in the Atlanta market these days. These offers come from investors or from investment companies and are called blind because they offer to buy without seeing the home first. They plan is to own the home for rental.
Several years ago these type offers presented special problems to sellers. The buyer would often have a fairly long due diligence period, say 25 days as opposed to a more common 7-10 days. Towards the end of the due diligence period the buyer's agent would notify the listing agent that the price would need to be dropped substantially because … (6 comments)

den boer homes: October Challenge - Fall! - 10/29/21 07:21 AM
I know this challenge is about our area where we live, but I spent many years growing up not far from the Atlanta area in North Carolina. I still consider this state my home even though I have not lived there in years. This past week my wife and I spent two days roaming on the Blue Ridge Parkway, a scenic byway that follows the Appalachian Mountain range all the way up into Virginia.
The picture accompanying this post was taken by me this past Wednesday and shows the parkway as it goes around Grandfather Mountain. The fall colors were out in … (9 comments)

den boer homes: Earnest Money, Please! - 10/04/21 12:31 PM
When real estate transactions occur, most times money is put up to show the buyer is earnest in their intent to buy. Usually this money will be returned to the buyer if they decide to terminate their contract before their due diligence, or free look time period runs out. If the buyer continues with the contract, this money will go towrds the purchase of the home.
This is all well and good if everything happens as it should. But what happens if the buyer does not deposit the earnest money as required by the contract within the time limits given? Sellers get … (4 comments)

den boer homes: Interesting statistics for August - 09/07/21 11:36 AM

I look at monthly statistics for the town I live in and am always amazed at what they tell me. From the information presented above it is very clear that we have very little inventory, hence the .9 month supply. Looking back at July numbers the Days on Market increased by 1 from 5 to 6. I wonder if this is just a statistical aberation or the market has begun early stages of cooling off. Other data tells me we are beginning a real estate slow down. Still brisk, just not as brisky.

den boer homes: Tried it, didn't work. - 08/31/21 05:52 AM
Often I have spoken to people who have tried some new marketing strategy for a couple days or a week and then abandon it just as quickly when results are not quickly forthcoming. Sometimes worthwhile things take time.
I have been reaching out to agents for better than 15 years to alert them of new listings I have that meet the criteria of a client of theirs. Most of the time I get crickets. Chirp. Chirp. No response. I have even used this technique to drum up interest in open houses. I know it works because this always creates great attendance.
This process … (5 comments)

den boer homes: Priced out of the market - 08/30/21 06:08 AM
I have, along with many others, been watching the housing market go on a tear for the past 2 years. Low inventory and low mortgage rates have combined to push housing prices up quickly. As a result I have seen potential buyers just give up looking, having been priced out of the market.
I have 2 clients, one young couple had been looking for a home in a rural area with a top price point of $265,000. When we started looking over a year ago there were some homes available and we made good offers on several, only to be way out … (4 comments)

den boer homes: Why so long? - 08/20/21 05:51 AM
Interestingly, if you go back a couple or three years in real estate, you might remember when homes hit the market and stayed there on average 30-60 days. I know that's hard to believe, but its true. There was also plenty of inventory for buyers to choose from and unicorns were plentiful.
Yesterday I had an agent ask me why a listing had been on the market so long. It has been listed for just over 30 days. It is also in a small town area where just 25 homes sold in the entire town last month. I laughed at her question … (16 comments)

den boer homes: You did what to the house? - 08/10/21 08:33 AM
I have an investor who buys, fixes up, and resells homes. We were talking the other day before we listed and he was telling me he remove a wall in his latest venture. He does a really nice job on his renovations, but I was a bit worried. He said he also added a 4th bedroom.
So, when I went to do listing photography, I found the trhat he had indeed removed a wall. The picture above shows where the wall used to be. On the other side of that wall was a galley type kitchen. It is all open now with … (5 comments)

den boer homes: Customer service lesson - 08/05/21 05:49 AM
Yesterday I had the fun of stopping at my local Ford dealer to ask about the backup camera on my 2020 Explorer. It seems to be working about half the time. I walked over to a young lady and asked her about the issue. 
It seems that the 2020 Fords all have this issue and there are 60,000 backup cameras back ordered for this problem, she said. Could be months to get one in.
She said I should bring my car in (In two weeks as that was the first available appointment) and have it diagnosed. Would need to leave for 2 days … (7 comments)

den boer homes: Craziness - 07/12/21 05:43 AM
The current real estate market can only be described as crazy. 
I showed a home last week to a couple that was priced at $545,000. It had scratched up floors, bad dog smell, very loud air conditioner, and some cosmetic issues. Nevertheless, my clients made an offer. We offered $550,000. 
The listing agent called me last night to tell me we were beat out by another offer. Someone had offered $625,000! He went on to say that the home had been appraised earlier for $42,000 less than that number. I was incredulous. 
People are so desperate they are way over bidding for homes. They … (4 comments)

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