den boer homes: Can we offer less? - 08/14/20 05:59 AM
I have some clients I have been working with that cannot bring themselves to offer full price on a home. In normal times, remember those? Me neither...In normal times I am the first to tell clients I am allergic to full price offers. But these are not normal times.
An agent in my office just had a new listing generate 26 offers, many over list price. Now, 26 is more than most, but 4-6 offers on a home is becoming common place. When this happens, low offers will just not make the cut.
So, the short answer to the question, Can I offer less? Is … (5 comments)

den boer homes: It's the little things that can bite you - 08/12/20 11:03 AM
I have a client that has been looking for just the right home for several months. We were armed with a lender pre-approval letter and all we needed was a home to buy. The stars aligned this past weekend and an offer we submitted was accepted. Yay us!
The paperwork was all signed and sent off to the lender and attorney. All we needed now was to clear the inspection. My buyers were really happy. So was I. All this is being told in the past tense? Yes.
Today the lender called me to tell me the buyer no longer qualifies for a loan. … (2 comments)

den boer homes: Set the rule book aside - 08/10/20 10:37 AM
One of my favorite quotes used to be, I am allergic to full price offers. Not so much anymore. I have found that the current state off the Real Estate market demands I take some Claritin and set the old rule book aside. Don't throw it away as I am sure it will still be useful in the distant future, but for now, things have changed.
Where we used to expect a list price was around 3% higher than the seller would take, and we would offer just under that number to see if we could get lucky, not so much anymore. … (3 comments)

den boer homes: How many is too many? - 07/13/20 05:54 AM

I showed homes this weekend to a long time client of mine. Great guy and wonderful family. We usually have him, his wife, and 3 kids when we view homes. This weekend was a bit different.
At the first home, all was normal, just the 6 of us. As we were leaving, daughter, her husband and small child joined us. We caravaned over to the next house and the 9 of us toured the home.
At this point daughter asks if we can go back to see the first home as they were not able to see it. No, sorry, we would need … (4 comments)

den boer homes: I like the lights, I cannot lie. - 05/28/20 05:51 AM
Blinking, strobing, colorful lights. Not out on the street or in some club somewhere. No, I like the colorful lights on electronic equipment. You know the ones. When you turn on the power to your TV you are greeted by a red or blue light, beckoning you in to the electronic bliss it offers.
I was looking at a computer on the Interwebs this morning and it had lights galore! On the front were dazzling moving lights made undoubtedly mesmerizing so that you would forget how much time you have spent on the computer. Open a door on the side and more lights. I was … (4 comments)

den boer homes: Another fly over? Why not! - 05/26/20 05:47 AM

To those who don't even look up at these inspiring aerial events, I say too bad. I also say to those pilots who fly to keep our country safe, come fly over my house anytime. You will always be welcomed by me sitting in a lawn chair in the front yard and waving!

den boer homes: The Big Chicken - 05/22/20 05:59 AM
Yesterday I wrote about a Turkey. Today, a chicken. Don't get me wrong, I am not in a "Fowl" mood, just like talking about quirky things in the area. So, what's up with a big chicken? Not a big chicken, but THE big chicken.
In a neighboring town, Marietta, Ga. there exists a landmark known by all. So much so that the locals offer directions that always include this landmark in their instructions. Where is the so and so, they will ask. The local will reply, well, you hang a right at the big chicken...
The big chicken. So, this landmark is in … (4 comments)

den boer homes: Bob the Turkey - 05/21/20 06:36 AM
Several years ago while driving down the main street of Woodstock, Ga. during the rush hour crush, motorists were treated to the sight of a full grown turkey walking up and down the sidewalk. Now, afternoon traffic through beautiful downtown Woodstock can be a bit slow, so there was plenty of time to watch this big fellow move up and down the street, seemingly checking out each car and saying hello to the occupants.
This continued for quite some time. Locals started calling the Turkey by the name of Bob. I suppose someone asked Bob his name and that is what he … (4 comments)

den boer homes: Wow, thanks! - 05/20/20 05:47 AM
As a marketing director for a busy agent here at the brokerage, I keep my nose to the grindstone, and other than occassional emails updating sellers, I try to stay out of the limelight. I can enjoy the spotlight with my own clients. So, it was simply wonderful when I received an email from a seller whose home closed yesterday. In part, it said:
"Props are certainly due to both you and Jason for orchestrating this sale so well.  Your marketing skills, especially memorable being the wonderful handouts available under the sales sign, the easels placed at my house with the virtual renderings, … (4 comments)

den boer homes: To do, or not to do, that is the question... - 05/19/20 05:46 AM
I confess I am a huge fan of "to do" lists. I started writing morning to do lists 15 years ago when I started in Real Estate. While I don't do these daily anymore, I do create a to do list when I feel there is much upon my plate to get done in a day. Don't want to forget to do something.
Buyers and sellers should have a to do list as well. Simple things like a reminder to get those loan docs finished and back to the lender or a note to mow the front yard before the photographer gets there to … (5 comments)

den boer homes: Can you see it? - 05/18/20 06:40 AM
Ok, I am having a bit of a time seeing it, or anything else for that matter, closer than about 6 feet. You see, I broke my glasses yesterday. I am wearing some readers today for close work, like typing on the computer. I can see fine beyond 6 feet without glasses. Social distancing should be easier. As soon as someone breaks that 6 foot barrier, they turn blurry.
This got me thinking about all the other things we can't see. Like the start of the current pandemic, or the end of it for that matter. We certainly did not see the … (17 comments)

den boer homes: Sort of like The Twilight Zone... - 05/13/20 12:40 PM
I used to love to watch the old TV series, The Twilight Zone. The guy with the cool, deep voice would introduce the show each week and I would be all ears. They had the weirdest ideas for episodes. I think I lived through one today.
Although I don't remember hearing Rod Serling voicing my episode from this morning, I can hear him now in that rich, deep voice saying, "It should have been a normal day, but no, where were the people?"
You see, I had to drive in to Atlanta this morning for a yearly CT Scan at Emory Hospital. So, … (8 comments)

den boer homes: Who are you? - 05/11/20 05:51 AM
My daughter closed on her first home this past Friday morning. She was excited to get back over to her new home and start working on cleaning, painting and other work the home needed. She was walking around the house from the back and came upon a woman in the front yard, digging up several rose bushes. The woman turned to my daughter and said, "Who are you?", to which my daughter replied, "The home owner, and who are you?".
Turns out this was the daughter of the woman who had lived at the home previously and had passed away. The daughter … (4 comments)

den boer homes: Loan officers, all the same? - 05/07/20 05:32 AM
When a Buyer looks for a mortgage specialist to help finance their new home purchase, they really seem to look to their home bank or shop for advertised rates. This could be a huge mistake. As a Real Estate professional I have had the pleasure to work with many great loan officers, and a few not so great.
Buyers should listen to their agent's recommendations for mortgage companies. We offer names of companies that we have worked with in the past and have good success with. I can tell you that a good rule of thumb is to work with someone local.
I … (2 comments)

den boer homes: Fly overs - 05/04/20 05:49 AM
We had the Thunderbirds and Blue Angels fly over Atlanta this weekend. It was truly a sight to see. 2 tight formations of 6 planes each and a chase plane following zoomed around the metro area Saturday early afternoon. Thousands of people stopped their cars in the road to gawk at the high fliers who overflew the local hospitals to the roar of jet engines.
This was really fun, but I would not want this every day. When buyers buy a home they are usually hyper focused on the home itself. They rarely look around the area to see what is there. … (6 comments)

den boer homes: How is the Real Estate Market? - 04/29/20 07:49 AM
I can be at the gas station filling my tank, walking down the street, or talking to a friend on the phone and many times I hear the same question asked, How's the Real Estate Market? I usually give a fairly concise answer that it is good, bad or in the middle. But I usually don't have exact numbers in hand to offer. With all the recent shutdowns in the market place due to the Virus which shall remain nameless, I was surprised to see just how strong it has remained.
First quarter this year compared to last shows my county, Cherokee … (1 comments)

den boer homes: How much is enough? - 04/29/20 06:14 AM
I was speaking to an agent in my office about a new listing she is getting ready for market. It is a higher end executive home that has been rented to tenants for several years. Unfortunately, there are plenty of things in and around the home that need to be repaired and/or done to make this home presentable.
The owner is painting in certain areas, not the whole home. They passed on refinishing the floors. The yard has been over-seeded but is still mostly weeds. Some deck work has been done, all to the tune of about $15,000. The rest that needs to … (2 comments)

den boer homes: How do you know? - 04/27/20 06:05 AM
How do you know the real estate professional you picked can market your home correctly? One way is to look at how they market themselves. The process of selling a home a real estate professional uses can be one where they stick a sign in the yard and hope for the best, or work to put your property in front of the most potential buyers as possible.
The first method can and does work. Ina strong sellers market, we see homes under contract in a matter of hours, without much marketing. However, even in those times of multiple buyers making offers on … (1 comments)

den boer homes: A taste of retirement? - 04/20/20 05:46 AM
My wife is set to retire from her job this coming May 1st. That's less than 2 weeks away. She has already been working from home for 5 weeks, unable to even go to her office to pick up some personal items. On top of this, I was home for the past 4 days as well. We may have just had a taste of what retirement will be like.
Luckily, we got through it without any major issues. I have an office in the basement while my wife works from an office on the second floor. We meet in the middle during … (5 comments)

den boer homes: What is to become of the season? - 04/19/20 06:40 AM
Historically, the Real Estate season gets off to a busy start around mid February and runs like gangbusters until September. This year, we started off a bit early and it looked like we were going to have a busy season, until the disease that shall not be named reared its ugly head.
While real estate business does continue, it certainly has had some air taken out of its sails. Understandably, buyers and sellers are a bit leery of either letting strangers tromp through their homes, or doing the tromping themselves. All this leads me to wonder whether the selling season will resume … (4 comments)

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