kitchen: Week 7, Day 4 - Now we're cooking! - 11/19/14 11:54 PM
Day 4 has started out well for this week. The kitchen guys just installed the gas cook top. The boss will be happy when she returns home tonight!
It is a 5 burner, Merica brand unit, 36" wide I think. We liked this one because it spread out the burners a bit and should give lots of room to work. We also liked the layout of the controls on the front.
As an aside, I learned from the kitchen guys that the vent hood, when turned on, will increase the fan speed all by itself as it senses the heat from … (1 comments)

kitchen: Week 7, Day 3, really? - 11/19/14 10:12 PM
In the continuing saga of the remodel from, well from places we won't speak of, the plumber is now officially DONE! Oh. My. Gosh. While I gave him a huge job to accomplish I did not think it would take almost 7 weeks to complete! But when I think over everything he did, it does make sense.
He finished up work in the Master Bath yesterday by installing the oiled bronze overflow thingy and drain in the Jacuzzi. The shower fixtures went up, the oiled bronze toilet handle went on, and the shower valve was secured. Done.
The master bath now looks like … (0 comments)

kitchen: Week 6, Day 4 was great! - 11/13/14 08:27 PM
Yesterday was a good day for the renovation work. The kitchen guys showed up early and worked till about 6:30 last night. They completed about 95% of everything that was left to do including installing the appliances, Trim work, lighting fixtures, painting, and vent hood stuff.
Wow, was it great to see when I walked in last night! The plumber also completed most repairs in the master bath yesterday as well. All that is left is for him to finish the shower fixtures and for the dry wall guy to finish up.
As you can see from the picture at left, … (4 comments)

kitchen: Week 6, Day 3 of , well, not much. - 11/12/14 08:29 AM
Today in the great home remodel, there was a bit of progress...but not much. The trusty plumber came this morning and worked all day. I suspect he may need tomorrow and Friday to complete the Master bath fixtures, but once he does the whole house re-piping of the plumbing will be complete! I will bet that the plumber will be happier even than me to be done with this huge project!
The carpet guy came by this morning as well and remeasured the carpeted floors on the main level. This includes the guest bedroom, hallway and great room. Soon as the … (0 comments)

kitchen: Week 6, Day 2 is quiet too - 11/11/14 10:49 PM
Yesterday the most eventful things that happen were the cook top arrived and the master shower got measured. The cook top was delivered by a guy in a red pickup truck. I wonder if he found it on the side of the road?
The shower glass guy did measure and we texted back and forth. The height of the glass will be 80" and the clear glass will be treated with something called Clear Shield. It did not cost much, and if I understand it correctly, will cause the glass to shed water so that it will not require a squeegee … (5 comments)

kitchen: Week 6, day 1 of the never ending remodel! - 11/10/14 08:54 PM
No pictures today of the remodeling project at my home. Did I run out of film? Did I forget? Was there so much dust on the lens that I couldn't see? Nope to all of these. The answer is that not much happened yesterday.
There is a natural (Un-natural?) ebb and flow to a project this large. The logistics of getting all the trades in and out at the right times means there will be times when no one is present. That was yesterday, almost.
I did notice that the dry wall guy had been to the house. I could tell by the … (5 comments)

kitchen: Week 5, Day 5 of the Home remodel - 11/07/14 09:13 AM
Well, the master shower tile work is complete! (Almost) It has been grouted, it just needs to be sealed which will happen Monday afternoon. Then the plumber can put the fixtures on and we will be in business again!
The grout took all day today to do. The tile guy has been super meticulous and the work is outstanding.
IDP Tile will be a company that I will refer often I think.
They cleaned up after themselves every night before leaving and were excellent workers. I am very pleased with their work.
Even when we found out that one box of … (4 comments)

kitchen: Week 5, Day 4 brings more shower work - 11/06/14 06:32 AM
The tile guy today finished up placing all the tile for the Master shower. Tomorrow he will grout the whole thing and be done with his part of the shower. The plumber will need to come in and switch out the lovely gold fixtures for even lovelier oiled bronze fixtures. He will also do the same for the Jacuzzi tube.
The grouting should take him about 4 hours tomorrow to complete. Then the shower glass guy comes in Monday to measure for the glass sides and door. It will take about a week to get these fabricated and then they will be … (3 comments)

kitchen: Week 5, Day 3 is for windows! - 11/05/14 03:55 AM
Today was the day for putting in 12 new Anderson 400 windows. These are wood windows, vinyl clad on the outside. The old windows were wood, but they were 20 year old single pane windows. They leaked cold air into the house in the winter, and I am sure our air conditioning cooled the neighborhood in the Summer!
The old windows were taken out in one piece and the new ones set right into the hole. We had one window that was pretty bad out of square, so the installer took about 5 times longer with this one that the others, … (6 comments)

kitchen: Week 5, Day 2, when will it end? - 11/04/14 07:15 AM
Today was the back splash guy's day. He arrived early and spent all day splashing the backs of all the counters!
The product is a stone-like tile that is set in random ( sort of) patterns. The little blue thingys (Yes, that is a word) are the spacers.
Also notice the plumber installed the kitchen faucet and the new 3/4 quarter horse power disposal. It is supposed to be super extra quiet. It really is right now because the power is not connected.
The tile and the fancy tile work behind and around the vent hood was done as well. The … (2 comments)

kitchen: Week 5, Day 1 of the Epic Remodel - 11/03/14 09:20 AM
Today was a quiet one where only the tile guy showed up. He did make progress on the Master shower. The new tile has started coming up. The missing tile in the center of the picture on the left is where there will be a cut in or small alcove for shower stuff.
Previously, the tile guy had set the shower floor in what looks like concrete over the top of a heavy neoprene liner.
The cement stuff had a peculiar smell to it, not altogether pleasant I might add.
The tiles sort of look like a granite and are … (8 comments)

kitchen: Week 4, Day 5 Kitchen Remodel - 11/01/14 03:40 AM

We are getting towards the end of the huge kitchen remodel project. Yesterday, the kitchen guys came in and sanded and painted the ceiling and walls. They aren't done with the painting. There will be a bunch of dust creating sanding on Monday with another coat of paint. They also installed the under cabinet lighting and started on the pendant lights over the island.
Also on Monday, the back splash will be installed along with trim pieces. The new appliances are scheduled to come in Monday or Tuesday as well.
In the picture to the right you can see they … (6 comments)

kitchen: Week 4, Day 4 was busy! - 10/30/14 10:36 PM
The Granite has arrived!
Yesterday was a very busy day as was expected. The granite guys spent about 4 hours yesterday installing the new granite counter tops. It was interesting to watch.
They use a powered suction cup thingy to grasp both sides of two granite slabs and it pulls them together. An adhesive sets quickly and holds it all together. There was much grinding and polishing as well.
A hole was drilled at the sink to install a soap dispenser at a later date. They will also be back later to cut the actual hole for the Cook top. They … (1 comments)

kitchen: Week 4, Day 3 of the epic remodel - 10/29/14 09:27 PM
The kitchen remodel project, which in case you haven't noticed includes just about everything in the house by now, continued yesterday with the beginning of the installation of the gas line to where the new gas cook top will be. As you can see from the picture on the right, we ended up having to drill a hole straight through a floor joist in the basement. Luckily, it is a double so it has more support, but I will come back later and add a "Sister" board over the line to help give back some support lost when we drilled a … (3 comments)

kitchen: Week 4, Day 1 of the great remodeling adventure - 10/27/14 10:37 PM
As remodeling days go yesterday was a quiet one. The plumber worked most of the day installing shower valves and bath fixtures in the remaining bathrooms. They are looking good. I will be talking to him today about one that seems wobbly, but for the most part things are going well.
It seems that we are building up to a great Thursday. We expect the granite counter tops to come in, the master shower demolition to begin, the staircase guy to come in and look at options to redo the staircase leading to the second level, and a piece on furniture … (2 comments)

kitchen: Week 3, Day 5 of the Kitchen Remodel - 10/24/14 11:03 PM
As I was typing in the Title of this blog today I realized that this post would have nothing at all to do with the kitchen remodel! Yesterday was all about the plumber continuing to put in new valves for the showers, and the bath fixtures and new toilet guts. That's a technical term.
We are putting Oiled Bronze fixtures in the master bath and the downstairs guest baths. The other two baths upstairs will be all brushed nickel fixtures. So far, valves are in on the guest bath and the upstairs bath right above it. All the fixtures are in … (5 comments)

kitchen: Week 3, Day 4 of the Kitchen Remodel - 10/23/14 09:59 AM
Not much happened today. Someone was in the house today, I can tell, but not sure if they did anything. It could have been the guy measuring for the granite counter tops.
The cabinet in the center island shown above will house a mixer lift. The lift itself will swing up and out for use, the down and in for storage. Should be pretty cool.
The picture to the right shows the run of cabinets across the outside wall. 2 cabinets in is where two trash bins are stored, one for garbage and one for recyclables.
Once the granite … (8 comments)

kitchen: Week 3, Day 3 of the Kitchen Remodel - 10/22/14 09:19 AM
The Sheetrock guys showed up this morning about 7:45 to start filling in holes! They attacked the garage ceiling first, cutting new pieces to fit and taping and mudding them.
Interestingly, it does not take too long to get new board in and to put the first coats of "Mud" around the seams. The real time and talent comes with the final coats. This is when a great drywall guy is worth his weight in plaster. He can make these holes literally disappear. When they are done you will not be able to tell that there was ever a hole!
They put … (6 comments)

kitchen: Week 3, Day 2 of the epic kitchen remodel! - 10/21/14 07:16 AM
They are here! The kitchen guys showed up and this is what they did!

I left early this morning around 7:30 and came back to find the foreman just leaving. There is much to do yet just with the cabinets, but boy are they a sight for sore eyes. The kitchen guys even used the cut up cardboard boxes that were around the cabinets to put down on the floor to protect it.
If you look closely at the top picture on the left you will see what looks like a scratch in the cabinet. It is actually a … (5 comments)

kitchen: Week 3, Day 1 of the Kitchen remodel - 10/20/14 08:33 AM
Today was a relatively slow day for the renovations. The dry wall guy was a no show, but says he will be here on Wednesday. The plumber worked today and he sorted out all the faucets and trim packages and put the individual boxes in the bathrooms where they will be installed. He worked on the downstairs guest bath and installed the faucet, temperature selector, valve, and shower head.
The gold overflow piece and the drain piece are on order and will be put in once they arrive.
The finish is called oiled bronze and will be the same fixtures we … (2 comments)

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