marketing: Slip Sliding Away. - 01/11/22 08:26 AM
Another example of a mailer program I used in 2017. It essentially says that you should use a calm and cool agent to help with your real estate needs. Why, you might ask? Real Estate Agents are typically the calm between seller and buyer. We try to take the stress out of the process by taking sometime tough negotiation requests and presenting them to our clients without all the drama.
I also like using this mailer card during the Winter months even though here in the South will rarely have enough snow to sled on. When we do, it gets really slippery!
If … (5 comments)

marketing: Tried it, didn't work. - 08/31/21 05:52 AM
Often I have spoken to people who have tried some new marketing strategy for a couple days or a week and then abandon it just as quickly when results are not quickly forthcoming. Sometimes worthwhile things take time.
I have been reaching out to agents for better than 15 years to alert them of new listings I have that meet the criteria of a client of theirs. Most of the time I get crickets. Chirp. Chirp. No response. I have even used this technique to drum up interest in open houses. I know it works because this always creates great attendance.
This process … (5 comments)

marketing: How do you know? - 04/27/20 06:05 AM
How do you know the real estate professional you picked can market your home correctly? One way is to look at how they market themselves. The process of selling a home a real estate professional uses can be one where they stick a sign in the yard and hope for the best, or work to put your property in front of the most potential buyers as possible.
The first method can and does work. Ina strong sellers market, we see homes under contract in a matter of hours, without much marketing. However, even in those times of multiple buyers making offers on … (1 comments)

marketing: Reverse Prospecting - 02/17/20 04:50 AM
Our MLS system has a really cool feature called, Reverse Prospecting. It works like this, when an agent enters a search for a buyer, they use specific touch points like price, area, bedrooms, baths, etc. These get matched up with properties on the market that meet there requirements and properties are sent to the buyer for review.
Reverse prospecting is used by listing agents. We can go into the reverse prospecting system and actually see the agents who have searches entered where their criteria meets our listing. I will then go and email each agent and give them a brief paragraph about … (18 comments)

marketing: Your house isn't worth it. Not. - 01/31/20 04:24 AM

I have many conversations with agents regarding the marketing of listings. Many times I get asked at what price point does my marketing kick in? You know, how expensive a home must I list before they get all the "Good" marketing?
Without a  second thought, my answer is usually $1. ALL my listings get the full complement of marketing. I have listed a single wide trailer before and put a post and sign out front along with fliers. Inside this home I also placed home books for buyers to take that showcased the professional photos I had taken. 
My question is, why would … (16 comments)

marketing: Video used in listings - 12/08/19 06:30 AM

When listing a property, not only do I use a professional photographer, but I also do full motion video. In some cases, as above, I will also incorporate drone footage if the property lends itself to it. Why do we go to the extra trouble and expense? Simple. Your home deserves the best possible marketing we can produce to get your home sold.
If you are interested in what we can do for you, give us a call and let's talk. Enjoy the video.
Oh, by the way, the agent listed at the end and I work together on many marketing projects.

marketing: Subliminal color "Pops" - 10/22/19 05:08 AM

I use a professional photographer to photograph all my listings. It really pays off with spectacular images of the home. However, some homes I list are pretty bland when it comes to color. The walls are "Agreeable Gray", the kitchens are earth tones, etc. In order to catch a potential buyer's eye, I use a little subliminal help.
Notice the picture at the top of this post. The cabinets are white, the appliances are black. Not much color in between. I add the Reds to the photo. Notice the Tea pot on the stove. The red towels on the oven door. The … (17 comments)

marketing: Inviting the neighbors - 10/14/19 05:24 AM
First, let me say that I am a proponent of open houses. They are always successful if your standard is providing more exposure for your seller. I believe that the more people see a home for sale, the better chance it has to sell. With that said, let me tell you what really worked this weekend...
I listed a home 2 weeks ago and as usual planned an open house. I advertised the open house on the MLS systems as well as in social media. This time, however, I also printed up some nice 3 fold invitations with pictures of the home, … (20 comments)

marketing: Should I be concerned with how my home is marketed? - 04/22/19 05:56 AM
I love marketing. When done correctly, magical moments happen. In Real Estate these moments show up as sellers receiving more for their home than they expected, and quicker than they hoped. Good marketing drives higher prices and returns quicker sales in Real Estate.
When getting your home ready for sale, we all intuitively know where we need to put our dollars. Usually in the visual parts of a home. For instance, money spent on a new Thermostat or a home warranty are nice additions to a home and can be talked up by the listing agent, but can be lost on a buyer. … (3 comments)

marketing: I posted a sign, now what? - 10/22/18 06:05 AM
An agent recently contacted our marketing department asking for help on a listing that was not garnering much attention from agaents or the public. When we asked him what marketing he was doing he recited the usual, sign in the yard (No flyers or riders on the sign), listed in MLS (No captions on pictures), and, well, that was it.
So, I went to preview the property. When I showed up the driveway was entirely covered with leaves and pineneedles, making the home look abandoned. There was fresh sod in the front yard, but only half way to the street. The rest … (1 comments)

marketing: Just a pop of red - 02/09/18 03:57 AM
I recently sold my rental home and had spent an entire month getting it ready to show. The last touches were to place a red tea pot on the stove top, a red metal bird on a shelf, and put up a picture of mine with a little red boat. What a difference these items made!
In thinking about why these items made the home show so much better, I decided that in a relatively bland space, these red treasures attracted the buyers eye. The blandness of the space otherwise would have given buyers nothing to really focus on. Secondly, the red … (4 comments)

marketing: Door Knobs... - 08/18/17 05:27 AM
So, you are out looking at homes. Your Real Estate agent leads you to the front door of a great looking home, and opens the door for you. You might not get a chance to see what that front door looks like, especially the door knob.
Door knobs are the gatekeepers to our homes. We really can't see what the inside of a home looks like unless we use a door knob. They are one of those most overlooked icons of homes. If ignored by the seller, they can combine together to sink any potential buyers interest in the property.
For instance, … (4 comments)

marketing: Seller's market, Whoo hoo! - 06/27/17 06:11 AM
Ok, so you keep hearing there is a raging seller's market going on, nice! This means you can place your home on the market at any price and people will be throwing cash offers at you, right? Not so fast. There are multiple reasons this may not be the case.
The biggest I can think of is that in deals where a lender is involved, there will also be an appraiser involved. Even if you get $10,000 more than asking price because 3 buyer's were in a bidding contest for your home, the appraiser still needs to agree with the price, or the … (3 comments)

marketing: Sold in 6 days for full price offer! - 04/24/17 11:29 AM

709 Silver Mist Way sold for full price in 6 days. We generated 2 offers and the home was seen by about 20 buyers. Other homes in the community are sitting on the market
for months, why did this one sell so fast? I believe it has to do with marketing.
All photos were taken by a professional photographer. These photos were then used in the listings, on a single property website, and used in the flyer cards out front and home books inside. Another reason is how we priced the property. The sellers decided on a fair price that matched the comparables … (2 comments)

marketing: What do you get for your marketing fee? - 08/17/16 11:50 PM
Here in Georgia, sellers end up paying the listing agent AND the buyer's agent brokerages for the sale of their home. These marketing fees can be substantial based on the selling price of the home. As a seller, have you ever asked your listing agent where all that money goes? You should.
Let's say you are paying $30,000 to the listing agent brokerage upon the sale of your home. You know there are costs that the agent has to bear to be in the business. There are MLS fees, brokerage fees, office equipment fees, gas and maintenance for a car, signs and fliers, … (3 comments)

marketing: Back to Simpler Times... - 08/14/16 12:39 AM

I was brainstorming with my marketing company the other day and I said I wanted to do a mailer with great eye-catching pictures and cute sayings that would get the attention of people in my farm area. We talked awhile, and the above mailer sprang to life. It became a softer message, one that would be a bit more soothing to look at, perhaps even elicit a chuckle or two from my audience. With as stressful as life has become these days, I felt that we needed to step back to a simpler time and place.
What has been developed … (2 comments)

marketing: Sometimes things move too fast, and that's good! - 02/22/16 10:49 PM
I have a great marketing plan for selling homes. It is chocked full of great materials, ideas, and strategies. When I go on listing appointments it's fun to talk about home books, single property websites and the like. Sometimes I don't even get to use any of it.
We have an agent here in the office that uses many of the same marketing items as I do. She listed a home this past Friday, and before she even had a chance to implement her great marketing, the house sold.
When this happens to me, I go ahead and set up the rest of … (3 comments)

marketing: Another take on Open Houses - 01/23/14 06:18 AM
Over the years I have done open houses and then didn't do open houses. I sort of blew with the wind on this. Sometimes I would have folks show up at the event, and many times I had no one, nada, zilch. These were the times that made me want to scrap Open Houses altogether. I may have been a bit hasty.
Consider this. If you hold open your own open house, what is your upside? You could sell the listing but NAR says the odds are against you. Way against you. You could pick up a buyer for another home, … (6 comments)

marketing: Sign, sign, everywhere a sign... - 10/20/13 10:31 PM
Did you know that the for sale sign your agent puts in the front yard to advertise your home is very important? The sign in front of your home will bring a buyer 8-10% of the time, the statistics say. What they don't say is how many people pass by because of the sign or because they never see it.
My signs hang from a white post and can be seen from down the block. They are also made of reflective aluminum so at night the car lights passing by light up these signs so they can be clearly seen, which … (42 comments)

marketing: Need some postcard help... - 03/04/13 09:48 PM
I have decided that I will add some postcard advertising to my marketing mix this year. I have looked around at the various postcard printers and mailing programs, but I can't get my head around which one makes the most sense. For those of you using these companies, could you let me know which ones work best for you?
I would like an easy to use company that I can upload either a postcard of my choosing or select one of theirs, and upload a CSV file of addresses to mail these out. This should be a really easy thing to … (5 comments)

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