negotiations: Should you ask for the moon? - 12/06/18 05:33 AM
I received an amendment to address concerns yesterday from a buyers agent representing buyers under contract with my seller clients. The email started off saying, "Tried to be reasonable about our requests..." This always worries me when I see this. It usually means the requests will be quite unreasonable. Luckily, in this case they were not.
Let's go back to what is an amendment to address concerns. It is a form the the potential buyer sends to the sellers after they have done an inspection of the property. They ask for things turned up in the inspection to be fixed. I have seen … (2 comments)

negotiations: Sellers who apparently don't want to. - 12/04/18 04:45 AM
Don't want to what? Well, negotiate or sell their home. The poor listing agent is tearing at her hair. Apparently these sellers are a major handful. Let me explain.
About three weeks ago my buyer clients offered to purchase the sellers home. They had mad it known what they would accept in an offer, so we came in very close to that. Unfortunately for us, another offer arrived same day and was a bit better than ours, so we lost out. Ok, that happens.
about 5 days later we notice that the sale has fallen through during due diligence and is back on … (3 comments)

negotiations: Gimme, gimme, gimme... - 10/25/18 05:06 AM
So, I was working with a buyer recently looking at fixer uppers. This buyer and I have worked together 3 times previously, and successfully. The home we were looking at was originally listed at $99,900, and was now at $89,900. My client says to me, lets go for it, but I want to offer $75,000, nearly $15,000 below asking price. No problem I said, partly because the home needs extensive work. Then he says, lets get closing costs too. On a cash deal this should amount to another $2,000 or so.
We discussed this at length and determined together that this might be … (5 comments)

negotiations: Nickles & Dimes - 10/09/17 06:04 AM
Some of the things that tend to get under my skin are negotiations that get down to the nickles and dimes. For instance, a Buyer and Seller arguing over a $50 rug, or a small $100 mirror, or who gets an ancient DVD player. Ugh.
I get that a dollar in your pocket is better than a dollar in someone elses pocket. We need to consider, however, how asking for that dollar might affect the deal as a whole. If the Seller gives in on the $50 rug, they may not have any interest in fixing a $100 problem uncovered in the … (1 comments)

negotiations: Patience - 11/14/16 09:35 PM
We have all heard the saying that patience is a virtue. In Real Estate, this is especially true.
I currently have a listing where the potential Buyer is trying everyone's patience, including his own agent's. He has been pushing my Seller very hard in the negotiations, which on the surface is fine, but has caused my Seller to question whether or not he even wants to sell to this potential Buyer. The neighborhood statistics show that homes sell in about 10 days. We are in our 6th day on the market with many interested showings. It is a seller's market right … (3 comments)

negotiations: What do you mean they didn't accept our offer! - 07/14/15 12:26 AM
There really are two sides to every story. These are the stories of the buyer and the seller, and these stories don't always mix.
I have buyers who made an offer for a home this week right at the sweet spot of what the comps tell us the home should sell for. We were incensed that the seller responded back at list price! What, they don't want to sell? How could they not see how fair we are being with our offer? Can't they see that we did not even ask for any closing costs? How dare they!
I really don't know the story … (3 comments)

negotiations: We will just negotiate and then call the agents...Not! - 05/07/15 12:19 AM
I have a client that called me the other day with the news that they wanted me to list their home, and they had the buyer already! Great, I said! I am always leery of done deals because they really aren't, until they are!
The expected buyer had off-handedly suggested a sales price and my clients had agreed to it. All smiles, until the buyer started adding on. The price really needed to be about closing costs too? The grass in front needs some work. Oh, and did we mention...My clients started getting hot under the collar!
This is one reason why agents … (2 comments)

negotiations: Master Negotiator! Not. - 07/09/14 12:40 AM
I have met many people in my career who believed they were master negotiators. More often than not, they weren't. In my mind, what a master negotiator is NOT is someone who carries a big stick and is not afraid to use it. I also know that in certain parts of this country there are different kinds of negotiations.
As a young, just out of school salesman in New York City, I learned quickly to give as much as you take. My boss sent me down the the garment district to work out a deal and I came back beaten to … (21 comments)

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