repairs: Should you ask for the moon? - 12/06/18 05:33 AM
I received an amendment to address concerns yesterday from a buyers agent representing buyers under contract with my seller clients. The email started off saying, "Tried to be reasonable about our requests..." This always worries me when I see this. It usually means the requests will be quite unreasonable. Luckily, in this case they were not.
Let's go back to what is an amendment to address concerns. It is a form the the potential buyer sends to the sellers after they have done an inspection of the property. They ask for things turned up in the inspection to be fixed. I have seen … (2 comments)

repairs: Did you hear about the sink? - 11/20/17 06:07 AM
I recently helped a couple who are friends of my daughter and son in law purchase a home. They wanted and older home in an older subdivision. I figured we might see a few items on the inspection list, and we did. We had 17 items that needed fixing in the home before we could close.
Upon inspection before closing we found items that had not been correctly fixed, or not fixed at all. My clients chose to go ahead with the closing as scheduled. When I communicated with them about a week later, they were happily cleaning the home and getting … (2 comments)

repairs: But I want it perfect! - 04/30/17 01:29 PM
Listed and sold in 6 days. Unsold in 10 more. Recently we offered a home in a neighborhood where homes don't last long on the market. We priced it right and had multiple offers within days. The sellers decided to go with a cash offer, large earnest money deposit. Things were looking good.
Unfortunately, the buyers ended up terminating their offer today because this 20 year old home was not perfect. After the inspection, which went very well, the buyers started asking for a long list of items. Repair the noisy garbage disposal, they said. It is only a year old we said … (3 comments)

repairs: Can't we have the Seller write a check to the vendor? - 12/28/15 09:40 PM
There have been some situations in the past where a repair or job at a home being sold will not be completed before the closing date. Years ago, we would have the seller write a check to the vendor of the buyer's choice for the work to be done. This check would be given to the buyer at closing. In theory, the buyer would then give the check to the vendor doing the work once the job was complete.
We can't do this anymore. The problem was that the buyer would get Uncle Manny to do the work and they would split … (4 comments)

repairs: Mud Jacking! - 09/24/15 10:40 PM
Somehow, before this week started, I was reasonably sure I would never utter these two words in the same sentence, Mud Jacking. Well, I have learned all about this process this week.
Have you ever noticed that sometimes front brick step seem to settle and pull away from the house foundation? I see this on many homes I show. I guess after a certain amount of time, most homes go through this. There are a couple of fixes that I have found.
The first fix involves installing a couple of jacks on either side of the steps and actually jacking up the steps … (8 comments)

repairs: Shoddy work - 06/02/14 05:57 AM
I did a walk through of a home this weekend that is scheduled to close this Thursday. The buyer and I were checking to make sure requested repairs had been made. I usually wait to do a walk through the night before closing, but since we had asked for more than one or two things, I thought we had better go in early. I thought that if there was a problem we would have a few days to correct it before closing day.
Boy, am I glad we went. As it turns out, a couple of things had been done and … (6 comments)

repairs: Repair requests - 04/08/14 11:45 PM
In Georgia, buyers who are under contract with a seller usually have home inspections done. They pick a home inspector who then goes in and performs an inspection on the home. This usually takes 2-4 hours and costs in the neighborhood of $325-$400. A nice report comes back from the inspector to the buyer, who then decides what on the report needs to be taken care of by the seller.
I have two of these reports I am working on right now for two different sellers. The first, for a small home, ran 2 pages and was word for word lifted … (3 comments)

repairs: Spending money to make money - 05/08/13 10:00 PM
The old saw about spending money to make money is certainly true in the Real Estate market. Whether is is an individual agent spending money on marketing themselves or and individual home owner spending money on their home before listing it, we all have to spend money to make money.
My partner and I almost always have suggestions for the homeowner looking to market their home. We walk through the home and make suggestions to the homeowner on what can be done to help the home sell more quickly and for more money. We try very hard to keep our suggestions … (4 comments)

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