sellers market: Seller's market, Whoo hoo! - 06/27/17 06:11 AM
Ok, so you keep hearing there is a raging seller's market going on, nice! This means you can place your home on the market at any price and people will be throwing cash offers at you, right? Not so fast. There are multiple reasons this may not be the case.
The biggest I can think of is that in deals where a lender is involved, there will also be an appraiser involved. Even if you get $10,000 more than asking price because 3 buyer's were in a bidding contest for your home, the appraiser still needs to agree with the price, or the … (3 comments)

sellers market: What's up Atlanta? - 04/20/16 05:11 AM
Well, I will tell you what's up, Pending sales or homes that have a contract on them but not yet closed was up 10 percent from same time last year. Also up? Median and average sales prices. The median sales price increased to $179,000 and the average sales price to $221,670.
Sounds good huh? Well, these numbers indicated that the market for homes in the Atlanta metropolitan area is heating up. The next numbers complete this picture.
So, what's down? Everything else. Inventory for our metro area is down 15% from last year this time. New listings coming on the market are down … (1 comments)

sellers market: Sometimes things move too fast, and that's good! - 02/22/16 10:49 PM
I have a great marketing plan for selling homes. It is chocked full of great materials, ideas, and strategies. When I go on listing appointments it's fun to talk about home books, single property websites and the like. Sometimes I don't even get to use any of it.
We have an agent here in the office that uses many of the same marketing items as I do. She listed a home this past Friday, and before she even had a chance to implement her great marketing, the house sold.
When this happens to me, I go ahead and set up the rest of … (3 comments)

sellers market: But my friend got a great deal 2 years ago! - 01/20/16 09:35 PM
The housing market changes quickly. Sometimes hour to hour. I have a client looking for a home where it will be tough to find something based on his needs and ability to buy. Not impossible, but tough.
During our first conversation we discussed what he was looking for, got him pre-approved by a lender, and I started looking. My new client told me he had a friend who got a great deal 2 years ago and that's what he wants. Me too.
The current local market is now in a sellers market. We have too few sellers being chased by too many buyers. This … (4 comments)

sellers market: I'm sorry, that home is under contract. - 05/21/15 11:48 PM
Sometimes we have crossed all the "T's" and dotted every "I", yet things still fall apart.
Here in the Atlanta area, as with many other parts of the country, we are experiencing a "Seller's Market". This means that there are more buyers vying for fewer properties. This can cause multiple offer situations and tends to push prices up. There is also another issue that we run into. Paperwork.
Huh? Paperwork? What in the world does this have to do with a Seller's market you ask? Well, let me tell you. When I pull properties to show clients, I check to make sure they … (16 comments)

sellers market: Low price offer and contingencies? Nope, next please - 06/06/14 12:38 AM
I received an offer for a listing I have yesterday that was a good 20% below our asking price. Our listing has been active for about 2 weeks and is receiving a good amount of showings. The home is also already priced well. The seller said, no thanks.
The offer also contained a contingency. It was contingent upon a legal settlement where the buyer was to receive the money she would use to buy the home. Of course, the buyer decided that this was too much of a risk to pull the house off the market, even if the price had … (6 comments)

sellers market: Interesting selling season - 03/17/14 10:18 PM
I have made fun of it in past posts, but this year's selling season has come early and is the busiest I can ever remember. Almost every day 1 or two new people, usually from my sphere of past clients, calls me to set up an appointment to talk about selling their home. I think I know why.
Interest rates are still very low, as is home inventory. Our markets here are generally now sellers markets, meaning there are more buyers looking for homes than are sellers looking to sell. Good homes coming on the market are selling in days.

sellers market: I can take time to think about it, right? Negative Ghost rider. - 08/14/13 10:33 PM
We all like to consider a purchase before we make it. Even my daughters take a minute or two before they purchase an item. I have even been known to take a second pause before buying another expensive piece of photography equipment. It would only stand to reason that the larger the purchase price, the longer the pondering time will be. But this has turned out to be wrong in the case of Real Estate in the metro Atlanta area.
I spoke to an agent who specializes in $500,000 and up properties inside Atlanta. My first guess was that they were … (3 comments)

sellers market: Real Estate is going through its crazy stage right now. - 04/16/13 10:25 PM
Just like a crazy uncle, the Real Estate business has all sorts of people shaking their heads right now. Because of the severe shortage of good listings on the market, buyers are often bidding against themselves for a home. Just visualize a pack of dogs clamoring over a bone. I have never seen a market such as this one.
I sold a buyer a home yesterday, I think, in part because the listing agent and I hit it off. I told her I was dedicated to getting the home closed and pushed the fact that my buyers really loved the home. Time … (4 comments)

sellers market: Befuddled Buyers - 03/03/13 10:30 PM
Buyers are in for a rude awakening. The business has changed overnight, and Buyers for the most part are still unaware of these changes. We are now seeing just about every offer made on a home for our Buyers be countered with a highest and best request. This happens when the Seller receives more than one offer, sometimes 5 or more, and they are basically going into auction mode.
Buyers, we are now in a Seller's market. I'm really sorry, but the rules have now changed. Remember how your friend told you last year that they were able to "Steal" a … (1 comments)

sellers market: Our market has officially changed... - 02/23/13 01:01 AM
We placed a nice home on the market Wednesday and immediately received 4 offers. We just got a call this morning from a lender stating that his client will beat any highest and best offer made, even if they have to go to an all cash deal! A listing that has sat for a Loooong time has gotten 8 showings this week. We are showing a buyer a home today that went on the market yesterday. There are 4 other showings scheduled today along with ours. What is the world is going on?
The market just completely flipped from a Buyer's … (6 comments)

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