selling a home: What do you mean it won't close? - 12/10/18 05:14 AM
Ever had to tell a Seller right before closing that the deal has died? These can be terrible words to hear especially if the Seller has already moved out and is anticipating the purchase of another home. I have seen this domino effect cascade through many closings, with the first default causing a chain reaction down the line.
Does this really happen? Yes, it does. Fortunately, if a deal is going to fall through, it usually does so in the first week to 10 days after the contract is signed, or the due diligence period. Deals might end for many reasons including Buyer … (4 comments)

selling a home: Valuations no one likes... - 11/28/18 05:14 AM
I have some good friends who purchased a home through me many years ago. They are looking to sell and move. So, I began the process of valuing their home and ran up against some issues. I kept coming up about $50,000 or so below what they paid years ago. Common sense dictates that usually a homes value increases over time. Unfortunately, this was turning out to not be true.
I have run valuations on their home about 10 times over the past year, always believing that I was missing something. This home sits on a hill with a beautiful view. The … (6 comments)

selling a home: Its a process... - 10/10/17 05:42 AM
Ihave decided to sell a rental property I have owned for about 3 years. The timing for the sale is right. My wife and I bought it for our daughter to live in while she was in school. The interesting part for me now is I am going through what I tell my selling clients to do.
So, we power washed the driveway and the back patio. What a filthy job! I did use my new attachment on the power washer and it really helped. It is a circular attachment that makes the washing go much quicker. Grass seed was sown in … (6 comments)

selling a home: So what about my rugs? - 08/31/17 05:56 AM
Rugs. We are not discussing the type that sit on ones head today. We are looking at the type that sit on the floor. The occasional rugs scattered around the house. The runners down the hallway. The nice rug at the front door or under the dining room table or in the master bath.
When I show homes with lots of rugs on the floors it makes me wonder what they are hiding. I will tend to inch up a corner of the rug and peek under to see if the wood floor is discolored or damaged. Others I peek under to see if the … (8 comments)

selling a home: Take those Pictures Down! Not! - 08/29/17 06:17 AM
For years the conventional wisdom has been for Sellers to take down and pack away all their family pictures. The thought was that this would help enable potential Buyers "Picture" themselves living in the home without the distraction of someone else's stuff. To this day I get asked by Sellers whether or not they should remove their family pictures.
My answer? It depends. If the walls are covered with pictures I will suggest they keep their most treasured photos up and pack the rest. This is just part of the home "De-Cluttering" process. Most of the time, though, I say absolutely not. … (3 comments)

selling a home: Just around the corner... - 01/05/17 07:54 AM

It is getting closer. What is? That time when many people decide that it is time to sell their homes and move on to something bigger, smaller, different, etc. It usually begins around here in late February and extends to June. Folks are trying to move after the kids get out of school for the Summer and move in to the next before school starts again. It is a delicate dance.
So what is different about now? Well, it is time to start preparing your home for sale. If you plan on listing in February, now is a great time to start … (1 comments)

selling a home: When does the market really get going? - 12/16/16 06:08 AM
I often get asked this time of year when the best time to list in the Spring is. The chart above gives good answers to that question. You can plainly see that new listings for the Woodstock zip code peak in April after rising every month from January. My suggestion is to always get the home listed not too early that the buyers are not out in force yet, but not too late that you have tons of competition.
I like late February. At this point, buyers are starting to look in earnest and there is still limited inventory in the market. I … (2 comments)

selling a home: Fishin fer Buyers? - 10/11/16 01:16 AM

I have always thought that selling a home is a bit like fishing. You have all your fishing equipment that is designed to make short work of those fish. You stop on the way to your favorite fishing hole and buy a container of big fat worms, then set up and drop a line. Here is where some fishing people differ. Some will drop that line in the water and then fall asleep, waiting for that tug on the line to wake them. Others will cast their line out into the perfect spot, and then jiggle the line a bit to … (1 comments)

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