snow: Snow! Head for the emergency shelters! - 01/29/19 06:19 AM
Atlanta and snow don't mix well. While we do get some snow each year, it hardly ever amounts to much. But when we get those huge 2" blizzards, we can be socked in for hours!
Seriously, we have very little in the way of snow removal equipment since we hardly ever need it. They do apply a brine solution to the roads and that seems to help. And even if we did have the equipment, more often than not we get ice instead of snow.
Today they are calling for about an inch of snow. The roads have been treated, all the bread … (4 comments)

snow: Nasty Weather Cometh... - 01/21/16 09:45 PM
The next 36 hours will be a test for most people's patience who live on the east coast. There is a large storm spinning up the coast that will bring lots of snow and ice. My wife works for Georgia Power and is spending at least the next day or two hunkered down in the storm center helping get crews to places where the electricity is out. Armageddon? Nah, I don't think so.
In my opinion, where people go wrong in a storm like this is they get caught trying to get from point A to point B. In a storm several years … (2 comments)

snow: Does bad weather affect home sales? - 02/25/15 09:39 PM
Here in the south, in January and February, we can have snow and ice. Luckily, it usually is gone just as quickly as it comes. But during the day(s) that the roads are bad, people tend to hunker down at home and not venture out. Open houses get canceled as well as broker caravans. If you look at the numbers of homes sold during bad weather, the numbers do drop.
That's here in the south. In colder climates where people are used to extended periods of cold, snow, and ice, I suspect there is a difference. People in the colder areas see … (21 comments)

snow: Better than we thought - 02/13/14 12:44 AM
The snow storm that attached our area over the past several days was not as bad as expected in the northern parts of Atlanta. We did have a inch of sleet then 2 inches of snow so the roads are a mess and everything is shut down, but the sun is out, the temps are up, and the melting has begun in earnest. Our southern and eastern neighbors did not fare so well.
South and east of Atlanta there was much more ice and this is where most of the power outages have occurred. With the improving weather, even these areas … (8 comments)

snow: Wire we scared? - 02/11/14 02:12 AM
I had a client once that always said,"If you're scared, say you're scared!" Ok, we are scared in Atlanta. Everything is closed today because of inclement weather. This means the roads are wet. But, it has been snowing and the worst is yet to come. Some parts of the area are expecting upwards of an inch of ice accumulation.
Ice is really heavy. If you had a block of ice 12 inches by 12 inches by 1 inch, it would weigh 6 pounds. So why should we care? Well, this ice we are expecting tonight and tomorrow will freeze on trees and … (6 comments)

snow: Snowmegeddon! - 01/28/14 10:04 PM
OMG! The Atlanta area received 2-3 inches of snow yesterday. The city is crippled. I have lived in the New York area, received an 18 inch snowfall, and gone to work the next day never skipping a beat. What is the difference you ask? Many will tell you it is the inexperienced drivers in the south. I think there is some validity to that, but there is more to the story.
Yesterday as the snow began to fall, the area businesses let their employees go...all at the same time. Schools let out as well. There were probably a hundred thousand cars … (4 comments)

snow: Snow in the South - 01/28/14 06:13 AM
Here in the sunny south we do occasionally get snow in the winter. It usually is less than an inch and is gone in a day or two. Today we had snow. It snowed about 3 inches over 6 hours today and looks like it is just about done. So am I. The problem with snow in the south is that we have very little equipment to shovel it out of the way. We also get ice.
It was about 60 degrees yesterday and is now about 19. The snow we received melted at first then turned right into ice. My trek from the … (5 comments)

snow: Oh the weather here is frightful... - 12/07/13 11:18 PM
Well, what a nasty day here in the sunny south. The wind is howling around the house. The rain is coming down. The temperature is in the mid 40's, not cold, just nasty. This year has been the rainiest year I can remember. The spring here was wet and it never let up. Makes it hard to remember the drought we had just 2-3 years ago.
The good news is that I can think about all the chores I have relagated to that future rainy day, and probably not do them today either. I have no real reason to be out … (3 comments)

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