value: Valuations no one likes... - 11/28/18 05:14 AM
I have some good friends who purchased a home through me many years ago. They are looking to sell and move. So, I began the process of valuing their home and ran up against some issues. I kept coming up about $50,000 or so below what they paid years ago. Common sense dictates that usually a homes value increases over time. Unfortunately, this was turning out to not be true.
I have run valuations on their home about 10 times over the past year, always believing that I was missing something. This home sits on a hill with a beautiful view. The … (6 comments)

value: Nothing but net! - 10/19/18 05:50 AM
Well, I just expressed in my title about all I know about basketball, and this post isn't even about sports. It's about the net amount of money a seller is looking for when they sell a home. You can get to this net several different ways.
Many times I speak with buyers who wish to make a low offer AND are asking for a laundry list of items and their closing costs covered. I would like to own a mega yacht too, but unless I hit the lottery big, it probably won't happen any time soon.
The seller knows what they need to … (1 comments)

value: It takes three! - 04/26/17 04:49 AM
This is not a rant, I promise. Just an observation. During our Spring market every year, we see an increase in multiple offers for homes that are priced right. This year is no exception. However, we are still dealing with a very low inventory issue. There just are not enough homes on the market to meet the needs of the buyers looking for homes.
I remember some of my economics classes from school. Somewhere in there we discussed supply and demand. In short, when supply is low and demand is high, prices tend to go up. We are definitely seeing this overall … (2 comments)

value: Is value in the eye of the beholder? - 03/14/17 06:45 AM
I have had conversations recently with homeowners who are sprucing up their homes for sale. They are spending real money on improvements to help their homes sell faster and for more money. They know that there will be less than a 100% return on this investment, see  The problem is when either the buyer does not see, or want to see, the value in these upgrades or the appraiser gives no value.
Sellers are really trying to get their homes in order, but are fighting the rising tides of people not wanting to pay for upgrades in homes. Maybe Buyers are … (2 comments)

value: That sounds about right - 06/23/16 06:32 AM
I went to preview 2 homes today. That means I went to look at homes without a client with me. Why, you might ask? Well, I'm glad you did. This is why...
These homes were very similar to a home that I have listed. They are not in the immediate area as my listing, but if I were a buyer, I would include them in my search for a home. As I went through the first one I noted that it had a terrific pool in the back yard and a nice deck. It had a finished basement, but it was finished very basic, … (0 comments)

value: Surprise! Your home might be worth more than you think! - 10/12/15 10:30 PM
After years of explaining to potential sellers that their home really isn't going to sell for as much as they think, I am beginning to see just the opposite. I spoke to a lovely couple yesterday about their home and we discussed the possible range that their home might sell. They were astounded that the prices had returned to near normal.
They believed that it would be nice to just get their money invested into the home back, when in fact I was able to show them they had built some equity over the past 3 years. They had purchased in a … (4 comments)

value: Why is that home so expensive ( cheap) ? - 06/29/15 09:54 PM
I find it very interesting when someone asks me why a particular property is priced the way it is. Much goes in to the value of a property. Things like location, condition, special features. Other things the owner may value but others will be unwilling to pay for are the special rose bush in the back, the outdated appliances that have rarely been used, the cute lines on the door frame chronicling the growth spurts of the seller's 5 kids. Value can be tough to accurately measure sometimes.
A seller who loves golf and lives on the prettiest spot on the golf … (3 comments)

value: It's the hardest thing an agent does - 04/09/15 05:33 AM
I think there several things that real estate agents do that can be difficult. Telling a client that they did not get the home they wanted due to multiple offers is tough. Explaining why the cat urine smell in the house needs to go away to a seller can be awkward. For me and many other agents though, I believe that pricing a home for sale is one of the hardest things we as agents do, if we are doing it right.
In the Atlanta area we have a multiple listing service that gleefully advertises that they have made doing a cma … (40 comments)

value: The Appraisal Process - 05/01/14 10:57 PM
Appraisers are people who come by, look at a home, and appraise the value for a bank or lending institution. They are an intricate part of the home buying process. Why? Well, the lender needs to know if the property being purchased will have enough value for the collateral on the loan. In other words, if things go bad for the buyer and the lender ends up with the home, they will need to be able to sell it and get back the money they loaned.
So what is the big deal you ask? Well, if the value is determined to … (3 comments)

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