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As you have undoubtably heard by now, today is the shortest day of the year. It still has 24 hours in it, but it has the least amount of daylight of any other day of the year. For such a short day, why then is this week so long?I think it seems long because we are all waiting for Christmas to be ...
Blinded by the light. What a great song that was! But today I am tuneless. You see, I went and had my eyes checked today and I am still waiting for the dilation drops to wear off. So for now, I am blinded by the light.There is just too much light right now for my poor old eyes to deal with. I am ...
Just like in any other profession, there are good practitioners and some not so good. When choosing a home inspector, make sure you get one with some industry experience. Here in Georgia anyone can become an inspector. There are no licensing or testing requirements to become an inspector.A recent...
So you have a contract on your home. What's next you ask? There will probably now be a home inspection. The Buyer will hire a home inspection company to come in and give your home a thorough once over. They are looking for items that don't work, and should. Of most interest to them will be safety...
Everyone knows that the home markets have been very busy. We have been saying for a while that if you have to sleep on it, you will never sleep in it. I have a quick cautionary tale that speaks to this.Before I left for the holiday, I had received an offer on my townhome I was selling. It was a f...
I recently helped a couple who are friends of my daughter and son in law purchase a home. They wanted and older home in an older subdivision. I figured we might see a few items on the inspection list, and we did. We had 17 items that needed fixing in the home before we could close.Upon inspection...
As I sit here and write this post this morning, I can hear a firetruck of in the distance, racing to help someone in need. That someone is probably starting the day off in a particularly bad fashion. I think the Holidays can produce many bad days if we are not careful.For instance, it is rare tha...
den Boer Homes is pleased to announce their new website is up and running. There are still a few additions to be made, but on the site you will find information on how den Boer Homes can help solve real estate issues for both Buyers and Sellers. Also available is a video library. Watch videos abo...
For several years agents have been talking about HOA letters. These are produced by Home Owner Associations to show that a seller in the community is up to date on their Home Owner Dues. The current contracts call for the owner to pay these fees before closing. It was not always that way.Several ...
Yesterday I wrote about the need for consulting a professional when dealing with things, like buying a home, that you have limited knowledge about. It occurs to me that just by suggesting a professional creates some confusion among the general public. What exactly is a professional?When we look f...

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