lewiston id: Building Codes? Which one? - 05/08/12 01:26 AM
Last week I did an inspection for a client who was in the process of having a new home built.  Rather than a typical home inspection, it was focusing on specific code issues that he was worried about. He was right that there were issues and, as I wrote the report over the weekend, I documented them with both the manufacturer specifications and with the International Residential Code (IRC).
That is where some confusion entered the system.  I was using the 2009 IRC – new codes are developed on a three year cycle – and he was expecting me to use … (3 comments)

lewiston id: Aging in Place or Nursing Homes? - 04/30/12 02:04 AM
    The image of the old model of senior citizens finishing their lives in nursing homes or extended care facilities has never truly been accurate for the retirement years of most seniors. Just under 7% of seniors are in nursing homes. The remainder are either still in their own homes were living with their children. In fact, among those people 85 years old or older, only 11% of men and 23% of women are in nursing homes.
   The nursing home model costs too much and institutionalizes the residents.  A further complication is an inability to get enough nursing homes … (2 comments)

lewiston id: We're Not Getting Any Younger - Aging in Place - 04/24/12 02:59 AM
We’re Not Getting Any Younger Darlene, my neighbor, still gardens and has the prettiest roses on our block.  She is backing to walking to and from the United Methodist Church just down the block which is a major step for her.  She had her hip replaced this past year, a serious issue for someone who lives in a turn of the century Victorian home.  In her mid-80’s, Darlene is emblematic of the new senior citizen.  Today’s senior citizens are living longer, healthier and more independently than at any time in the past.  The vast majority expect to live in their homes … (0 comments)

lewiston id: Flashing - 10/02/10 01:46 AM
A primary source of roof leaks doesn't actually invovle the roof covering but the flashing. Unfortunately, flashing is one of the easiest items on the roof to incorrectly install. It's not that the parts are that complex - they're not. The manufacturers have made them easy to install. And, properly installed, the flashing is nearly leak-proof when installed on a simple roof.
However, there are very few simple roofs. Examples of simple roofs are dog houses and small outdoor sheds. Rarely will you find a plumbing vent stack, chimney, fan vent, valley, side wall projecting above the roof, etc. on a … (3 comments)

lewiston id: Temp Help - 03/03/09 04:05 AM
I haven't had much time to blog lately (thank you, realtors!) but thought I'd post a picture of some temp help I had recently. 
He was very gung-ho, checked out the whole crawlspace with me and then moved back to fetching.
I probably should have shut the access behind me but all end's well.

lewiston id: Wow! The Law of Unintended Consequences - 01/14/09 03:07 AM
In my profile, I mentioned that I am a runner -at least when everything is going well.  Every once in a while, things don't quite go according to my plan. 
An example; I trail run, often solo (I know, it's dangerous but I'm careful), and will turn 20 or 30 miles.  Every year, I like to make the trip down to the Seven Devils Wilderness Area just outside of Riggins, ID.  For those of you not around here (and that's most), the Devils are an absolutely spectacular area to hike, fish, horseback ride and camp.  It is a family favorite when … (1 comments)

lewiston id: It’s 7:30PM. Do You Know if Your Furnace Working? - 01/13/09 08:38 AM
I had a client in Lewiston ID recently who closed on a house over by Lewis-Clark State College.  Eric, the dad, was active duty military and had only had a few minutes to spare when we did the inspection.  His wife was also busy plus they had three kids under the age of four.  These were busy, busy parents.
The night that they closed on the house, I got a phone call from Eric.  The gas furnace was dead, no good, muerto.  7:30 pm on a Friday night and my clients have no heat with the temperatures supposed to drop to … (2 comments)

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