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Most folks probably already know this, but for those who don't, you need to install Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools on your website. I spend a large portion of my days going through the data, both for Peacock Virtual Solutions and for our clients. Google Analytics gives a huge amount ...
Yesterday, I wrote about six-gun wielding baristas dishing out shots of espresso along with some good ol' western, frontier style justice... some hot coffee or some hot lead! As I was writing the post, it occurred to me that this is only the latest story in the bizarre Spokane coffee scene. It st...
Coffee loving residents of Spokane have been put on notice! If you want a cuppa java in the morning, you better wait patiently in line, place your order when when the barista tells you to, and then move along peacefully after leaving a large tip. If you follow these simple instructions there shou...
Operating as both a real estate agent and a service provider to other real estate agents, lenders and attorneys, I meet all sorts of people. Recently I wrote a blog post here titled Then Why The Hell Did You Call Me where I described my first encounter with a potential client who was looking for ...
Happy Saturday ActiveRainers. I just wanted to share with you (because I am really excited) that I was just interviewed by David Weatherholt, a Business Talk-Radio Host about using Twitter for business. It aired live on the Getting Down To Business show on Hot Talk KOAN FM 95.5 & AM 1080 in Ancho...
Great article, I never heard of this but think it needs to be shared! This is definitely the type of things we, as buyers agents especially, need to know. Little things like this go a long way with our clients. Thanks for they eye opener Steve! I recently saw a video that was several years old fr...
Ok guys... I know that there are a lot of ActiveRainers going to RE BarCamp Seattle this week. I would love to hear from the folks who are going. This will be my second one and I can't wait. The friends I met and relationships I built from the first one are what really set it apart from anything ...


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