sales: I'd Be Happy To List Your House $100,000 More Than I Said Its Worth - 07/26/17 09:32 AM
So just the other day I was observing another agent during a listing appointment. Through his market analysis, he came up with a value of about £350,000.
The seller said they felt it was worth over £450,000, and that 2 other agents had valued it at around £450,000. At this point, he quickly danced around and came up with a a few reasons to justify a £450,000 listing price.
The property was a relatively large (for England) 4 bedroom house with about 2 acres plus stables and all fenced for horses. The agent used the land and stables to very quickly account for … (2 comments)

sales: I Know Too Many Things Wrong With This House, So You Better Show It - 07/24/17 06:46 AM
I was out with an agent on Friday to observe him during listing appointments. During the appointment, the seller said quite a few things that made me jjts about do a spit-take.
I felt that one in particular illustrated England's primary problem with the way they handle the real estate industry.
In England, it is pretty common for agents not to show the houses to potential buyers, but rather have the seller show the property themselves.
This particular agency charges a low, flat rate listing fee rather than a commission; they also charge extra if the seller wants their agents to handle the … (1 comments)

sales: Canned Listing Presentations: Sell Yourself or Sell Your Agency? - 07/17/17 11:25 PM
I am curious to know what your thoughts are on the idea of canned listing presentations.
What would you think if your managing broker, or agency, came to you and said "your listing presentations had to have these 12 points in it, and you have to present them in this order."
Not only that, but they went on to say that you couldn't set, or go on, any listing appointments until you went to a two week, intensive training course where you would roll play the listing presentation with your fellow agents and REALTORS until they were happy with your ability to overcome … (4 comments)

sales: 1st Commandment for Real Estate Agents on Twitter - 08/06/13 02:49 AM
Selling real estate on Twitter requires you to keep one simple thing in mind.... Don't!  Do not do it!  Don't even think about it!  Stop it!  Quit!  Right this minute!
You are looking at it all wrong.  In order to use Twitter effectively you have to just talk to people, build relationships and add value.  Constantly tweeting that "This #Spokane home is ready for you to move in" isn't value, it isn't interesting and it doesn't build relationships.  Tweeting links to your website for people to find out how much their home is worth is the same.  So is inviting your Twitter audience to search the MLS … (90 comments)

sales: Selling Real Estate On Twitter Part 2 - 07/09/13 09:37 AM

Selling real estate on Twitter is a bit of a misnomer.  While I am a firm believer that Twitter is one of the best sources of new clients for a real estate agent and the single best marketing venue a Realtor can use, actually trying to sell your real estate listings and services on twitter is tantamount junk-punching each and every one of your followers... repeatedly!
I've used this illustration before, when is the last time you walked up to someone you don't know at a social gathering and introduced yourself by proudly proclaiming “I have a 1 bedroom, 8 bathroom house for sale, wanna buy it?"  So let's assume that you would … (4 comments)

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