twitter: Social Media Tip - Link Sharing & Content Marketing Advice - 07/09/14 11:57 AM
This is my advice for everybody who shares articles on Social Media, specifically Twitter.
I see a lot of real estate agents posting links to articles all day every day. I'm guessing it is in an attempt to be seen as an authority.
I think when all of us started out in social media we were told it is a great way to become just that... an authority. You find useful and valuable information and share it with your followers, thus making you the obvious authority on anything real estate, market or area related.
So real estate agents go to, … (7 comments)

twitter: Weekly Website Tip: How Much Twitter Traffic Does Your Website Get? - 06/17/14 05:43 AM
Much of what we do at Peacock Virtual Solutions and The Agent Accelerator, after building our customer's websites, is teach them how to drive the most traffic to the website they just paid for.
Everybody wants their website to provide a steady stream of new clients, or what we call conversion.
Conversion is turning an anonymous website visitor (traffic) into a lead (getting them to tell you who they are, typically by provoking them into contacting you by phone, email or web form submission. And then turning that lead into a client.
The simple fact of the matter is this: Your website can't convert somebody who isn't on it.
This means … (2 comments)

twitter: Radio Interview About Using Twitter for Business - 03/15/14 04:33 AM
Happy Saturday ActiveRainers. I just wanted to share with you (because I am really excited) that I was just interviewed by David Weatherholt, a Business Talk-Radio Host about using Twitter for business.
It aired live on the Getting Down To Business show on Hot Talk KOAN FM 95.5 & AM 1080 in Anchorage, AK.
It will be rebroadcast in Alaska, Seattle and Spokane:
South Central Alaska
     KVNT Rebroadcast Sunday, March 16, 2014 from 8-10 am AKDT FM 92.5 &1020
Seattle Washington
     KKOL Rebroadcast Thursday, March 20, 2014 from 3-4 pm PDT on AM 1300

twitter: You Might Be A Social Media Douchebag If… ~ 1st Edition ~ - 02/10/14 08:06 AM
If you respond (pronounced "hijack") to a direct competitor's Tweet with an awkward sales pitch of your own, and then manage to reach only 1 account with your message... Your own... You might be a Social Media Douchebag!
No, correction, you ARE a Social Media Douchebag!
A few days ago I had this happen. I had a fellow Realtor in my town reply to one of my tweets.

I had tweeted a blog post about selling your home, this person then replied directly to me with a sales pitch about what an amazing real estate agent she is.
I … (4 comments)

twitter: 13 Mind Blowing Facts About Social Media - 01/31/14 05:42 AM
 13 Mind Blowing Facts About Social Media
and a couple other tidbits

The primary questions I get when speaking about Social Media are centered around why someone should use social media as part of their marketing plan. Typically the questions come from agents who are in their 50s or older and perceive social media as pointless and silly. I have compiled a few of the reasons below:
60% of Google+ users login at least once a day. 23% of Facebook users check their account 5 times per day. 4.2 Billion people access Social Media sites via mobile. 189 Million Facebook … (2 comments)

twitter: Twitter Class Success Story - 01/30/14 06:29 AM
Laura, the owner of Peacock Virtual Solutions, and I have been giving free Social Media Marketing classes in Spokane to local businesses and Real Estate Agents for quite a while now.
We recently were asked by a local mortgage company to put together a series of classes to conduct at their office. The idea being that each of the mortgage consultants could invite the Realtors they work with to these classes to learn the intricacies of marketing themselves on each of the social media platforms.
The classes kicked off 2 weeks ago and we had a packed room. I just found … (2 comments)

twitter: Social Media Resources for Real Estate - 12/02/13 04:45 AM

The real estate business requires top-of-mind awareness to succeed. One of the best avenues of promoting such a business is through the use of social media networks. There are several options to consider when looking at social medial for real estate. If you’re a running a real estate agency or you’re a professional real estate agent, you can realize better results by using diverse social media platforms. You can easily promote your brand and listings as often as possible. Given below are some of the best social media avenues to explore:
Facebook is a popular social media network site … (0 comments)

twitter: 1st Commandment for Real Estate Agents on Twitter - 08/06/13 02:49 AM
Selling real estate on Twitter requires you to keep one simple thing in mind.... Don't!  Do not do it!  Don't even think about it!  Stop it!  Quit!  Right this minute!
You are looking at it all wrong.  In order to use Twitter effectively you have to just talk to people, build relationships and add value.  Constantly tweeting that "This #Spokane home is ready for you to move in" isn't value, it isn't interesting and it doesn't build relationships.  Tweeting links to your website for people to find out how much their home is worth is the same.  So is inviting your Twitter audience to search the MLS … (90 comments)

twitter: The Number 1 Reason You ABSOLUTELY HAVE To Do Business on Twitter - 08/05/13 04:05 AM
Just last week, Laura - @LauralooPeacock - decided to buy a new car and since I had done a brief stint as a car salesman she wanted me to tag along and advise her throughout the process.  Due to the fact that we pretty much don't do anything without sharing it (code for boring people with it) on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare, we chose to start off at the only new car dealership in the Spokane area that does an even halfway decent job on Twitter, Larry H Miller Toyota of Spokane.
We checked in on Foursquare when we arrived … (6 comments)

twitter: Customer Service Via Social Media - 07/09/13 11:43 AM

Using social media customer service can be, and in fact is, a very powerful way to address and resolve potential issues.  Often times people will post disparaging remarks via social media channels when they have a less than pleasant experience with a company, product or service and your company absolutely has to be listening and watching.
A quick and thoughtful response can turn a bad experience into an excellent one in the customer’s eyes very easily.  In fact, social media customer service works quite well, but you have to be listening.  You have to pay attention to your social media … (6 comments)

twitter: Selling Real Estate On Twitter Part 2 - 07/09/13 09:37 AM

Selling real estate on Twitter is a bit of a misnomer.  While I am a firm believer that Twitter is one of the best sources of new clients for a real estate agent and the single best marketing venue a Realtor can use, actually trying to sell your real estate listings and services on twitter is tantamount junk-punching each and every one of your followers... repeatedly!
I've used this illustration before, when is the last time you walked up to someone you don't know at a social gathering and introduced yourself by proudly proclaiming “I have a 1 bedroom, 8 bathroom house for sale, wanna buy it?"  So let's assume that you would … (4 comments)

twitter: Selling Real Estate On Twitter Part 1 - 07/09/13 09:31 AM

Selling real estate on Twitter, and more to the point, how to sell real estate on Twitter is something I am very passionate about.  Next to people tweeting coupons all day long, real estate agents are the absolute worst and least effective social media users as a group.  I will take this step by step and share the things which I have had success with over the years as well as some ideas and expertise that I have learned from others along the way.
Social media advertising is quite different from the way advertising has historically been done.  Social media advertising is actually best described as social media marketing, because … (0 comments)

twitter: Social Media Is Not For Selling - 06/12/13 03:38 AM
Social media is not for selling, but at the same time, it might very well be the most effective way to get your ideas out to a large audience.  But rather than posting endless sales pitches to Facebook and twitter, you should be passing along useful information and content that applies to your company, line of work or industry.
For those who are new to social media, the temptation is to blast the feeds with what you think are amazing sales pitches, sure to get the attention of everybody following you on Twitter or Facebook.  Seems so logical to the old-school marketing person.  It’s free!  It takes crazy money … (1 comments)

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