website: Weekly Website Tip: How Much Twitter Traffic Does Your Website Get? - 06/17/14 05:43 AM
Much of what we do at Peacock Virtual Solutions and The Agent Accelerator, after building our customer's websites, is teach them how to drive the most traffic to the website they just paid for.
Everybody wants their website to provide a steady stream of new clients, or what we call conversion.
Conversion is turning an anonymous website visitor (traffic) into a lead (getting them to tell you who they are, typically by provoking them into contacting you by phone, email or web form submission. And then turning that lead into a client.
The simple fact of the matter is this: Your website can't convert somebody who isn't on it.
This means … (2 comments)

website: Weekly Website Tip - Install Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools - 03/24/14 10:47 PM
Most folks probably already know this, but for those who don't, you need to install Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools on your website.
I spend a large portion of my days going through the data, both for Peacock Virtual Solutions and for our clients.
Google Analytics gives a huge amount of insight into your website and the visitors behavior while they are on your site.
Some of the primary information it provides you with is:
The number of visits to your website How many of those visits were unique The average number of pages your visitors looked at Your bounce … (12 comments)

website: I'm Sorry, But There Is No Way I Will Be Doing Business With You - 03/17/14 04:26 AM
Operating as both a real estate agent and a service provider to other real estate agents, lenders and attorneys, I meet all sorts of people.
Recently I wrote a blog post here titled Then Why The Hell Did You Call Me where I described my first encounter with a potential client who was looking for free advice and assistance from me.
Well there is now more to the story...
After writing that post, I met this person for coffee and to discuss social media strategies and building a new website for him.
We had an hour-long conversation where I went over his current social … (6 comments)

website: Weekly Website Tip - Lose the Dark Background - 02/17/14 04:14 AM
I've been asked to share some simple tips that people can use to help with their websites. So naturally I agreed, and decided that I could share a tip every week and maybe people would find it useful.
This week's tip is concerning the background color of your website. I think in our drive to be different, sometimes we make bad decisions and maybe don't even know that it was bad.
I want to address dark (especially black) backgrounds on websites. I'm really not sure why this is still done, but it is. I see a lot of real estate agents … (81 comments)

website: Your Website Sucks Part 1 - 01/24/14 02:54 AM

That's right... Your website sucks! Well maybe YOURS doesn't but if I were talking to a room of 100 real estate agents, that statement would be true of 90 of them at least.
"Why does my website suck?" you ask... Well if your website is provided by your large, national brokerage as "value" of hanging your license with them... it probably sucks. The reason being; every other agent in your office... wait no.... every other agent in the country that checked the box saying "Yes please provide me with a company website" has the EXACT same site and content … (6 comments)

website: Fall Special Offer From Peacock Virtual Solutions - 09/11/13 07:09 AM
Fall Promotion From Peacock Real Estate Solutions Discover the power of WordPress! WordPress is a very easy to use, update and manage interface. Quite simply it is the best website and blogging (outside of ActiveRain of course) platform out there.
We are offering 1,000 free business cards with any new WordPress website we build between now and the end of fall.  Our WordPress sites start at $750.  We also have in-house graphic designers that can create a custom look that sets your site apart from your competitors.  Call us at 855-255-2585 or visit Peacock Real Estate Solutions.

website: Peacock Design Solutions New Website - Please take a look - 05/28/13 09:16 AM

We at Peacock Virtual Solutions have recently added a custom website division to our company to provide custom coded, non-template websites for our clients.  We have been offering custom websites for a while now and have had great success so we decided to dedicate a whole division to nothing but web design.
We won a 2013 Silver ADDY Award from the AAF (American Advertising Federation) for our Peacock Virtual Solutions website and are now delighted to be offering those same award winning design skills to all of our current and future clients.  So if you are considering a new website or … (0 comments)

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