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If you are considering avoiding foreclosure Birmingham AL, you are in the right place. You are not the first person to go through a foreclosure in Birmingham AL, and won't be the last either!You don't need to be embarrassed about the situation because it happens to a lot of people with mortgages....
Selling your home isn’t as hard as you thought. We buy houses in Birmingham Alabama to make it easy for people who can’t afford repairs.Now you don’t have to get another loan to repair or renovate your home in preparation for potential buyers. How Can You Sell Your House As-Is?Well, if you had to...
Does this picture sum up your business?Do you feel like the person above throughout your working week?My business partner has posted another good article on LinkedIn which I encourage you to read.You may not like the reality of what it might tell you - we didn't when we first realized.But...It is...
Covid-19 is wreaking havoc quite literally across our planet - this is global.Most of us have never experienced anything like this in our lifetime.Hopefully, we will see the end of it & we will never see the likes of it again!In the meantime, we have to face each day as it comes & try and operate...
Is your website mobile friendly?Here is an interesting article on LinkedIn:Keith Dean on LinkedIn - Mobile Friendly Websites 
This is a very brief overview of an interesting article I read recently, it covers why you should carry on your SEO work during this unsettling time.I have tried to give it a real estate/distressed sellers perspective: 1 - SEO work can bring in money.This isn't quite true of our sector but this i...

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