seo: A Business Wake-Up Call - What Type Of Business Do You Have? - 04/20/20 09:23 AM

Does this picture sum up your business?
Do you feel like the person above throughout your working week?
My business partner has posted another good article on LinkedIn which I encourage you to read.
You may not like the reality of what it might tell you - we didn't when we first realized.
It is worth reading.
It was a game-changer for us.
LinkedIn- Real Estate Investors - A Wake-Up Call

seo: SEO in 2020 - So Very Important Whilst Covid-19 Wreaks Havoc - 04/07/20 03:49 AM
Covid-19 is wreaking havoc quite literally across our planet - this is global.
Most of us have never experienced anything like this in our lifetime.
Hopefully, we will see the end of it & we will never see the likes of it again!
In the meantime, we have to face each day as it comes & try and operate outside of the bigger picture focussed on our own little world in this madness.
Well, our little world is real estate SEO - we help 'We Buy Houses' companies get more motivated seller leads for their businesses.
We have seen 2 very different responses to this pandemic … (3 comments)

seo: Covid-19 & Your Marketing Efforts - What Should You Be Doing? - 03/24/20 08:59 AM

This is a very brief overview of an interesting article I read recently, it covers why you should carry on your SEO work during this unsettling time.
I have tried to give it a real estate/distressed sellers perspective:
1 - SEO work can bring in money.
This isn't quite true of our sector but this is a time to build relationships ready for when normality returns.
2 - Search is measurable
This is true. Everyone is looking for everything using the internet! There is nowhere else to go & people have far more time on their hands.
3 - When there is scarcity, people search
People who are … (7 comments)

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