notary: Mobile Austin Notary Earns MerchantCircle Verified Badge Status - 12/25/11 05:53 PM

Mobile Austin Notary based in Austin, TX earned the MerchantCircle Verified Badge status as seen and by clicking the link below. Mobile Austin Notary has also earned TOP MERCHANT status, is the MerchantCircle Mayor of Austin and was and is the first local business in the entire state of Texas to hit 1,000 same city local connections on MerchantCircle.
Mobile Austin NotaryAustin, TX

notary: Austin Texas Emergency Mobile Traveling Notary Public Tow Yard/Impound Fees -Part 2 - 09/25/11 01:21 AM

...Part 2
21.   Precision Towing
2311 West Howard LaneAustin, TX 78727$40 notary/travel fee before 10pm$50 notary/travel fee after 10pm til 8am
22.  Pinkies American Towing 8917 Circle DriveAustin, TX 78736$60 notary/travel fee 24 hours a day
23.   Pronto's Towing 1807 Bench Mark Drive Austin, TX 78728
$40 notary/travel fee before 10pm$50 notary/travel fee after 10pm til 8am24.   Reyes Towing 7913 U.S Highway 183 South, #BAustin, TX 78747$65 notary/travel fee 24 hours a day
25.   Rocha's Towing Service
5700 Burleson RoadAustin, TX 78744$55 notary/travel fee 24 hours a day
26.  Southside Wrecker Inc. 907 McPhaul StreetAustin, TX 78758
$40 … (0 comments)

notary: Austin Texas Emergency Mobile Traveling Notary Public Tow Yard/Impound Fees -Part 1 - 09/25/11 01:09 AM

In the Austin metro area an illegal parking tow will cost YOU about $190.00 + mobile notary services ($40-$60) when needed. Ouch!
Click below to read the current Texas Towing laws and protect yourself from scams or crooked Texas tow yards and impounds:
The moral of the story is don’t be cheapskate.
Actually pay for parking downtown ($10 sure beats $190+ now doesn’t it), add an extra quarter or two to be safe when using metered parking, and don’t ever park (not even for five minutes) in assigned or covered parking spots at apartments/businesses or in handicap … (2 comments)

notary: Check out our new direct response custom Twitter Page - - 08/13/11 01:30 PM

Check out Mobile Austin Notary's new direct response custom Twitter profile/background page we had created --> You can get one similar to this for just $199 through Xtreme Consulting. They do all our social media, SEO, web design and all marketing. Just contact us thru ActiveRain and we can give you email for XC.Have a great Saturday. :DMobile Austin

notary: Mobile Austin Notary Becomes 1st Merchant Circle Business To Hit 1K Connections - 06/22/11 02:31 PM

Mobile Austin Notary the Merchant Circle Mayor of Austin became the first Merchant Circle business in the state of Texas to hit 1,000 same city (Austin, TX) connections.  512-318-2500Austin, TX

notary: Changed business phone# to 512-318-2500 - 06/20/10 03:07 PM
Mobile Austin Notary just changed our business phone number on our main website to 512-318-2500.

notary: THE BEST 25 HOUSING MARKETS 2010 according to Housing Indicator - 01/03/10 03:13 PM
THE BEST 25 HOUSING MARKETS 2010 according to Housing Indicator 
Rank-  Real Estate Market-  Forecast    1.       Cleveland, OH            10.4%    2.       Columbus, OH              9.4%     3.       Cincinnati, OH              8.8%     4.       Toledo, OH              6.5%     5.       Lafayette, LA             5.4%     6.       Des Moines, IA              5.1%     7.       Arlington, VA              4.8%     8.       Juneau, AK              4.2%     9.       Davenport, IA              4.2%   10.        Baton Rouge, LA              4.0%   11.        Austin, TX              … (2 comments)

notary: Mobile Austin Notary Now Carries $1,000,000 of E&O Insurance - 07/14/09 07:49 AM

Mobile Austin Notary has announced it has now qualfied and carries $1,000,000 of Notary Errors and Omissions Insurance (E&O insurance) umbrella policy that covers every notary and loan signing agent it employs in the state of Texas. It becomes only the 2nd notary company based in Texas to have this elite amount of insurance coverage to further protect all it's clients and future clients.
Some companies like Provident require notaries or notary companies to carry at least $500,000 of errors and omissions insurance.
Now as a person or company that needs a notary or loan signing agent you don't have to wonder if … (0 comments)

notary: Mobile Austin Notary hits 3,500 followers on Twitter! - 07/06/09 02:10 AM

Mobile Austin Notary just hit our 3,500th Twitter follower.
So check us out at -->
Take care and tweet tweet you later. :)
Mobile Austin 512-314-9164Austin, TX

notary: Mobile Austin Notary hits 2,000 followers on Twitter! - 06/16/09 09:48 AM

Mobile Austin Notary just hit our 2,000th Twitter follower.
So check us out at -->
Take care and tweet tweet you later. :D
Mobile Austin 512-314-9164Austin, TX

notary: Why NOT using PayPal is losing YOU ton of business everyday! - 05/28/09 09:12 AM
According to Wikipedia: PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. PayPal serves as an electronic alternative to traditional paper methods such as checks and money orders.
I'm sure all of you have or at least know what PayPal is..God I truly hope so.
PayPal in a nutshell allows your customers to send you money from all over the world, by using there credit card or bank account on file with PayPal. The best part they NEVER have to share there bank or credit information with you, this is STILL the #1 fear … (4 comments)

notary: Your Business Card, Your Brand - What Your Doing Wrong! - 03/18/09 02:19 PM
Your Business Card, Your Brandby ServeNow
Business cards have changed dramatically since they first appeared in China in the 15th century. At that time, they were essential tools of etiquette that were only for aristocrats and royalty, but in today's competitive market, business cards are an essential tool for any business interaction. With the sheer amount of business cards that are distributed today, it is more important than ever before to set your company apart from the rest.
Think of your business card as a first and last impression. People can make assumptions about your business based on the information on … (4 comments)

notary: Mobile Austin Notary Goes Star Wars...Requires Inkless Fingerprinting For TX Notaries - 03/07/09 08:12 PM

Mobile Austin Notary Adds Inkless Fingerprinting Security To All There Notary & Loan Signings in Texas
March 1, 2009Austin, TX
Mobile Austin Notary, a statewide Texas mobile notary, loan document signing and process server company based out of Austin, TX has added another layer of security for its company, clients and the actual notary signers of records.
Starting March 1, 2009 all notarials acts made by employees and contractors of Mobile Austin Notary will be required to attain a fingerprint from the signers at the time of any notary. The fingerprint will be made next to the signers name in each … (8 comments)

notary: Why Your Business Needs to Become a Purple Cow To Survive - 01/21/09 04:56 PM

Why Your Business Needs to Become a Purple Cow To Survive
Everywhere you turn nowadays on the radio, TV, magazines, blogs, internet, newspapers and whenever you talk to colleagues, friends and neighbors you hear one common theme. The economy sucks, the real estate and lending industries are devasted and on life support, the economy really really sucks and everyone is hurting.Right?Wrong!My friend is the time when the transfer of wealth happens once in a generation (for you people that went to public school a generation is considered 20 years! LOL!). Money is never lost that's an illusion; money … (10 comments)

notary: The Death of Ethics in The Real Estate Industry, It's Why The U.S. is In a Major Recession! - 12/09/08 04:01 PM
*Please note this blog post was guest written by the CEO of Mobile Austin Notary.
Did I get your attention with that headline?
I hope I did, let's first define by Wikipedia what Ethics and Business ethics is.
Ethics is a major branch of philosophy, encompassing right conduct and good life. It is significantly broader than the common conception of analyzing right and wrong. A central aspect of ethics is "the good life", the life worth living or life that is simply satisfying, which is held by many philosophers to be more important than moral conduct.
Business ethics is … (8 comments)

notary: Austin Texas Notary Firm, Mobile Austin Notary Announces New Corporate Logo - 11/30/08 02:50 AM
Mobile Austin Notary, a state wide Texas loan signing agent and Texas mobile notary firm unvailed it's new corporate logo (see picture above) after working closing with a Norwegian based logo design company.

notary: Notary Public definition as described by Wikipedia - 11/17/08 02:33 PM
A notary public is an officer who can administer oaths and statutory declarations, witness and authenticate documents, and perform certain other acts depending on the jurisdiction.
With the exception of Louisiana, whose private law is based on civil law rather than common law, a notary public in the United States of America has powers that are far more limited than the role of a civil law notary in the rest of the world. There are far more notaries in the United States than in other countries (4.5 million , compared with 900 in England and Wales).
For the purposes of authentication, … (1 comments)

notary: LandAmerica Title Agents Now Get New Internet Marketing Services Nationwide - 11/13/08 05:30 PM
I thought since Mobile Austin Notary is now a preferred mobile Texas signing agent firm for LandAmerica in Texas, and the many LandAmerica Title professionals around Texas must be very interested in this new announcement.
LandAmerica Financial Group Inc. is offering its title agency partners discounted Web site development, hosting and Internet marketing services through a preferred vendor, Market Hardware. By Inman News, Monday, October 20, 2008.The program is the latest of 32 "customized solutions" offered through the LandAmerica AgentXtra Program, which is designed to help title agencies expand their business, boost efficiency, utilize technology and provide better customer service.LandAmerica created the program after ongoing surveys … (2 comments)

notary: Austin Notary Public company, Mobile Austin Notary becomes ASN association member - 11/02/08 07:43 PM
 Mobile Austin Notary, a state wide Texas mobile notary public company based in Austin, TX is a certified member of the American Society of Notaries.
A little about ASN...
The American Society of Notaries is the first national nonprofit association for notaries public in the United States. Established in 1965, the American Society of Notaries is foremost in notary education, technical support and supply for the notary in America.
Our Mission
The American Society of Notaries is dedicated to providing its members with education, professional service and technical support; promoting high ethical standards; and increasing public awareness of notaries' valuable contributions.
Code … (2 comments)

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