va loans: It will be easier to buy a home in 2016, for those who are low on cash - 01/04/16 08:36 PM
Good Morning, there are some changes home buyers will want to know about if you are thinking of buying.
It will be easier to buy a home in 2016,for those who are low on cash! 
Mortgage Industry News-Effective January 1st, 2016.
VA Zero Down Loans are available up to $625,500 in Prince William County, Stafford, Spotsylvania, Fredericksburg, Fairfax County, Alexandria, Arlington ( all of  Northern Virginia)
Note: if you are relocating from area's such as Norfolk, Newport News, Colorado, even San Diego California the loan limits in our area are higher allowing you the Military Veteran the option of purchasing a home with you VA … (0 comments)

va loans: Veteran Buyer Buys Waterfront Home for $528.00 out of pocket! - 02/27/15 01:52 AM
Today's post is about a home buyer who had his VA Eligibilty available to purchase a home.
We met him between Christmas and New Years at an Open House here in Lake Ridge Virginia.
Back then he was in the "Just Looking" phase visiting Open Houses throughout the area in the hopes of finding what he was looking for.
Unfortunately the home he came to see (a water-view townhouse) SOLD out from under him, but he really liked how Patty and I knew a lot about VA Loans and he felt comfortable enough to hire us to help him attain his goal. His goal.

va loans: We'd like to buy a house together using a VA Loan. Is that possible? - 04/03/13 09:19 PM
So you want to buy a home.  You know, you served in the military and therefore you now have earned the right to buy a home with a ZERO DOWN Payment. I know you are excited. Being able to buy a home with a VA Loan would be a blessing.
So you applied for your certificate of eligibility and you're told it will  arrive soon. Now all you need to do is find a house.
I wish it was that easy, however it is not.
The first step is to meet with a loan officer to get pre-approved for a … (0 comments)

va loans: VA Loan Eligibility Now Extend to Spouses Regardless Whether Death Was.. - 08/06/12 09:43 PM
It was last year, a home owner died. We were less than thirty days from settlement. As tragic as that was, things got worse when the surviving military spouse learned that her income would be cut in half and that she could no longer use her husbands VA Loan. The reason his illness had not yet been documented  as a service related injury that led to his death and the VA Office needed more time...she was devastated. To say her world fell apart is an understatement. Worse,  the monthly income she had been receiving stopped. There was not enough proceeds from the sale of the home to survive for very … (8 comments)

va loans: This Week's Caller Asked " Peggy, If It Costs $4750.00 To Get a Rental Home...Am I Better Off Buying?" - 09/29/11 02:17 AM
The phone rang, it was a person relocating to the Prince William County Virginia area in a few weeks and they have been searching for a nice rental home in Lake Ridge, Woodbridge, Lorton and Dumfries Virginia area. They  quickly realized nice rentals are hard to come and you need a bank loan just to pay for the first months rent, security deposit and pet deposit.  The caller said, it is so expensive here.  " In order to put in an application to try to rent a  little single family home, the agent  they talked to said they need certified checks for the application processing fee ( $50 … (4 comments)

va loans: A Relocating Buyer With a $300,000 Budget Finds a Large Single Family Home With Two Car Garage In Woodbridge Virginia - 09/13/11 01:37 AM
It was early August 2011,when the phone rang. A gentleman named Daniel, says "Peggy, I just read your article online called This Weeks Caller said.. I know I can buy a home using my VA Eligibility, however is it true I do not have to put any money down? Do you have a minute?"
Of course I said, how can I help you?
Daniel, explained that he is relocating from Norfolk Virginia to Northern Virginia, and he really needed a home for his family. He explained further that he, his wife, four children and brother-in-law need enough space to live under one roof. Not only that … (6 comments)

va loans: Would It Surprise You If You Learned You Can Afford To Buy Your Move-up Home? - 08/05/11 09:10 AM
Well, many homeowners who are calling are learning that home values have increased just enough in the Prince William County Virginia area that many are able to sell now. Typically that is a homeowner who purchased prior to 2005 and did not put a second trust on the home. ( Some have had small equity lines that were easily paid off.)
For those that do not have enough equity just yet, many have been surprised to learn they actually qualify to rent their current home. The rental market is brisk here in Prince William County Virginia due to the BRAC.
Your first step is to talk … (2 comments)

va loans: This Weeks Caller Asked: "I Know I Can Buy a Home Using My VA Loan. Is It True I Don't Have To Put Any Money Down?" - 07/27/11 05:40 AM
This week's caller asked :"I Know I Can Buy a Home Using My VA Loan. Is It True I Don't Have To Put Any Money Down?"
We get this question a lot. The answer is yes!
Best of all since  Prince William County Virginia is located near Quantico, Fort Belvoir and within an hour of the Pentagon, the Navy Yard and Ft. Meyers real estate agents typically prepare sellers to expect this type of offer.
Now let me share some even better news with you. In the current market conditions, our real estate team has been able to help many VA Home Buyers get most if … (3 comments)

va loans: Right In The Middle of An Ordinary House Hunting Trip...... - 06/12/11 01:39 AM
Right In The Middle of An Ordinary House Hunting Trip. I realized that the purchasers I was working with could not agree on style and size. When they found the front they liked, the inside didn't match their expectations. That's when I said " would you two just humor me". I said, I know the market well, and I know where your house is. 
 Watch the video to learn how I was able to help them. 

To view more information about this home visit ML#PW7514111

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va loans: Are You Looking For The Biggest Home You Can Afford? Does Size Matter? - 05/26/11 11:53 PM
 Does Size Matter?
 Is bigger always better?

 I personally have found that many home buyers today, believe that "Bigger is Better" when they have a pre-approval in hand. 
 Is it?

When you set out to purchase a home, you have your wants, needs and desires. It seems lately because of the low, low prices on homes in Prince William County Virginia, so many buyers are attracted to the  "big house" . Even the first time buyers are looking at monster homes of four and five thousand square feet. My take on this is simple. It is your budget, you know what … (5 comments)

va loans: Cut Your Commute in Half- New Single Family Homes Near Fort Belvoir Virginia Back Gate! - 05/15/11 02:09 AM
Ok, this BRAC move is causing more headaches than most commuters anticipated. We are seeing homeowners commuting from Stafford Virginia getting totally frustrated!  
  "Can you blame them?"
Commutes from Fort Belvoir,Virginia to Stafford Virginia can be as long as two hours! Where are they Lake Ridge Virginia, Lorton and Mount Vernon.
How are they doing it? Simple they are choosing to rent their current homes and buying a new home.
The rental market is outstanding right now.
Interest rates are extremely low. I say yesterday a 5/1 FHA Year Arm was 3.75 percent! Current fixed rates are hovering between … (2 comments)

va loans: Home For Sale Just Four Miles From Quantico Marine Base in Virginia - 02/24/11 12:02 AM
This home can be purchased with VA, FHA,Conventional Financing or Cash. This home is in good condition at the time it was listed. Needs some TLC but not much to make it shine. This is a great buy and perfect for the first time buyer or someone looking for a good rental property close the Quantico Marine Base. Click on the ad above to view Virtual Tour, What's Nearby and showing information.
Do you have questions about selling your home? Just pick up the phone and call.
You can Find out now what your home is worth.
If you would like to schedule an … (2 comments)

va loans: This Weeks Caller Asked-"Do I Have to Pay the Closing Costs?" - 01/30/11 11:45 PM
So many home buyers ask this question. I saw this blog post attached below by a local lender Markita Aldridge Woods of Westar Mortgage here in Lake Ridge Virginia.  She said home buyers are asking if they need to pay closing costs.The great news is, right now here in the Prince William County Virginia area sellers are still paying closing costs. 24 out of 203 closed sales in the Woodbridge, Lake Ridge Virginia area since December 1st, 2010, selles paid on average $6000 or more closing cost on behalf of home buyers!
Let me share a real situation and why home buyers really need … (2 comments)

va loans: Looking For and Buying A Home Should Be a Fun Experience. So don't... - 12/28/10 04:22 AM
Get started off on the wrong foot. The biggest mistake you can make when deciding it is time to buy, is looking at homes without a pre-approval letter. That is very similar to go shopping at the grocery store, unloading the cart onto the conveyor belt only to realize, you do not have any money to pay! Yikes..what a waist of time...
Here are a lenders we trust to help you get pre-approved. Read More
Do you have questions? Call me direct at  703-851-3085 or contact me by email  
Contact Peggy James or Erick Blackwelder  of Erick and Company of … (3 comments)

va loans: If You Are Pre-Approved For a $275,000 Loan. You Could Own a Home Like This In Woodbridge Virginia. - 12/16/10 12:39 AM
Have You Been Looking For a Home With a Big Flat Yard?   Would you like it fenced?
  Like This?   
What if I told you it has a gorgeous deck and screened porch for entertaining?

Would you like to know where it is?
The house has
5 Bedrooms 3 Baths Hardwood Floors New Cherry Cabinets New Kitchen Totally Renovated Baths It is not a short sale It is not a foreclosure It can be yours simply for asking! What are you waiting for? It is priced at $274,900!
Follow this link to learn more

 Call me direct … (1 comments)

va loans: Military Home Buyers With PCS Orders Can Buy With No Money Down In Prince William County Virginia - 11/30/10 12:03 AM
For all of you have received your orders or you know your transfer is almost official then, it is time to start planning your move. If you're heading to Quantico, The Pentagon, Fort Belvior, or Fort Meyers, then you may want to consider Prince William County Virginia as your new place to call home while in the Washington, DC Area. 
The reason. Affordability! Check out the most recent real estate market stats around the beltway.
Current market conditions are such that in many  homes have been sitting on the market unsold for sixty days or longer. That spells opportunity for home … (0 comments)

va loans: Do You Have PCS Orders To Virginia? Do You Have Questions About Purchasing With Your VA Eligibility? - 09/16/10 11:43 PM
 Do you have PSC orders to the Northern Virginia or Prince William County Virginia military bases, such as Ft. Belvior, The Pentagon, the Navy Yard or Quantico ? Do you have questions about VA Financing?Markita Aldridge Woods of Westar Mortgage is the person you can talk with to learn all your options. See the Top Ten Questions she is asked by military veterans.
Learn more about using your VA Eligibility at
My Top 10 Questions on VA Loans
1. What is a VA Home Loan?
A Veteran Home Loan is a zero money down home loan for veterans … (4 comments)

va loans: Proof Home Values Have Increased In Prince William County Virginia Since 2009! - 08/04/10 12:28 AM

Back in 2008 the Prince William County Virginia area home values really hit bottom.
I remember back then, home buyers were afraid to make offers fearing values would continue in a downward spiral. However those that began to tip toe into the  looking stage, finally purchased in 2009. Today, these homeowners are singing a happy tune!
One of our first time buyers, who purchased a townhome off Hoadly Rd in the T Section of Dale City, Virginia paid $213,000 for his home. Better news is the seller paid $8000 of his closing costs.

Now take a look at the most recent … (2 comments)

va loans: Veterans Who Have VA Elegibilty Are Making Out Great In Today's Real Estate Market - 05/06/10 10:46 AM
It  is always such a pleasure to attend a real estate settlement, and witness the face of a military buyer using his or her VA Eligibility to purchase a home when they realize they are actually buying a home with No Money Down! 
This is a snapshot of the buyers side of the final Hud-1 Statement at today's settlement of 4106 Cardinal Drive, Woodbridge Virginia, 22193. This veteran buyer wrote a contract just over thirty days ago and today we settled on the home. This was a "regular owner sale". Not a short sale, and not a foreclosure. The kind of settlement where both the sellers … (2 comments)

va loans: The Caller Asked: We Have A VA Loan On Our House...Can We Sell By Short Sale? - 01/14/10 04:52 AM
It was back in September that I got a call. The caller said " Peggy, I was reading that you help people who might need to sell by short sale in the Woodbridge  VA area.We live in Lake Ridge and  my husband is returning from Iraq . He has accepted a job in another state. Can you sell our home?"
" I asked..."Do you have orders?" 
She said "No he is not active duty. Is there help for veterans? Are there any programs that we fit into to short sell our home? The only job offer he got is in another state. He … (8 comments)

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