red soil real estate inc: Opening of Lobster Season 2012, Prince Edward Island, Canada - 07/20/12 10:15 PM
Opening day of the PEI Lobster Season in Prince Edward Island, Canada...see below picture of lobster boat heading out to the Lobster grounds with the view of a golden sunrise...yours truly was helping a friend on the opening day. It was a great chance to mingle with the local fishermen to see if they had any PEI Real Estate needs. The fishermen do well in their fishing profession, it is one of the 3 main industries in Prince Edward Island.
that's it for now,
George W Jordan, Owner/Broker, Red Soil Real Estate Inc.,


red soil real estate inc: Ducks Unlimited - Canada (DUC) - 05/04/11 12:25 AM

Ducks Unlimited is a private organization dedicated to preserving the many wetlands in Atlantic Canada (Prince Edward Island...Nova Scotia...New Brunswick...Newfoundland) to give hundreds of species of waterfowl the natural habitat for them to have a happy existence in the ecosystem. There are approximately 120,000 acres of wetlands under the control of Ducks Unlimited in Atlantic Canada.
Recently the Lieutanant Governor of Prince Edward Island presented the Greenwing Conservation Award to Charles H. Perret & Gloria McKinnon Perret for their hard work in preserving the wetlands in Prince Edward Island, Canada. The Perret's donated 173 acres of wetlands to the … (0 comments)

red soil real estate inc: The 2011 Canadian Election - 10 Provinces...3 Territories - 03/29/11 08:36 AM
The great country of Canada is presently in the start of a Federal Election because of a lack of confidence in the Progressive Conservative government headed by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Canada, for the last number of years, has been ruled by a minority government including the Liberals, New Democratic Party, and the separatist Bloc Party representing the province of Quebec. Prime Minister Harper is looking for a majority government so that he can bring Canada out of its deficit and give greater financial security to its citizens.
Prince Edward Island, the smallest of the 10 provinces of Canada, is represented … (2 comments)

red soil real estate inc: Top Realtors, Top Service? - 03/17/11 02:32 AM
The Real Estate industry is the same as any other service business...there are some who sell the most properties, and are therefore, considered the best choice by perspectives buyers and sellers to work for them. Top selling Realtors however, may not be the ones giving the best service to their clients. Some top Realtors sell the same properties over and over...why?...seems like the purchasers were talked into the properites and then, within a short while, woke up to the realization that the property wasn't a good choice for them...a form of hypnotism?...well maybe not to that extent, but close.
It is very … (0 comments)

red soil real estate inc: New Convention Centre, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada - 03/17/11 02:11 AM
New Convention Centre to be build on the Charlottetown waterfront next to the Delta Prince Edward hotel in beautiful Prince Edward Island, Canada. Presently the site is the home of the Canadian Coast Guard which will move to another location in the capital city. This new Convention Centre will be a partnership between the Prince Edward Island Provincial Government, and the Federal Government of Canada. It will be connected (physically) to the Delta Prince Edward hotel and managed by it.
This new Convention Centre will add much money to the PEI Tourist industry in the capital city and surrounding areas. It … (0 comments)

red soil real estate inc: We're Realtors, Not Inspectors - 02/28/11 03:02 AM
We get a call as Realtors from a potential buyer about a house, let's say a fixer upper, and the client asks "What is the house like?"...What are we as Realtors supposed to say in response?...We could say that we are not inspectors, we are sales people, and refer them to a bonifide house inspector...or we could give the client our assessment of the condition of the house...but there's a "fine line" here...we can't speak as having the expertise to assess a structure as a home inspector could...the safe response may be to generally give the client a description of the … (4 comments)

red soil real estate inc: Real Estate Trading Act, Prince Edward Island, Canada - 02/27/11 02:35 AM
The PEI Real Estate Association in Prince Edward Island, Canada, is not a "free for all". Every PEI Realtor, and every PEI Real Estate transaction has to meet the standards of the Real Estate Trading Act. This act was passed in the PEI legislature some years ago, and is the "watchdog" of the PEI Real Estate system.
PEI Realtors also have a "Realtors Code" as members of the Canadian Real Estate Association to perform at a high standard to the public. The core to this code is the honesty & integrity of each individual Realtor. It's important to treat clients with respect, … (0 comments)

red soil real estate inc: Real Estate - An Honourable Profession - 02/27/11 02:22 AM
Being a Realtor is an honourable profession in the global service industry, and that is exactly what it is, Realtors provide an esential service to the many clients from all parts of the world. Our goal is to get the best possible price for our Vendors who are kind enough to entrust us with their valuable properties. They could have tried to sell their properties privately but instead, they realize that even thought they have to pay a commisison, they will still come out ahead in the end.
Here in Prince Edward Island, Canada, many Vendors have benefited by using the services … (2 comments)

red soil real estate inc: "If You Snooze, You Lose" - Prince Edward Island, Canada - 02/27/11 01:47 AM
"If you snooze you lose" or "don't wait for spring, do it now" are fairly well known expressions that have a lot of truth in them. They certainly are very applicable in the Real Estate business. Recently here in PEI, this Realtor told two different clients to get an offer in and "do it now". Neither of the clients took my suggestion, and , guess what, both of them lost out in buying their properties. Maybe it's because the clients  think a Realtor is giving this advice for their own self-serving interest or maybe they think that there is time to … (3 comments)

red soil real estate inc: Prince William & Kate Middleton Coming To Prince Edward Island, Canada - 02/16/11 02:28 AM

Exciting news for the beautiful island province of Prince Edward Island, Canada. Prince William & Kate Middleton are coming to PEI the 3rd and 4th of this July. They are getting married April 29 in London, England. Prime Minister Stephen Harper invited the couple to Canada and they graciously accepted the offer. Prince William & Kate will take part in Canada Day celebrations in the capital city of Ottawa, Canada.
This gracious visit by Prince William & Kate will give a great boost to the economy of Prince Edward Island, especially the tourism will also enhance the already robust … (1 comments)

red soil real estate inc: Scenic Waterfront Property, Murray River, Prince Edward Island, Canada - 02/13/11 02:10 AM

Scenic 22 Acre Waterfront with house and bldgs. in picturesque fishing community of Murray River, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Property fronts on MacLure's Pond app 500 feet and app. 700 feet on Dover Road very near Main Street, Murray River, PEI...House is 3 bedroom...large & smaller would make a great horse minifarm, as there are acres of clear land as well as some woodland for firewood, etc. Price...$99,000. Canadian...
For more information on this adorable property on the PEI Real Estate market...
George W. Jordan, Owner/Broker, Red Soil Real Estate Inc.,

red soil real estate inc: Sandstone Sculpturing in Prince Edward Island, Canada - 09/21/10 04:01 AM
Above is an example of beautiful sandstone sculpturing in Prince Edward Island, Canada. Prince Edward Island has lots of sandstone, and, combine this with a skillfull artist, the result is very impressive.
This particular work of art is located in Little Sands, PEI, a very scenic community just east of the Wood Islands Ferry Terminal.
Come and discover Prince Edward Island...there is a high chance that you will want to own a part of it for your summer or year round enjoyment...maybe you could contract a PEI artist to sculpt something for you in the abundant PEI sandstone...
that's it … (3 comments)

red soil real estate inc: Prince Edward Island, Canada - The Golf Channel Network - 04/17/09 11:22 PM
This coming Monday night (April 20, 2009) at 10 PM Atlantic Time, Prince Edward Island will be features in "Big Break", the first of 11 episodes. 12 contestants will compete in 10 elimination rounds with the final 2 squaring off in match play. The winner receives $100,000. cash prize.
The Golf Channel Network has a following of 110 million around the world which will give PEI a tremendous exposure, and greatly expand the PEI tourism market for the 2009 season.
These 11 episodes on the Golf Channel Network will also enhance the already strong PEI Real Estate market on Prince Edward … (1 comments)

red soil real estate inc: A Very Thoughtful Real Estate Client - 08/26/08 11:36 AM
I was honoured lately to receive a gift from a client of mine who was looking to buy a PEI Real Estate property in Prince Edward Island, Canada. During email communications, I had mentioned to my client that Jack Nicklaus, and Tom Watson were coming to the Brudenell Golf Course in Brudenell, PEI near the scenic town of Montague. To my great surprise, this very considerate client said that she would courier two VIP tickets to attent the great golf tournament. The tickets arrived and my son and I attended the great event. The VIP tickets meant that we were treated … (2 comments)

red soil real estate inc: Prominent Saw Mill Burns in Murray River, Prince Edward Island, Canada - 08/24/08 01:00 PM

A very well known Saw Mill in Murray River, Prince Edward Island, Canada, burned to the ground recently. The Saw Mill run by well liked PEI resident Gerry Moore was a valuable business to the many local residents. Mr Moore cut up the raw trees brought into his yard into all kinds of sized hardwood and softwood. He even sold the slabs or bark of the trees that many residents bought for firewood.
But the story is not totally negative. A benefit concert is being held for Mr Moore and contributions will go to building a new saw mill. It is … (0 comments)

red soil real estate inc: Garnet Buell - Order of Prince Edward Island, Canada - 08/17/08 12:35 PM

Garnet Buell of Murray River, Prince Edward Island, Canada, was recently chosen for the distinction of the Order of Prince Edward Island. The honour recognizes Prince Edward Islanders who have shown excellent leadership in their community.
Garnet has been very active in raising money for the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Charlottetown, PEI. He and his committee have raised great amounts of money for the critically needed equipment for Prince Edward Island's main hospital.
Congratulations Garnet for all the good work you are doing for Prince Edward Island citizens.
That's it for now,
George, Red Soil Real Estate Inc., 902-962-2050,

red soil real estate inc: PEI Real Estate Questions - Prince Edward Island, Canada - 08/16/08 02:45 PM
Some PEI Real Estate Questions about real estate properties in Prince Edward Island, Canada:
1. Are land taxes the same in PEI for a non-resident compared with a resident?
Answer: No, a non-resident pays more property taxes per year than a resident of PEI
2. If a buyer purchaser a property in PEI, does he or she have to build on it within a certain period of time?
Answer: No, unless there is a rare restrictive convenant on a property, a buyer of a PEI property builds on it when he or she wants to build on it.
3. Do I … (0 comments)

red soil real estate inc: New Duties for PEI Real Estate agents, PEI, Canada - 08/15/08 03:35 AM
As of June 23, 2008, PEI Real Estate agents and brokers must collect personal identify information, and a record of funds from buyers and sellers of Prince Edward Island properties. This information is to be kept by the agent for 5 years. This is to protect against money laundering and terrorist financing.
That's it for now,
George Jordan, Red Soil Real Estate Inc., 902-962-2050,

red soil real estate inc: Water Test & Oil Tank Tagged - Prince Edward Island, Canada - 08/15/08 03:20 AM
There are 2 things a Vendor of a PEI Real Estate property must provide to the Purchaser:
1. Water Test:
The Vendor must insure that there is a successful Water Test done before the closing date. The Water Test is to be done by a Third Party.
2. Tagged Oil Tank:
The Vendor of a property in Prince Edward Island must insure that the Oil Tank is tagged so that it meets the standards of the Government of Prince Edward Island.
If a property is "AS IS WHERE IS", the above requirements do not apply.
That's it for now,
George Jordan, Red … (0 comments)

red soil real estate inc: Civic Addresses - Prince Edward Island, Canada - 08/06/08 07:08 AM
Prince Edward Island has unique Civic Addresses for the Fire Departments, Police,  etc. to locate an exact property location. These Civic Addresses can be located on the PEI Government website: 
Once a Civic Address is to be found, one can go to the PEI Government webpage and under "Address Locator" can easily find it. For example: Civic Addresses are very helpful to businesses in PEI that have to deliver goods to a property in PEI. This business can go on the Government website, type in a Civic Address, and it comes up on a location map so that you know exactly how … (0 comments)

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