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Prince Edward Island is the most environmentally friendly province in the great country of Canada. Prince Edward Islanders are avid composters, and are frugal consumers of water. 55% of PEI residents have replaced traditional showerheads, and replaced them with newer low-flow types. 92% of PEI ho...
Condé Nast Traveler magazine has ranked Prince Edward Island, Canada, as the #5 best Island in North America. PEI Real Estate is the best in the world. Investors in PEI testify that this Canadian Island is unique in its culture, and still has a strong "sense of family". George, Red Soil Real Esta...
I was honoured lately to receive a gift from a client of mine who was looking to buy a PEI Real Estate property in Prince Edward Island, Canada. During email communications, I had mentioned to my client that Jack Nicklaus, and Tom Watson were coming to the Brudenell Golf Course in Brudenell, PEI ...
A very well known Saw Mill in Murray River, Prince Edward Island, Canada, burned to the ground recently. The Saw Mill run by well liked PEI resident Gerry Moore was a valuable business to the many local residents. Mr Moore cut up the raw trees brought into his yard into all kinds of sized hardwo...
Garnet Buell of Murray River, Prince Edward Island, Canada, was recently chosen for the distinction of the Order of Prince Edward Island. The honour recognizes Prince Edward Islanders who have shown excellent leadership in their community. Garnet has been very active in raising money for the Que...
Some PEI Real Estate Questions about real estate properties in Prince Edward Island, Canada: 1. Are land taxes the same in PEI for a non-resident compared with a resident? Answer: No, a non-resident pays more property taxes per year than a resident of PEI 2. If a buyer purchaser a property in PEI...
As of June 23, 2008, PEI Real Estate agents and brokers must collect personal identify information, and a record of funds from buyers and sellers of Prince Edward Island properties. This information is to be kept by the agent for 5 years. This is to protect against money laundering and terrorist ...
There are 2 things a Vendor of a PEI Real Estate property must provide to the Purchaser: 1. Water Test: The Vendor must insure that there is a successful Water Test done before the closing date. The Water Test is to be done by a Third Party. 2. Tagged Oil Tank: The Vendor of a property in Prince ...
It is very sad to hear about the millions of homeowners in the Unites States who have lost their homes. One wonders whom is to blame; certainly the consumer who is taking out a mortgage should be responsible to make sure that he or she is not being deceived. On the other hand, deceptive mortgage ...
Trinity United Church located at 220 Richmond Street, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island is the oldest Church in the city of Charlottetown. It was dedicated in 1864. Rev. John Moses is the Minister of Worship and Administration, Rev. Ian MacLean is the Minister of Pastoral Care, Anne Doiron is ...

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