home stager: Home Staging Re-Design, Westlake Village California - 06/15/12 07:26 AM
Home Staging Re-Design, Westlake Village California 
A little re-design home staging will get your home sold Fast and at Top Dollar! 
So, what does re-design mean? We use the furniture and decor you already have in your home, re-arrange, add some Delicious Decors decor and finishing touches and your home is re-designed and ready for sale! 
Re-design home staging is often used when the home owners are still living in the home. The home owner often has plenty of furniture pieces we can use; it simply needs to be re-positioned, sometimes taken from one room to use in another room and sometimes just a little added decor … (16 comments)

home stager: Before I Learned "How To" Write a Blog - 09/09/11 10:48 AM
Before I Learned "How To" Write a Blog by Delicious Decors. 
Before I learned that blogs should be on average 300-500 words in length. Before I learned that keywords should be 2-4% of my content. Before I learned that I should add at least 2-4 photos or even knew how to add them. Before I knew what hyperlinks meant, let alone add them. Before I learned to underline or bold key phrases. 
Before I learned ... this is what I wrote ....
"My Most Rewarding DD Project"
For any of you that have a loved one transitioning from home to a … (20 comments)

home stager: Stephanie Young, the Santa Barbara Realtor that Makes Things Happen - 09/02/11 09:52 AM
Stephanie Young is the Santa Barbara realtor that Makes Things Happen! 
We, at Delicious Decors,  have worked with Stephanie on several occasions in the past few years and what strikes me most about Stephanie is her ability to Make Things Happen and all with a smile on her face! 
A second generation Realtor, Stephanie was born and raised in Santa Barbara. After graduating from UCSB, Stephanie got her real estate license and joined her mom, Marie Sue Parsons, working at Coldwell Banker. 
Selling your house? Stephanie takes the bull by the reins to get your home ready … (8 comments)

home stager: A Swedish Summer Day by Delicious Decors - 08/29/11 07:50 AM
A Swedish Summer Day by Delcious Decors
We had a great visit with my husband's family and friends in Sweden this summer. Although I enjoy Stockholm's beauty and all it has to offer, my favorite days were with the family at the summerhouse enjoying the simple pleasures. 
"Jungle golf" was popular with the whole family! Even into the wee hours of the morning. Through the house, over the house, around the house; anything goes. 
My son and his girlfriend, Billy & Dani,  we able to spend a few days with us … (9 comments)

home stager: Selling Homes - You only Have 90 Seconds to Make a Great First Impression - 07/19/11 04:58 AM
This is an excellent post by Kristine! It only makes sense to get your listing market ready; staged with professional photos! 
If only all home owners could read this, education is the key!
Selling Homes - You only Have 90 Seconds to Make a Great First Impression
* According to NAR (National Association of Realtors), 90% of potential home buyers start their search on the Internet before ever stepping out with their Realtor. MLS photos are what draw buyers to your house so make sure they represent the best of your home inside and out.

home stager: The Best Home Staging in Santa Barbara California - 07/01/11 10:28 AM
The Best Home Staging in Santa Barbara California!
Delicious Decors, 805.448.9226, penny@deliciousdecors.com
I am currently visiting my husband's family in Sweden. My brother in law recently bought a condo in Stockholm, which was staged. Staging is worldwide because it WORKS! 
The staged condo was so appealing that he not only bought it, he bought all the stager's furniture and decor in the condo! He was thrilled! As a bachelor, he wasn't interested in shopping and had no idea how to set the condo up as nicely as it was staged. Such a win/win! The home was staged, he bought it, and … (2 comments)

home stager: Santa Barbara Staging - 06/18/11 06:00 AM
Santa Barbara Staging by Delicious Decors
I just Love Home Staging! We turned this house from a construction site into a Home Dressed to Sell, let's take a look at some before and after photos. 
The remodel update throughout the home is somewhat contemporary. To appeal to the largest potential market, we used traditional furniture with a blend of contemporary accents. Just what the realtor was looking for! 
The living room is rather deep and has unbelievable views! To show this off, we added a pop of color with traditional … (10 comments)

home stager: Home Staging and Interior Design Thousand Oaks CA - 06/12/11 03:51 AM
Home Staging and Interior Design in Thousand Oaks, California
Delicious Decors specializes in Custom Home Staging. The realtor was having trouble getting clients to walk into this room! She asked us to make it a playful media room for the entire family and this is what we came up with. 
We turned this contemporary bedroom from blan to WOW with new bedding, artwork and lamps. A little redesign goes a long way! 
From cold and … (13 comments)

home stager: Home Staging and Interior Design Moorepark California - 06/09/11 09:00 AM
Home Staging and Interior Design; Moorepark, Thousand Oaks, Malibu, Santa Barbara California
A little staging goes a looooong way! The realtor asked us to stage on a limited budget, so this is what we came up with ... We staged the living room and partially staged the kitchen and dining area of this condo. You've got to check out these before and after photos! 
                               Which living room would you prefer to show your home buyers? 

home stager: Professional Real Estate Photography, Santa Barbara California - 06/01/11 10:34 AM
Now, more than ever, it is essential to use professional photos to sell your home!
Did you know that 99% of home buyers are looking online for their next home? And that 84% of these folks said what they valued most from their online research were the photos? The first impression of your home is no longer when the potential buyer walks through the front door; they are only a click away
Extensive industry research demonstrates that professional photos of your home will help increase interest, drive traffic and result in a significantly higher sale price. You need a professional photographer!A … (2 comments)

home stager: Home Staging and Interior Design Santa Barbara, Camarillo, Westlake Village California - 03/31/11 08:16 AM
Much-A-Do-About Nothing? Custom Staging in Santa Barbara, California.
(Part 2 of a 4 part series about the importance of wall art in home staging.)
We, at Delicious Decors, believe that wall art in professional home staging has much to do about everything! 
A Home Stagers job is to "set the stage,"  to get the home sold quickly, at top dollar. 
And we believe in custom home staging. 
There are many things to consider when staging a property, but in this series we are talking about wall art in particular. 
For this staging project, the existing wall art … (4 comments)

home stager: Home Stager Santa Barbara California - 03/21/11 08:40 AM
Much-A-Do-About Nothing? Custom Home Staging in Santa Barbara, California.(Part 1 in a 4 part series about the importance of wall art in home staging.)We, at Delicious Decors,  believe that wall art in professional home staging has much to do about everything!A Home Stager's job is to "set the stage," to get the home sold quickly at top dollar. A large part of setting the stage and creating a feeling for prospective home buyers is wall art.We specialize in custom home staging; top to bottom. "Custom wall art, this is what we're talking about ... "When we were hired to stage a classic Santa Barbara … (5 comments)

home stager: Custom Home Staging in Santa Barbara CA - 03/01/11 07:06 AM
Custom Home Staging by Delicious Decors in Santa Barbara, California. 
This is what we mean by Custom Staging: please look for the following features on the video presented in this blog:
The entry and dining room of this home has a very unique paint color. We took paint samples to custom stage the dining room and living room. Our custom work includes re-upholstering the dining chairs, purchasing a new area rug of just the right color and having custom pillows made for the home.  The home owner had a very specific look in mind for the living … (4 comments)

home stager: Staging For The Sexes Santa Barbara California - 11/24/10 07:06 AM

"Staging for the Sexes"
Yes, you've got it, I’m talking about staging for the sexes in this blog. We all know about “Men and Mars” and “Women and Venus.” And, yes, what a man is looking at when buying a new home is from the eyes of Mars and a woman is looking through the eyes of Venus, at the same house.
I’ll start with Man. The top two things that Man is considering when buying a new house is:
1. Price  2. Square footage (yes, size matters)Then Man moves on to:
3. Where will I put my TV? And you ask, where does a home stager fit in? Square footage, well … (8 comments)

home stager: Home Staging Santa Barbara California - 11/08/10 09:20 AM
Delicious Decors is on the forefront of Home Staging and Interior Design, Santa Barbara California.
Home Staging is often much more than setting the stage to sell a property; it's reward comes in many forms.
For any of you that have a  loved one moving into a retirement community I share the heartwarming story with you .....
I was called for a staging consultation for an elderly gentleman who had lost his wife  
six months prior. His son, and only child, called me not only to advise his Dad as to "what to remove, re-arrange and such … (6 comments)

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