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This is one of those days that I truly think I screwed up on!!! I woke up, got on my home computer again to go over all the issues of the candidates for about the 10th time and still was confused as to what I should do... I have always voted and been very proud of whom I ended up voting for but t...
Today was one of those truly busy days where you wonder how you will find the time to do it all.... First, I had a client that needed information about a home I had shown them over the weekend that said it was "Turn Key Furnished" only to find out that when they dropped the price to accommodate a...
Dear Ar Friends,, This was sent to me and "I, myself" being really slow in understanding anything about computers laughed & laughed.. I'm one of those that spends 10 the times the normal time trying to figure anything out... So, to those of you out there like me...ENJOY!!!  Computer Help !!!!! I...
 DEAR  AR  FRIENDS..................I just read an article on the dangers of  drinking....Scared the shit out of me.So that's it!After today, no more reading.Another funny friend just sent this to me.....I JUST HAD TO FORWARD THIS ON... TO ANYONE THAT MIGHT BE ALSO A LITTLE LIKE ME!!!!!!!!       ...
This info was just passed on to me from a Lender friend.. Always thinking of ways to save a penny,, I thought I would share this with all my AR friends !!!A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTSStarting May 12th, it'll cost you one extra little penny to mail someone your thoughts. That's right...the US Postal ...
This was just e-mailed it to me and I thought I should share it with all of you at AR...... Enjoy!!HAPPY FRIDAY!!!The Holy E-Mail    One day God was looking down at Earth and saw all of the Realtors and the bad behavior that was going on. So, he called one of His angels and sent the angel to Eart...
On a Thursday evening, April 27th, the internationally acclaimed Harlen Ambassadors will be preforming a benefit game at Rim of the World High School in Lake Arrowhead, Ca. They will be helping the local Boys & Girls Club of the Mountain Communities raise funds for the organization's after school...
Regardless of what jobs we hold and before everything else there is ALWAYS Family!!! When you have joy or sorrow to share in your lives  the first we all seem to turn to is our families. The extension of our basic history is always with us.. I can't tell you the joy my daughter, Trisha, experienc...
First, I have to fess-up... I'm still behind the times!! My amazing son was home visiting from college and I asked one simple favor from him!! I needed him to show me how to upload a video (his wake-boarding) onto AR. I'm sure it's a very simple thing to accomplish but I'm one of those that needs...
Lake Arrowhead is an amazing community in the San Bernardino Mountains of Southern California that has all type of outdoor sports to enjoy in this Alpine community .. The lake is a PRIVATE lake that only property owners located in Lake Arrowhead "Woods" have access to. This lake is home to a wate...

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