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I had an epiphany many years ago as I sat in traffic on a familiar Nassau County street.  In that moment I knew the world I had always taken for granted was not an absolute.  It was a function of everything in my life up to that moment in time that "created" the world as I saw it.  If that was tr...
As I read blog posts here I am reminded once again that real estate is indeed area specific.  In many other parts of the country sellers are told to leave the house whenever it is being shown.  We've never done this in downstate New York.  If the seller happens not to be home, great.  However, mo...
I'm feeling particularly grateful today.  I finally took my own advice and shook off the negative stuff the local market's been throwing at me (and all of us) for the past few months.  I've always known that wearing pity party garb does nothing but invite others feeling equally downtrodden into y...
When I first started in this business, the belief was that in order to represent a seller your office needed to be within shouting distance of the home.  It blows my mind that some twenty years later there is still that mentality among some of the, shall we say, seasoned agents -- at least in my ...
For many years on Long Island the options for senior housing were few, and for the most part forced buyers to move a significant distance.  There were long waiting lists for anything affordable and sellers of homes were intimidated into listing their current homes with a representing broker to ha...
So much of what "happens" to us on a daily basis is a direct result of the energy we put out to the world, positive or negative.  It's a natural tendency, when things are going badly to wallow in self pity or rail at the injustice of it all.  The problem is, as we do that we draw more negativity ...
As a rule I don't get involved in rentals very often. I do it from time to time as an accommodation, but recently I've been doing it as a mother.  It is indeed a challenging effort and a totally different animal. Getting in to show rentals is an art in itself, working around the tenants who often...
Many movies have been filmed entirely or in part in New York over the years.  But less known perhaps is that Long Island has been host to many cinematic spectacles.  With approximately $100 million in revenue added to the economy every year, independent movie makers often choose the island's reso...
My partner in real estate many years ago used to say, "Don't buy something based upon it's price.  A year from now you'll forget what you paid for it, but you will remember whether or not you like it."  Although she retired from the business years ago, I carry her words with me whenever I'm out i...
Prompted by Angus Woodbury's post on the subject, I'm aghast at the really strange things happening with sellers in the Long island market.  I've told people lately that it feels as if crazy dust is being piped into the atmosphere and everybody's breathing it in.  Here are a few examples:1.  Sell...


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